Parts For classic Steinberger USA Guitars


Small Things, Sometimes Hard To Find (electronics)

All of the parts listed here are things I needed for my own projects. Sometimes they were hard to find, sometimes they haven‘t been available at all, so I had to have them made for me. In most cases it was not possible or reasonable to order just the numbers I needed, so I‘ve got some “overstock”. This might be your chance to get some parts you need for your own projects. Please note that I‘ve got only limited numbers of whatever you see here. For more information (also about how to get the parts) just send me an e-mail.

Connector Set for HazLabs EQ

New HazLabs boards, when bought directly from HazLabs, contain the required connector sets. However, every time I've bought a board on ebay or elsewhere, it was missing the connector set, which is (usually) soldered to the pickup selector switch and the output jack. These connectors work with the old and the new board, so if you're missing them too, here you go…

Pickup Selector Switches for Steinberger GL

These are the original push-push pickup selector switches as used in most Newburgh and Nashville GL-3, GL-4 and GL-7 guitars. Just the switches, caps only for the blue switches, and no PCBs.

Black switch caps for the blue switches…