Upgrading the Steinberger R-Trem



These steel posts, proved and tested on a large number of Steinberger KB Trems worldwide, are now available for the Steinberger R-Trem too. Although this trem doesn’t have the “bent posts syndrome” to the same degree as the KB Trem, bent posts can and do happen from time to time.

Especially for use with heavier gauge strings (which leads to stronger forces on the posts) these steel posts are highly recommended. These steel posts better withstand the forces, due to a

better material and the additional supporting “foot”. Please note, that the KB Trem posts and the R-Trem posts are of different length, so they are not interchangeable.

You can download the Steinberger_R_Trem_Posts_small.pdf, which also includes some tips for installation. Additionally available: Steinberger R-Trem Maintenance instructions.

NOTE: it came to my attention that some very early Hohner R-Trems (and only these) may have an M4 thread (4 mm) for the posts, instead of an M5 thread (5 mm), which is standard on all Steinberger and current Hohner R-Trems. If you have such a trem, you will either have to redrill and retap the thread, or my posts won‘t fit. So make sure to check the thread size before ordering.

For more information (also about how to get the parts), just send me an e-mail.