Prefix Serial Model Color Date Notes (published)
P -12 001 GL4-12A white 1989-10-01 1st 12 string prototype by NS, also listed on 1991-09-26 as GL42AWH
P -111 GL2 black 1984-01-xx GL #111; hardtail bridge
P -110 GL2 black 1984-01-xx hardtail
P -109 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail, “factory original 3-way active EQ switch. This gives the player three levels of active EQ output (standard, boost and extra-boost)”
P -107 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail, faceplate attached from back, plug-in legrest present;
P -103 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail
P -100 GL2 black 1983-12-xx hardtail, faceplate attached from back
P -99 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail, signed by Ned (carved signature below tuners), some corrosion on bridge
P -98 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail, faceplate attached from back
P -96 GL2 black
glued cracks on the bottom (near output jack and neck), additional folding leg rest mounted over plug-in socket, no logo, faceplate attached from back
P -91 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail, faceplate attached from back
P -86 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail
P -75 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail
P -72 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail
P -71 GL2 blackl 1983-xx-xx hardtail, huge crack on back/bottom side (below bridge and further), crack at neck heel around strap button, neck pickup replaced, metal made replacement leg rest
P -60 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail
P -59 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx GL2S black; originally a GL2 hardtail, now modified with white faceplate (but still screwed in from top), S-Trem, an additional toggle switch, 2 x EMG 81, folding leg rest;
P -53 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail, missing plugin leg rest, bridge pu against bridge
P -44 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx shown at Musikmesse Frankfurt '84
P -43 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx shown at Musikmesse Frankfurt '84
P -42 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx shown at Musikmesse Frankfurt '84
P -41 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx shown at Musikmesse Frankfurt '84
P -40 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx
P -37 GL2 white 1983-xx-xx White color applied by previous owner. Color is enamel, not sprayed on
P -35 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail milled bridge, reported stolen in 2006
P -32 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail
P -22 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail, sticker logo
P -21 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail, originally with EMG 58 and EMG-SG 6/60, now with DiMarzio PUs
P -9 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx hardtail; sticker with # on it; never sold to public
P -6 GL2
1983-xx-xx David Rhodes: Used on all Peter Gabriel tours of the eighties and early nineties. Used during the recording of So and Up, and for those tours. Can be heard and seen on the live version of Digging In The Dirt, (Secret World Live).
P -5 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx
P -3 GL2 black 1983-xx-xx
P -1 N.S. GL2 black 1983-xx-xx different hardtail bridge with staggered tuners, 24 3/4" scale, PU toggle switch in front of pots, sticker logo, plug-in leg rest, faceplate front mounted
GC 01 XL2 yellow 1989-01-07 inside sticker says "6986"

0001 L2UF black
(still) owned by Tony Levin, according to Ned first sale ever from early mold, with steel reinforced neck
(MY)N 000001 -

neck sold separately on ebay, apparently never installed before

0003 L2-LF black
embossed logo PUs, lined fretless (first fretless bass sold), plug-in leg rest

0004 L2 black

0005 H2 /L2 black 1981-07-07

0007 L2 black 1981-07-07 REPORTED STOLEN
(MY)N 000010 GM2S white w/black binding
non original body (luthier made), 2 x EMG 89

0011 L2 black 1981-07-xx owned by Pete Briquette / Boomtown Rats; probably first Steinberger in UK, “48 Sullivan St., Brooklyn N.Y. 11231“ on label in battery compartment

0012 H1/L1 black 1991-08-03 wooden faceplate, probably started life as H1
(MY)N 000012

neck only shown with a project guitar (acrylic body)

0013 L2 black 1981-07-28

0014 L2 black 1981-07-28 embossed logo PUs

0015 H2 black 1981-08-06

0016 L2 black 1981-08-xx first production line fretless, bought directly from Hap Kuffner, info from owner: „Hap said that it was supposed to go to Carol Kaye but she wasn't answering calls so I intercepted it and bought it from Mandolin Brothers.“

0017 L2 black

0018 L2 black 1981-08-18

0020 L2 black 1981-08-07

0021 L2 black 1981-08-18 embossed logo PUs, plug-in leg rest missing, defretted

0022 L2 black 1981-08-18

0023 L2 black 1981-08-26

0024 L2 black 1981-08-18

0025 L2 black 1981-09-19

0026 L2 black 1981-09-17

0027 L2 black 1981-09-17

0029 L2 black
silk-screened logo

0030 L2 black 1981-09-30
(MY)N 000030 GR4 clear red

0031 L2 black 1981-09-28

0032 L2 black 1981-09-28 embossed logo PUs

0033 L2 black 1981-09-28 originally owned by Greg Chaisson / Badlands

0034 L2 black

0035 L2 black 1981-09-30

0036 H2 black 1981-09-30

0037 L2 black 1981-09-30

0038 L2 black 1981-09-30 embossed logo EMGs

0039 L2 black 1981-09-30
N 0039 XP2 black
passive PUs, logo partially fading

0041 L2 black

N 0042 XP2 black
black/black pickguard (no white laminate)

0042 L2 black 1981-10-30

0043 L2 black 1981-10-22
(MY)N 000044 GM4T clear amber 2002-11-xx

0044 L2 black 1981-08-31 silkscreen logo mostly worn off, molded EMG logo on pickups, “This classic bass was bought new in 1981 by Jeremy Meek (Joan Armatrading, Alan Parsons, Take That) and bought from Jeremy by Joe Dworniak (Paul McCartney, Paul Weller, I Level, Jarabe De Palo) in 1984.”

