A Shim for the JCustom FX-Bridge


Fitting on TransTrem, S-Trem and R-Trem equipped Guitars

JCustom offers a fixed bridge as a replacement for Steinberger TransTrems, S-Trems and R-Trems. The FX-Bridge fits nicely into the existing cutouts, but is not high enough to use it without an additional shim. I‘ve designed such a shim, which I initially tested in my GM-7 P(iezo), replacing a TransTrem there. Due to popular demand, I also designed another shim to be used on R-Trem guitars.

The images below show the the final versions, which are made of steel (galvanized, black). You can see, that both shims support guiding wires from piezo pickups, if you want to use these. I‘ve got shims in the following flavors:

  1. TransTrem/S-Trem shim (2 versions, see specifications at the end of the page)

  2. R-Trem shim

Just send me an e-mail, if you need more information (also about how to get a shim). If you need them, I‘ve also got the mounting screws for T-/S-Trem and FX Bridge (correct Steinberger size).


  1. T-/S-Trem shim, standard height
    (5 mm / 0.2 in, weight 205 g) version for standard FX-Bridge saddles.

  2. T-/S-Trem shim, lower height
    (4 mm / 0.16 in, weight 165 g) version for higher saddles, for example the Jon Bondy piezo saddles or the Gibson/Steinberger type R-Trem saddles (with steel insert).

  3. R-Trem shim,
    (8 mm / 0.31 in, weight 210 g) for all R-Trem equipped guitars.