Parts For classic Steinberger USA Guitars (1)


Small Things, Sometimes Hard To Find (Mechanical, For TTv1, TTv2, ST)

All of the parts listed here are things I needed for my own projects. Sometimes they were hard to find, sometimes they haven‘t been available at all, so I had to have them made for me. In most cases it was not possible or reasonable to order just the numbers I needed, so I‘ve got some “overstock”. This might be your chance to get some parts you need for your own projects. Please note that I‘ve got only limited numbers of whatever you see here. For more information (also about how to get the parts) just send me an e-mail. Currently available (scroll down for detailed information):

  1. TransTrem 3 replacement arm (newly made)

  2. TransTrem 2 and S-Trem spring tension adjuster (newly made)

  3. TransTrem 2, S-Trem, and R-Trem springs

  4. TransTrem 2 and S-Trem mounting screws (newly made, for wooden bodies)

  5. TransTrem 1 to TransTrem 2 Transposing Arm Adapter

  6. E-Clips for TransTrem 2 jaws

  7. Neck screws, neck inserts, saddles

Mounting Screws for TransTrem, S-Trem, FX-Bridge

I think I‘ve already googled and checked every single hardware provider in the world, but these screws aren‘t available anywhere. Usually you can buy the right thread size, but then the head is too big, or you find fitting heads, but the thread is too thin (and not as tight) as the original. Closer inspection of the original screws shows a possible reason for this. I don‘t have any official confirmation for this, but at least they LOOK like being made in a similar way as the screws I finally had made to my specifications.

We started with screws of the right thread size and length, and grinded the head down to the diameter of the original screws - one by one. For optical reasons, we made them black, like the originals. On the photos below you see the original heads (left) and my screws (right). The screw size is 3,5 x 19 mm (#6 x 3/4"), the head diameter is 5.5 mm (about 0.218"). If you want your T-/S-Trem or FX Bridge to be mounted tightly, but don‘t have the original screws, then these are what you‘ve been looking for :-)

TransTrem v1 to v2 Transposing Arm Adapter

This is a new part which might preserve or restore the function of your TransTrem v1. There are absolutely no replacement parts available for the TTv1. In case your transposing arm is damaged or lost, you're stuck with a non-working TTv1. This adapter allows you to use the TransTrem v2 transposing arm (readily available) on your TransTrem v1:

Bowed E-Clips (Circlips) for TransTrem v2 Jaws

After several years of searching for these E-clips (and buying many, many wrong ones) I finally found the original ones. The only ones which fit perfectly on your TTv2 jaw, holding the adjustment screw in place:

Spring Tension Adjuster for Transtrem and S-Trem

Not much to explain here. It‘s possible that the threads on the original parts get stripped, and without proper spring tension adjustment the whole trem cannot be used any more. If this is the case, you‘ll need a new one, and here you can get one :-)

Springs for Transtrem and S-Trem

The original USA-made Raymond spring, according to the specifications found on the SteinbergerWorld website. These have the correct length of 44 mm/1.75 inch as originally specified by Ned. Also available: shorter springs (38 mm/1.5 inch) for downtuned trems and R-Trem springs (50 mm/2 inch).

TransTrem Pivot Base (solid brass) -- (SOLD OUT)

Sometimes the tremolo arm holder on the TransTrem v2 breaks away. If this happens, the tremolo becomes unusable, you even cannot lock it in zero position to use it as a fixed bridge. Here is the first replacement pivot base ever made, milled from solid brass. Won't break, fixes your broken tremolo or prevents your working tremolo from breaking. Only very few available.