0045 H2 black 1981-10-26

0046 L2 black 1981-10-26

0047 L2 black 1981-10-26

0048 L2 black 1981-10-26

0049 L2 black 1981-10-28
N 0049 XP2 black
active EMGs

0050 L2 black 1981-10-07 embossed logo PUs,silk-screened logo partially worn, original leg rest

0051 L2 black 1981-10-26

0052 L2 black 1981-10-28

0053 L2 black

0054 L2 black 1981-10-28

0055 H2 black 1981-10-24

0056 H2 black 1981-10-30

0057 H2 black 1981-10-30
(MY)N 000058 GR4R

0059 L2-LL black 1981-10-31
(MY)N 000063 GM7SA white

0064 L2 black 1981-11-19

0065 L2 black 1981-11-19
(MY)N 000068 GR4

0068 L2 black 1981-11-xx

0069 L2 black

0070 L2-LF black 1981-12-01

0071 L2 black 1981-11-23 plug-in leg rest missing
(MY)N 000071 GM7TA

0072 H2 black 1981-11-23

0073 L2 black 1982-01-13

0075 L2 black 1981-11-25

0076 L2 black 1981-12-22 logo worn; plug-in leg rest missing; pivot plate replaced in mid 80's; chip on upper bottom side

0077 L2 black 1981-12-05
(MY)N 000077 GM4S clear blue 2002-12-xx EMG89 in bridge pos., passive tone control with push/pull pot, 1998 NOS body (5-bolt)
(MY)N 00077 GM

parted out, 4-bolt version, neck sold separately on ebay

0078 L2 black 1981-12-05

0079 L2 black 1981-12-11

0080 L2 black 1981-12-15
N 0081 GP2 black
early GP; all black pickguard (broken); hardtail bridge; passive pu's & EQ; update 05.2015: neck sold separately on ebay

0081 L2 black 1981-12-11
(MY)N 000081 GM7SA honeyburst
quilted top, Music Yo/Moses neck on Nashville body (5-bolt)

0082 L2 black 1981-12-11

0083 L2 black 1981-12-11

0084 L2 black 1981-12-10

0085 L2 black 1981-12-10

0086 L2 black 1981-12-10

0087 L2 black
leg rest missing

0088 L2-LF black 1981-12-16

0089 L2 black 1981-12-10

0090 L2 black 1981-12-11

0091 L1 black 1981-12-23

0092 L1 black 1981-12-28
N 0093 GP2S

0094 L2 black 1982-01-21
(MY)N 000094 GM4T cherryburst
flamed top

0095 L2 black 1981-12-29

0096 L2 black
replaced plug-in leg rest, sticker logo intact (slightly lifting on the edges)

0097 L2 black 1981-12-28 silk-screened logo mostly intact,, plug-in leg rest exists

0098 L2 black
plug-in leg rest missing

0100 L1 black 1982-01-13

0101 L2 black 1982-01-19

0102 L2 black 1982-01-21

0103 L2 black

(MY)N 0000103 GM4S clear blue
7-digit serial, flamed top

0104 L2 black 1982-01-13 7-digit serial, silk-screened logo (completely worn off)
(MY)N 0000104 GM7TA black

0105 L2 black 1982-01-12

0106 L2 black 1982-01-21

0107 L2 black 1981-01-12

0108 L2 black 1982-01-19

0109 L2 black 1982-01-19

0110 L2 black 1982-01-10

0111 L2 black 1982-01-21

0112 L2 black 1982-01-21
(MY)N 0000112 GM7S translucent blue
7-digit serial, flamed top, modified pickups, Roland GK3 + output jack and additional switches mounted

0113 L2 black 1982-01-29 red logo
(MY)N 0000113 GLB2S white 2007-07-18 date is orig. purchase, number suggests manufacturing date in 2003

0114 H2 black 1982-01-22 worn logo totally buffed off; upgraded to an L2
N 0115 XP2

0116 L2 black 1982-01-xx sticker logo missing
(MY)N 0000116 GM4T clear green
7-digit serial, flamed top

0117 L2 black 1982-01-xx

0118 L2 black 1982-01-xx

0119 L2 black 1982-01-xx

0120 L2-UF black 1982-01-26 first unlined fretless

0121 L2 black 1982-01-26

0122 L2-UF black 1982-01-26

0123 L2 black 1982-01-29

0124 L2 black 1982-01-29 plug-in leg rest and sticker logo missing

0125 L2 black

0126 H2 black 1982-01-29
(MY)N 000126 GM7TA clear purple
flamed top

0127 L2 black 1982-01-29

0128 L2 black 1982-02-01

0129 H2 black 1982-02-xx

0130 L2 black 1982-02-01
GC 01 OF 30 XL2 silver

0131 L2 black 1982-02-03 silkscreen logo almost worn off, pivot plate (near strap pin) broken and taped
N 0131 XP2 black
passive pickups, corroded bridge, broken G jaw, logo almost faded away

0132 L2 black 1982-02-01 with slightly worn plugin leg rest, slightly worn silkscreen logo

0133 L2 black
silkscreen logo partially worn off, plug-in leg rest missing

0135 L2 black 1982-02-01
N 0135 GP2S black
passive PUs, worn, pickguard not original, damaged and broken, S-Trem corroded, lock and/or tension adjuster damaged, large chips on bottom end, leg rest missing
GK 0136 GK4T black
Klein body; TT w/ Alembic pu's

0136 L2-UF black 1984-10-01
(MY)N 000136 GM7SA black

GK 0137 GK4T black
Klein body; TT & original Duncan pu's

0137 L2-UF black

0138 L2 black

0139 L2 black
plug-in leg rest missing

0140 L2 black

0141 L2 black

0142 L2 black

0143 L2 black

0144 L2 black

(MY)N 000144 GM7S

0145 L2 black

(MY)N 000146 GM4S clear purple

0147 L2 black 1982-02-12

0148 L2-UF black 1982-02-22

0149 L2-5N black 1982-02-22 Rosewood top

0150 L2 black

0151 L2 black 1982-02-22

0152 L2-LF black 1982-02-24
GK 0153 GK4T white
also on list as Steinberger # N14247

0153 L2 black 1982-03-02

0154 L2-UF black

0155 L2 black

N 0155 XP2 black
knobs not original

0156 L2 black

0157 L2-LF black
now fretted, leg rest and sticker logo missing,

0158 L2 black

0159 L2 black 1982-03-xx sticker logo missing, plug-in leg rest missing
(MY)N 0000160 GM4S clear purple
7-digit serial, lots of scratches on the back

