Parts For recent Steinberger Guitars


Small Things, Sometimes Hard To Find (Mechanical)

All of the parts listed here are things I needed for my own projects. Sometimes they were hard to find, sometimes they haven‘t been available at all, so I had to have them made for me. In most cases it was not possible or reasonable to order just the numbers I needed, so I‘ve got some “overstock”. This might be your chance to get some parts you need for your own projects. Please note that I‘ve got only limited numbers of whatever you see here. For more information (also about how to get the parts) just send me an e-mail.

TransTrem 3 replacement arm (for the Steinberger ZT3)

Replacements aren't available from the manufacturer, so a lost arm or a stripped thread means a major problem to all ZT3 owners. This new arm has the same kind of threads (M5 regular, M6 fine) as the original, but we have left away the somewhat superfluous second (thin) nut. This nut was intended to lock the first (thick) nut in place, but it either didn't because you could not tighten it enough by hand, or - once tight enough - you were only minutes away from stripping its thread because it was so short.

The new nut on this trem arm has a slightly larger diameter (still small enough to not interfere with the tuning screw on the trem), which allows a better grip when tightening it by hand. It can be installed just like arms on the other trems (TT2, ST): Turn it in until it reaches a defined "starting position", tighten the nut at this position by hand, lock the trem and then "overwind" the trem arm a tiny little bit in end position to engage the locking function of the two different threads.