0161 L2 black

0162 L2 black

(MY)N 000162 GR4R clear red

GK 0163 GK4T black
original neck replaced with wood neck

0163 L2 black

0164 L2 black

(MY)N 000164 GR4R natural

0166 L2-LF black

0167 L2 black

0168 L2 black

0169 L2 black
sticker logo missing; plug-in leg rest missing; orignal SS's replaced w/ HB's

0170 L2 black

0171 L2 black

0172 L2

N 0172 XP2 black
passive PUs

0173 L2
1982-03-14 sticker logo missing

0174 L2

0175 L2

(MY)N 000175 GR4R black

0177 L2

(MY)N 000177 GM4S clear green
flamed top

0178 L2

0179 L2

0180 L2

0181 L2

0182 L2 black
sticker logo missing, self made adhesive letters instead, 4th knob installed (function unclear)

0183 L2

0184 L2

0186 L2

N 0186 XP2

active EMGs
(MY)N 000186 GM7SA cherryburst
flamed maple top

0187 L2

0188 L2

0189 L2

(MY)N 000189 Fretsong

neck used on a Fretsong (L type) wood body

0191 L2

0192 L2

0193 L2
1982-04-12 (pot date 1981)

0194 L2
N 0194 XP2 black
passive PUs

0195 L2

0196 L1 black 1982-04-19 single embossed logo EMG
(MY)N 000196 GM4S clear amber
flamed top

0197 L2

0198 L2
(MY)N 000198 GM7SA purple

0199 L2

0201 L2
1982-04-12 one knob replaced by non-original knob, logo missing

0202 L2

0203 L2

0205 L2
(MY)N 000205 GM7TA honeyburst
flame top; passive SD pickups (non original), orig. EMGs and HazLabs EQ removed

0206 L2
(MY)N 000206 GM7-12A white

0207 L2

0208 L2

0209 L2

(MY)N 000213 GM7TA clear red

0214 L2 black

0219 L2 black
damage on gel coat at bottom end, leg rest missing, logo worn away

0222 L2 black 1982-04-xx silkscreen logo, has orig. leg rest

0227 L2 black

N 0227 XP2 black
single-ply PG, sticker logo (?)
GC 02 OF 30 XL2 silver
custom silver color for exclusive Guitar Center promotion; ~ only 60 made (30 GL's, 30 XL's)

0232 L2 black 1982-05-05 plug-in legerest missing; repair around input jack, crack on corner of face
(MY)N 000232 GM4S honeyburst

(MY)N 000236 GM2T black w/white binding
Newburgh reissue

0237 L1-LF black
lined fretless

0244 L2 black 1982-05-11 sticker logo (partially mising)
(MY)N 000244 GM7SA cherryburst
flame top
N 0245 XP2 black
black/black pickguard; passive EMG PUs

0246 L2 black

(MY)N 000247 GM7SA cherryburst

(MY)N 000250 GR4 black
active EMGs installed
(MY)N 000252 GR4 white
white pickups

0254 L2 black 1982-05-18
N 0257 XP2 black

0257 L2 black
one knob missing, dent/crack on faceplate edge
(MY)N 000259 GM7SA black

(MY)N 000260 GR4R clear natural
refinished to Lake Placid blue, PUs replaced by SDs

0260 L2 black
silkscreen logo intact, plug-in leg rest missing, crack in battery cover
(MY)N 000262 GM4S white

0263 L2 black

(MY)N 000263 GR4R clear blue
middle PU replaced, bridge PU probably replaced; update 02.2014: all pickups replaced by Lace Sensors
(MY)N 000267 GM4S clear natural
flame top

0268 L2 black
2 repaired holes drilled into the body. Original Pivotplate replaced by an XL one. Original leg rest missing.

0269 L2 black 1982-xx-xx sticker logo and 2 pickup screws missing
N 0272 XP2 black 1982-05-xx silk screen logo worn

0274 L2LF black
lined fretless, logo worn
(MY)N 000274 GM4S clear blue
flame top
N 0276 XP2 black
passive PUs
N 0277 XP2 black
passive PUs

0278 L2-LF black
logo almost gone;
(MY)N 000279 GM4S

(MY)N 000283 GM4S white
S-Trem lock defective

0288 L2 black
sticker logo and leg rest missing
(MY)N 000289 GR4R clear green
some dents, wooden bridge between neck pocket and neck PU completely broken away (glued in place), JCustom R-Trem and headpiece

0290 L2
N 0293 XP2 black
passive PUs

0295 L2 black
previously owned by Dee Murray (Elton John Band), “48 Sullivan St., Brooklyn N.Y. 11231“ on label in battery compartment

0296 L2 black
sticker logo & plug-in leg rest missing

0299 L2 black

N 0301 XP2 black
passive PUs
N 0306 XP2 black
black/white/black pickguard; passive EMGs
(MY)N 000306 GR4R clear red

N 0308 XP2 black 1984-xx-xx DB tuner, date is official first sale

0309 L2 black
sticker logo & plug-in leg rest missing

0315 L2 black

N 0316 XP2 black
passive PUs
(MY)N 000317 GR4R black
Pickups replaced by JB-TB4, Hot Rails, TB jr
(MY)N 000320 GR4R black

0321 L2UF black 1982-xx-xx unlined fretless, silkscreened logo, brass-plate HB pickups, strap yoke intact, plug-in leg rest included, originally bought from Steve’s Music in Montreal, Quebec in 1982
(MY)N 000324 GR4R black
PUs replaced by Lace Alumitones, knobs not original (silver)

0328 L2 black 1982-07-xx sticker logo & plug-in leg rest missing
(MY)N 000329 GM7SA cherryburst

GC 03 OF 30 XL2 silver
custom silver color for exclusive Guitar Center promotion; ~ only 60 made (30 GL's, 30 XL's)

0333 L2 black 1982-07-15 sold 4/20/83, logo intact, leg rest present

0334 L2 black

(MY)N 000334 GM7SA white

0335 L2 black

(MY)N 000338 GM4S black
Roland GK pickup installed and removed

0340 L2 black 1982-10-xx sticker logo and plug-in leg rest missing, passive Bartolini PU in bridge position

0341 L2 black

0342 L2 black 1982-xx-xx
(MY)N 000342 GM4T

0344 L2UF black 1982-xx-xx gig bag missing
(MY)N 000344 GLB2S white

0348 L2 black

0350 L2 black 1982-07-26
(MY)N 000352 GM2S black w/white binding
Newburgh reissue
(MY)N 000353 GM2S black w/white binding
Newburgh reissue, finish cracks, some yellowed cracks on the binding
(MY)N 000356 GM2S black w/white binding
Newburgh reissue
N 0356 XP2 black
passive PUs
(MY)N 000357 GM7SA clear red
flamed top, toggle switch replaced
N 0357 XP2 black
passive PUs, chip on front body edge below S/N

0360 L2/5 black 1982-07-xx first L2-5

0362 L2/5 black 1982-07-xx

0363 L2/5 black 1982-07-21 NON PROTO 5 #1 7/21/82 HAP (4th production L2-5), Hap Kuffner?
(MY)N 000364 GM4S honeyburst

0368 L2 black

(MY)N 000368 GM4T clear red
flamed top, pickups replaced by passive PUs, Roland GK installed; upd. 09.2022: parted out, body with GK pickup + electronics + neck sold as „project“, crack between neck pocket and neck PU
(MY)N 000373 GM4S cherryburst
flamed top

0374 L2 black 1982-08-12 sticker logo missing
N 0375 XP2 metallic green
refinished / non-factory color
N 0376 XP2 black
passive EMGs

0379 L2 black

0381 L2 black
leg rest missing, PUs replaced by later models

0385 L2 black
chip on the neck near headpiece, silk screen logo partially worn off,
N 0385 XP2 black
passive PUs
(MY)N 000387 GM7SA clear red
modified: Roland PU + push buttons

0388 L2 black
EMG BTC System 2-Band Preamp Tone Control running at 18v (Vol, Blend, Treble/Bass stack), replacement leg rest
N 0388 XP2 black
passive PUs

0389 L2 black 1982-08-20
(MY)N 000392 XQ2DB natural

0393 L2-UF black
sticker logo intact, plug-in leg rest missing
(MY)N 000393 GLB2S white

N 0393 XP2 black
passive PUs, some dents/chips at bottom edges, strap button not original

0398 L2 black

N 0399 XP2 black

0400 L2 black
sticker logo with worn edges, leg rest present
(MY)N 000403 GM7SA black

0405 L2 black 1982-xx-xx defective pickups replaced by new ones
(MY)N 000405 GLB2S white
yellowed finish, passive (not original) pickups

0407 L2 black
refretted, sticker logo intact, plug-in leg rest missing
(MY)N 000413 GLB2S black
now with custom single PU body (wooden, GLB shaped) and TransTrem; upd. 09.2022: now TT, standard HH body, sparkle finish, new EMGs, finish on tuner housing removed (?);
N 0414 XP2 black
passive PUs, some small scratches, chips and dents
(MY)N 000415 GLB2S black
upd. 2021: new custom maple body with natural finish, TransTrem and single HB pickup (orig. black body part of the sale);
(MY)N 000418 GM2S black w/white binding
Newburgh reissue
N 0418 XP2 black
passive PUs, stickers on top and back, one knob missing

0420 L2 black

(MY)N 000421 GM4S cherryburst
neck exchanged by Steve Mosher

0422 L2 black
sticker logo intact, original leg rest;

0423 L2
1982-xx-xx fretless

0426 L2 black
plug-in leg rest and sticker logo missing, holes for a folding leg rest (which is not installed), Alembic pickups fitted, previously owned by John Entwistle, now by Tony Bowers (Simply Red)

0427 L2 black

N 0428 XP2 black

0429 L2 black

0430 L2 black 1982-09-xx
GC 04 OF 30 XL2 silver
custom silver color for exclusive Guitar Center promotion; ~ only 60 made (30 GL's, 30 XL's)
(MY)N 000430 GM2S black w/white binding
Newburgh reissue, bridge PU replaced by EMG 85

0431 L2 black 1982-09-xx
N 0432 XP2 black
"black/white/black pickguard; aftermarket EMG BTS added + 18v"
(MY)N 000432 GM4 cherryburst
parted out, neck + body on ebay

0435 L2/5

N 0435 XP2 black
pickguard without logo, section for battery cover missing (although bass has passive PUs), knobs not original, DB tuner with some corrosion/wear, body has some scratches and dents

0437 L2/5 black

(MY)N 000441 GM4S clear natural
flamed maple top with clear/yellow finish

0442 L2 black
sticker logo intact, leg rest present

0443 L2 black
sticker logo missing, one of the first two L2 basses in Norway, orig. sold by Guitar Workshop
(MY)N 000445 GM4T cherryburst
flamed top
N 0446 XP2 black
passive PUs

0451 L2 black
some dents and scratches, broken near output jack, pickups worn, logo missing, non original strap button
(MY)N 000451 GM4T clear purple
flamed top
N 0452 XP2 black
new (wider) active EMG pickups, logo on pickguard partially cut away for them, knobs not original

0454 L2 black

(MY)N 000454 GLB2S white

0459 L2 black
plug-in leg rest missing, logo worn

0461 L2 black
converted to lined fretless, w/white marks at side of neck where frets would be, dot inlays at fretted position. worn logo, missing plug-in leg rest
(MY)N 000463 GL2BS black

0465 L2 black 1982-10-19 sticker logo missing
(MY)N 000465 GLB2S black

0466 L2UF black
unlined fretless, sticker logo intact, orig. leg rest
N 0468 XP2 black 1984-xx-xx passive PUs

0472 L2 black 1982-10-xx plug-in leg rest missing, sticker logo missing

0474 L2A-LF black

(MY)N 000474 GLB2S black

(MY)N 000483 GLB2S black

0485 L2 black

0489 L2/5 black
rosewood faceplate, plug-in leg rest missing, damaged neck (at top)
N 0493 XP2 black
passive PUs

0499 L2 black
sticker logo missing, orig. legrest, EMG HB pickups
N 0504 GP2S black
passive PUs

0506 L2 black
sticker logo intact, plug-in legrest missing
(MY)N 000509 GR4R black

(MY)N 000510 GR4R translucent red
small crack between neck pocket and neck PU

0511 L2 black 1982-11-19
(MY)N 000511 GLB2S black

0512 L2 black 1982-11-xx

0515 L2 black
sticker logo intact, orig. leg rest

0518 L2 black 1982-11-22 sticker logo & plug-in leg rest missing

0519 L2-LL black
lefthand, no insert for plug-in leg rest
(MY)N 000521 GM4TA black cherry 2006-xx-xx confirmed Music Yo prototype (custom finish by Pat Wilkins), neck serial older than build date

0525 L2 black 1982-11-23
GC 05 OF 30 XL2 silver
custom silver color for exclusive Guitar Center promotion; ~ only 60 made (30 GL's, 30 XL's)
N 0533 XP2 black
passive pickups
(MY)N 000533 GM2S black w/white binding
Newburgh reissue, no battery compartment

0537 L2-UF black

0541-A L2 black 1982-12-20 sent directly from factory to Jaco Pastorius
N 0541 XP2 black
leg-rest broken
N 0542 XP2 black

(MY)N 000548 GL2BS black 2004-xx-xx

0554 L2 black

(MY)N 000555 GR4R black
JCustom R-Trem

0560 L2-LL black
first left-handed production model, Alembic pickups (special order)
N 0561 XP2 black
black pickguard, embossed logo worn

0561 L2 black
sticker logo intact, orig. leg rest

0563 L2 black 1982-12-20 originally bought in a music shop in North Royalton, Ohio (USA) in 1983, still has original leg rest

0565 L2-LL black 1982-xx-xx orig purchase Feb. 14, 1983 (Washington Music Center), sticker logo intact, leg rest missing
(MY)N 000566 GR4R translucent red

0572 L2 black
plug-in leg rest and sticker logo missing
(MY)N 000573 GLB2S white 2004-xx-xx
(MY)N 000576 GR4R translucent purple
Roland GK PU installed
(MY)N 000578 GR4R translucent red

0578 L2 black

N 0580 XQ custom
custom black limba body (Bill Wilkat);
(MY)N 000582 GLB2S black

0583 L2 black
sticker logo intact, orig. leg rest

0583 L2 black
sticker logo intact, plug-in leg rest present
(MY)N 000587 GLB2S black
bought new in Dec. 2005 (probably not the mfg. date), neck PU replaced by EMG 89, push-pull volume pot, additional EMG SPC (+ pot)

0587 L2 black
sticker logo missing, orig. leg rest; upd. 10.2021: new waterslide decal

0590 L2 black

(MY)N 000595 GR4R translucent red

(MY)N 000596 GR4R white

0597 L2LF black
lined fretless, originally bought from Bass Centre (Wapping, London), now strung BEAD
(MY)N 000601 GLB-2S white

0604 L2

(MY)N 000604 GLB2S bleck

0605 L2 black 1982-01-xx sticker logo missing; orignally owned by Rob Turner/EMG

0606 L2

missing knob

0609 L2 black 1983-02-01

0610 L2 black
active electronics aftermarket, original pots not existing

0612 L2 black

0614 L2 black

(MY)N 000614 GM2S black w/white binding
Newburgh reissue
(MY)N 000616 GM2S white w/black binding
Newburgh reissue

0616 L2 black
active HazLabs EQ (apparently an early 1984 version)
(MY)N 000620 GR4R translucent red
HB pickup frame and pickups replaced (Lace Sensor, DiMarzio, custom wound)

0621 L2UF black
silkscreen logo intact
(MY)N 000621 GR4R translucent red

(MY)N 000622 GR4R black

N 0623 XP2 black

(MY)N 000628 GLB2S white

GC 06 OF 30 XL2 silver
custom silver color for exclusive Guitar Center promotion; ~ only 60 made (30 GL's, 30 XL's)

0632 L2 black

N 0633 XP2 black
passive PUs, pickguard without logo (non-original replacement)
(MY)N 000635 GM2S black w/white binding

0636 L2F black

0639 L2 black
some dents in the gelcoat on the back and top, sticker logo intact, leg rest missing
(MY)N 000639 GM2S white w/black binding
Newburgh reissue

0644 L2 black
plug-in leg rest missing, bag missing
(MY)N 000646 GM2S black w/white binding
Newburgh reissue
N 0646 XP2 black
without electronics, PUs and bridge
(MY)N 000648 GM7S black
modified GM-2 Newburgh reissue, with middle SA pickup, additional toggle switch, replaced knobs
(MY)N 000649 GM2S black w/white binding
Newburgh reissue, bridge PU replaced by EMG 89
N 0649 XP2 black
passive PUs
(MY)N 000652 GM4S cherry burst

(MY)N 000653 GM2S black w/white binding 2004-xx-xx Newburgh reissue
(MY)N 000656 GM2S black w/white binding
Newburgh reissue

0659 L2 black

(MY)N 000660 GM7SA clear amber

0660 L2 black
sticker logo intact, plug-in leg rest missing

0664 L2 black
sticker logo intact, orig. leg rest

0673 L2 black

N 0673 XP2 black

0674 L2 black
sticker logo intact

0675 L2 black

0676 L2 black
plug-in leg rest missing, 2 screws for folding leg rest present, but leg rest not installed

0677 L2 black 1983-03-04
(MY)N 000680 GM7SA clear amber

(MY)N 000682 GM7SA honeyburst

0685 L2 black

(MY)N 000688 GM7SA clear green
flamed maple top
N 0688 GM2T black w/white binding
replacement neck from a GP, originally a GM-5S with original triple binding and custom shop logo, back refinished (transparent red), Lauzon pickups

0689 L2 black
active HazLabs EQ (factory installed, 1985/86), sticker logo intact, plug-in leg rest missing
(MY)N 000690 GM7SA cherryburst
flamed maple top
N 0690 XP2 black
passive PUs

0691 L2 black 1983-03-14

0692 L2 black

0695 L2 black

N 0698 XP2 black
active PUs, some dents on back and bottom

0699 L2 black
Passive EQ, missing sticker logo, aftermarket leg rest
N 0704 XP2 black
bridge defective, crack on the pickguard, passive pickups

0705 L2LF black

N 0707 XP2 black
passive PUs

0712 L2 black
Guy Pratt’s bass, reported stolen
N 0714 XP2 black
passive PUs

0717 L2-LL black
left handed, sticker logo and plug-in leg rest missing

0718 L2 black 1983-07-12

0721 L2UF black 1983-04-07 unlined fretless

0722 L2/5 black 1983-03-31 sticker logo intact, folding leg rest

0723 L2 black 1983-03-31

0724 L2 black 1983-04-07

0725 L2 black 1983-04-07

0726 L2 black 1983-04-07

0727 L2 black 1983-04-07

0728 L2 black 1983-04-07

0729 L2 black 1983-04-28

0730 L2 black 1983-04-22

0731 L2-LL black 1983-04-25 lefthand

0732 L2 black 1983-04-30

0733 L2 black 1983-04-22

0734 L2 black 1983-04-22
(MY)N 000734 GM4S translucent green
flamed maple top, EMG 89 in bridge position

0735 L2 black 1983-04-22

0736 L2 black 1983-04-22

0737 L2 black 1983-04-22

0738 L2 black 1983-04-30
N 0738 XP2 black

0739 L2 black 1983-04-25

0740 L2 black 1983-04-28

0741 L2 black 1983-05-02
N 0741 GP2S black
passive PUs, logo almost completely scratched away

0742 L2 black 1983-04-28
N 0742 XM2 white w/black binding
(neck originally on a black XP2) heavily modified, huge new neck pickup, additional switches and an additional output jack, D-Tuner

0743 L2 black 1983-04-25
(MY)N 000743 GR4R clear natural

0744 L2 black 1983-04-28

0745 L2 black 1983-04-27

0746 L2 black 1983-05-16
(MY)N 000746 GR4R translucent green
mahogany body

0747 L2 black 1983-04-28

0748 L2 black 1983-05-02
(MY)N 000748 GM4T purple
flamed top

0749 L2 black 1983-04-28 sticker logo and leg rest missing, 1 of 3 imported to New Zealand by Neville Claughton in late 1983
(MY)N 000749 GM4S honeyburst
flamed top

0750 L2 black 1983-05-02

0751 L2 black 1983-05-02

0752 L2 black 1983-05-02
(MY)N 000752 GR4 clear purple

0753 L2/5 black 1983-05-02

0754 L2 black 1983-05-02

0755 L2 black 1983-05-02 plug-in leg rest missing

0756 L2 black 1983-05-02

0757 L2 black 1983-05-02

0758 L2 black 1983-05-02

0759 L2 black 1983-05-02

0760 L2 black 1983-05-10

0761 L2 black 1983-04-30

0762 L2 black 1983-05-09

0763 L2/5 black 1983-05-09 narrow 5

0764 L2-LL black 1983-05-24 lefthand

0765 L2-LF black 1983-05-24 lined fretless
(MY)N 000765 GR4R black

0766 L1 black 1983-05-24 Andy Y’s bass :-)

0767 L2 black 1983-05-10
N 0767 XP2 black
passive PUS, missing knob

0768 L2 black 1983-05-10

0769 L2 black 1983-05-10

0770 L2 black 1983-05-10
N 0770 GP2S black

0771 L2 black 1983-05-10

0772 L2 black 1983-05-10
(MY)N 000772 GR4R clear purple
knobs not original

0773 L2/5-LF black 1983-05-20 lined fretless

0774 L2-LF black 1983-05-10 lined fretless

0775 L2 black 1983-05-10

0776 L2 black 1983-05-10

0777 L2 black 1983-05-24
(MY)N 000777 GLB2T black
scratch & dent, TransTrem, bought in 2007

0778 L2-LL black

0779 L2 black 1983-05-16

0780 L2 black 1983-05-16

0781 L2 black 1983-05-16
(MY)N 000781 GLB2S black 2003-xx-xx

0782 L2 black 1983-05-16
N 0782 XP2 black
passive PUs
(MY)N 000783 GLB2S black

0784 L2 black 1983-05-16

0785 L2 black 1983-05-16

0786 L2 black 1983-05-16

0787 L2 black 1983-05-16 plug-in leg rest, battery door screws, and sticker logo missing

0788 L2 black 1983-05-19

0790 L2 black 1983-05-20

0791 L2 black 1983-05-19 sticker logo and plug-in leg rest missing, apparently thermal damage (melting) on top and neck PU

0793 L2 black 1983-05-16 also listed on 1983-05-20

0794 L2 black 1983-05-19

0795 L2 black 1983-05-24

0796 L2 black 1984-06-01

0797 L2 black 1983-05-24

0798 L2 black 1983-05-24
(MY)N 000798 GLB2S white

0799 L2 black 1983-05-24

0800 L2/5 black 1983-06-21 narrow 5

0801 L2 black 1983-05-24

0802 L2 black 1983-05-26

0803 L2-5 black 1983-06-10 narrow 5

0804 L2-UF black
unlined fretless

0805 L2 black 1983-05-23

0806 L2 black 1983-05-24 sticker logo missing, orig. leg rest present

0807 L2 black 1983-05-24

0808 L2 black 1983-05-23 reported stolen, later sold on ebay

0809 L2 black 1983-06-01

0810 L2 black 1983-05-24

0811 L2 black 1983-05-31

0812 L2 black 1983-05-24
OU 0812 GL42 (GL4-12)

Edward Van Halens GL4-12 with custom painted top

0813 L2 black 1983-05-24

0814 L2 black 1983-05-31
N 0814 XP2 black
passive pickups, knobs not original
(MY)N 000814 GM2S black w/white binding
Newburgh reissue

0815 L2 black 1983-06-01

0816 L2 black 1983-06-02

0817 L2 black 1983-05-31

0818 L2 black 1983-06-01 sticker logo intact, plug-in leg rest missing, battery cover broken

0819 L2 black 1983-05-31
(MY)N 000819 GLB2S black

0820 L2 black 1983-05-31

0821 L2 black 1983-06-02

0822 L2 black 1983-06-01

0823 L2 black 1983-06-01

0824 L2 black 1983-06-02

0825 L2 black 1983-06-01

0826 L2 black 1983-06-xx sent directly from factory to Cliff Young (AC/DC)
(MY)N 000826 GLB2S black

0827 L2 black 1983-06-02

0828 L2 black 1983-06-02

0829 L2 black 1983-06-02

0830 L2 black 1983-06-01

0831 L2 black 1983-06-07

0832 L2/5 black 1983-06-13

0833 L2 black 1983-06-09

0834 L2 black 1983-06-09
(MY)N 000834 GR4R purple
Lace Sensor PUs (white), some chips, 5-way switch cap missing, Paul Masdival signature and Prince symbol sticker on top;

0835 L2 black 1983-06-09
(MY)N 000835 GR4R black 2004-xx-xx

0836 L2 black 1983-06-07

0837 L2 black 1983-06-09

0838 L2 black 1983-06-08
(MY)N 000838 GM4T black

0839 L2 black 1983-06-08

0840 L2 black 1983-06-13
N 0840 XP2 black
passive PUs

0841 L2 black 1983-06-06 factory replacement for #662

0842 L2 black 1983-06-07

0843 L2 black 1983-06-10
N 0844 XP2 black
black pickguard; passive PUs

0844 L2 black 1983-06-10

0845 L2 black 1983-06-10

0846 L2 black 1983-06-10

0847 L2 black 1983-06-13

0848 L2 black 1983-06-13

0849 L2 black 1983-06-20

0850 L2 black 1983-06-14
(MY)N 000850 XQ24 black

0851 L2 black 1983-06-21

0852 L2 black 1983-06-14
(MY)N 000852 XQ24 black

0853 L2 black 1983-06-20
(MY)N 000853 GM2S black with white binding 2004-xx-xx

0854 L2 black 1983-06-13

0855 L2 black 1983-06-21
(MY)N 000855 XQ2A black

0856 L2 black 1983-06-17

0857 L2 black 1983-06-17

0858 L2 black 1983-06-20

0859 L2 black 1983-06-21

0860 L2 black 1983-06-xx

0861 L2 black 1983-06-21
(MY)N 000861 GLB2S black

0862 L2 black 1983-06-17

0863 L2-LF black 1983-06-21
N 0863 XP2 black

0864 L2-UF black 1983-06-21

0865 L2 black 1983-06-20 plug-in leg rest missing, battery cover replaced (brass plate?)

0866 L2 black 1983-06-17

0867 L2 black 1983-07-29

0868 L2 black 1983-06-17

0869 L2 black 1983-07-08

0870 L2 black

0871 L1 black 1983-06-17

0872 L2 black 1983-06-23

0873 L2 black 1983-06-23

0874 L2-LF black 1983-06-27
(MY)N 000874 GLB2S white

0875 L2 black 1983-06-23

0876 L2 black 1983-06-27

0877 L2 black 1983-06-27
N 0878 XP2 black
black/white/black pickguard

0878 L2 black 1983-07-22

0879 L2 black 1983-07-22

0880 L2 black 1983-06-27

0881 L2 black 1983-06-23
(MY)N 000882 GM2S white w/black binding
Newburgh reissue

0883 L2 black 1983-06-23

0884 L2 black 1983-06-23

0885 L2 black 1983-06-23

0886 L2 black 1983-06-30 sticker logo intact, plug-in leg rest and battery cover missing

0887 L2 black 1983-06-28

0888 L2 black 1983-06-28

0889 L2 black 1983-07-01 noted in invoicing as ""off color""

0890 L2 black 1983-06-28

0891 L2 black 1983-07-01

0892 L2 black 1983-06-30
(MY)N 000892 GM7TA clear amber
quilted top

0893 L2 black 1983-06-30
N 0893 GP2S black
passive PUs

0894 L2 black 1983-06-30

0895 L2 black 1983-06-28
(MY)N 000895 GM2S white w/black binding

0896 L2 black 1983-06-30 sticke logo intact

0897 L2 black 1983-07-06

0898 L2 black 1983-07-01

0899 L2 black 1983-07-06

0900 L2 black 1983-07-08 refretted in 2011

0901 L2 black 1983-07-07

0902 L2 black 1983-07-07

0903 L2 black 1983-07-07

0904 L2 black 1983-07-07 sticker logo intact, leg rest missing

0905 L2 black 1983-07-07

0906 L2 black 1983-07-07

0907 L2 black 1983-08-09
(MY)N 000907 XQ24 honeyburst

0908 L2 black 1983-07-12
(MY)N 000908 XQ24 honeyburst

0909 L2 black 1983-07-06

0910 L2 black 1983-07-06

0911 L2 black 1983-07-06 factory replacement for #867
(MY)N 000911 XQ24 clear amber

0912 L2 black 1983-07-12
(MY)N 000912 XQ2-4 white

0913 L2 black 1983-07-06 plug-in legrest missing, some wear on the faceplate
(MY)N 000913 XQ24 clear amber

0914 L2 black 1983-07-06

0915 L2 black 1983-07-12
(MY)N 000915 XQ2DB clear red
DB tuner

0916 L2 black 1983-07-06

0917 L2 black 1983-07-08
(MY)N 000917 XQ24 honeyburst

0918 L2 black 1983-07-08

0919 L2 black 1983-07-15

0920 L2 black 1983-07-13

0921 L2 black 1983-07-08
(MY)N 000921 XQ2ADB white
additional EQ with two additional pots in the electronics compartment, two holes in the cover for access (high middle/low middle EQ), DB tuner, some dents

0922 L2 black 1983-07-13

0923 L2 black 1983-07-08

0924 L2 black 1983-07-12

0925 L2-UF black 1983-07-20 unlined fretless

0926 L2-LF black 1983-08-01 lined fretless

0927 L2 black 1983-07-14 lined fretless; upd. 12.2023: repainted white (no logo), Alembic pickups, now fretted

0928 L2 black 1983-07-08 sticker logo and leg rest missing
(MY)N 000928 XQ24 clear amber

0929 L2-UF black 1983-07-20 unlined fretless

0930 L2-UF black 1983-08-18
(MY)N 000930 XQ25A honeyburst

0931 L2 black 1983-07-08

0932 L2 black 1984-03-16 replaced defective #1020

0933 L2 black 1983-07-14

0934 L2 black 1983-07-14

0935 L2 black 1983-07-15
N 0935 XP2 black
passive PUs, large chip on back, some scratches and wear on top

0936 L2 black 1983-07-14

0937 L2-UF black 1983-09-23

0938 L2 black 1983-07-14

0939 L2 black 1983-07-15 leg rest broken, sticker logo intact

0940 L2 black 1983-07-14

0941 L2 black 1983-07-15
(MY)N 000941 GM7TA

orig. purchase 2005

0942 L2 black 1983-07-15

0943 L2 black 1983-07-15

0944 L2 black 1983-07-19
N 0944 XP2 black
faceplate replaced (non original), knobs not original

0945 L2 black 1983-07-19

0946 L2 black 1983-07-20

0947 L2 black 1983-07-19

0948 L2 black 1983-07-20

0949 L2 black 1983-07-22

0949 GL4T red 1997-xx-xx Steve Hayden’s „refurbished“ red GL

0950 L2 black 1983-08-31

0951 L2 black 1983-07-28
N 0951 XP2 black
D-Tuner, passive PUs, replaced pickguard without logo

0952 L2 black 1983-07-21

0953 L2 black 1983-07-21

0954 L2 black 1983-07-20 sticker logo intact, leg rest missing

0954 XL2TA black
bass TT; serial #0954 stamped on end but #7227 written in body; could be factory replacement

0955 L2 black 1983-08-31
N 0955 XP2 black

0956 L2 black 1983-07-26

0957 L2 black 1983-07-20
(MY)N 000957 GM4T purple

0958 L2 black 1983-08-08

0959 L2/5 black 1983-07-22 narrow 5

0960 L2/5 black 1983-07-22 narrow 5
(MY)N 000960 GR4R black
knobs (Fender type) not original;

0961 L2/5 black 1983-07-22 narrow 5
(MY)N 000961 GM7TA clear blue
flamed top

0962 L2 black 1983-07-26

0963 L2 black 1983-07-26
(MY)N 000963 GM2 white w/black binding
Newburgh reissue, SD replacement pickups, additional toggle switch, JCustom XS trem, knobs not original

0964 L2 black 1983-07-27

0965 L2 black 1983-07-27

0966 L2 black 1983-07-27

0967 L2 black 1983-07-28

0968 L2 black 1983-07-26
(MY)N 000968 GM7TA honeyburst
sold complete on Reverb, then on ebay without bridge, pickups and electronics

0969 L2 black 1983-08-01

0970 L2/5 black 1983-08-23 originally sold as a 4 string bass, converted to 5 string version by Steinberger in 1985/86 (during a repair), sticker logo and plug-in leg rest missing, worn top with lots of scratches and color spots (removed paint?), crack near output jack (washer added); update 06.2013: body sanded/polished; update 10.2014: orig. 4 string bridge sold separately on ebay

0971 L2 black 1983-08-08 cracks around output jack (glued)

0972 L2 black 1983-07-28
(MY)N 000972 GM4T clear blue
flamed top

0973 L2 black 1983-08-01

0974 L2 black 1983-07-28 broken plug-in leg rest replaced by self-made aluminium version

0974 XL2T black 1989-09-22 serial stamped on body (on the left of the tension adjuster knob), date handwritten on inside of body

0975 L2 black 1983-07-28 sticker logo and leg rest missing, tone knob broken

0976 L2 black 1983-07-28

0977 L2 black 1983-07-28

0978 L2 black 1983-09-02

0979 L2 black 1983-08-07

0980 L2/5 black 1983-08-03 sent directly from factory to Darryl Jones

0981 L2 black 1983-08-08 sticker logo and leg rest missing

0982 L2 black 1983-08-09

0983 L2 black 1983-08-09
N 0983 XP2 black
all black pickguard

0984 L2 black 1983-08-01 sticker logo intact

0985 L2 black 1983-08-01

0986 L2 black 1983-08-01 sticker logo displaced (half way up between neck PU and neck)

0987 L2 black 1983-08-01
(MY)N 000987 GM4T clear blue
flamed maple top, pot knobs (Fender style) and switch cap not original

0988 L2 black 1983-08-01 sticker logo intact, some scratches and dents
(MY)N 000988 GM4S cherryburst
flamed maple top, removable sticker „inlays“ on neck

0989 L2-UF black 1983-08-01 unlined fretless
(MY)N 000989 GM7SA clear amber
quilted top

0990 L2 black 1983-08-01
(MY)N 000990 GM7TA trans purple 2004-xx-xx flamed maple top

0991 L2 black 1983-08-01

0992 L2 black 1983-08-01

0993 L2 black 1983-08-01
(MY)N 000993 GM7SA blue
flamed maple top

0994 L2 black 1983-08-09
(MY)N 000994 GM7SA honeyburst
quilted top

0995 L2 black 1983-08-10

0996 L2 black 1983-08-10
(MY)N 000996 GM7TA trans purple

0997 L2 black 1983-08-08

0998 L2 black 1983-08-07

0999 L2 black 1983-08-09

1000 L2 black

1001 L2 black 1983-08-09

1002 L2 black 1983-08-08 sticker logo intact, leg rest missing

1003 L2 black 1983-08-12

1004 L2 black 1983-08-12

1005 L2 black 1983-08-12
(MY)N 001005 GM4T black
logo partially worn/scratched off

1006 L2 black 1983-08-10
(MY)N 001006 GM4T black
(sales description: neck forward bow)

1007 L2 black 1983-08-15

1008 L2 black 1983-08-12
N 1008 XP2 black
part of pickguard around output jack cut away and replaced, corrosion on bridge and headpiece, passive PUs

1009 L2 black 1983-08-15

1010 L2 black 1983-08-17

1011 L2/5 black 1983-08-14 narrow 5

1012 L2 black 1983-09-16

1013 L2 black 1983-08-23 embossed logo EMGs
(MY)N 001013 GLB2S white

1014 L2 black 1983-08-18

1015 L2 black 1983-08-23

1016 L2 black 1983-08-15

1017 L2 black 1983-08-18

1018 L2 black 1983-08-15
(MY)N 001018 GM7TA clear red
flame top, additional pot (function unknown)

1019 L2 black 1983-08-15 with replacement plug-in leg rest made by Andy, additional locking strapholder

1020 L2-LF black 1983-08-23 lined fretless

1021 L2 black 1983-08-18

1022 L2 black 1983-10-18

1023 L2/5 black 1983-09-02

1024 L2/5 black 1983-09-16
(MY)N 001024 GM4S black

1025 L2 black 1983-08-15 folding leg rest mounted over socket for plug-in leg rest

1026 L2 black 1983-08-15

1027 L2 black 1983-08-15
(MY)N 001027

parted out, sold separately on ebay

1028 L2 black 1983-08-15

1029 L2 black 1983-08-15

1030 L2 black 1983-08-18
GC 10 OF 30 XL2 silver
custom silver color for exclusive Guitar Center promotion; ~ only 60 made (30 GL's, 30 XL's)

1031 L2 black 1983-08-18

1032 L2 black 1983-10-08

1033 L2 black 1983-08-18

1034 L2 black 1983-08-17

1035 L2 black 1983-08-22
(MY)N 001035 GM4S black
pot knobs replaced

1036 L2 black 1983-08-23

1037 L2 black 1983-08-18
(MY)N 001037 GM4S black
JCustom XS Trem instead of orig. trem

1038 L2 black 1983-08-18
(MY)N 001038 GM4T black
crack between neck pocket and neck PU

1039 L2 black 1983-08-18

1040 L2 black 1983-08-26

1041 L2 black 1983-08-26

1042 L2 black 1983-08-23
(MY)N 001042 GM2S white w/black binding
Newburgh reissue

1043 L2 black 1983-08-26

1044 L2 black 1983-08-26
N 1045 GM1TA black w/white binding
pictured in '88 Zen-On & US catalog

1045 L2 black 1983-08-26

1046 L2 black 1983-08-31

1047 L2 black 1983-08-26

1048 L2 black 1983-08-26
N 01048 XP2 black
passive EMGs, unusual serial (5-digit with leading 0)

1049 L2 black 1983-08-26

1050 L2 black 1983-08-31
N 1050 GP2S black
crack in pickguard, neck partially broken below headpiece

1051 L2 black 1983-08-31

1052 L2 black 1983-08-31 original plug-in leg rest replaced with folding type

1053 L2 black 1983-08-26

1054 L2 black 1983-08-31

1055 L2 black 1983-08-31

1056 L2 black 1983-08-31

1057 L2 black 1983-08-31

1058 L2 black 1983-08-31

1059 L2-LL black 1983-09-12 lefthand

1060 L2 black 1983-08-31

1061 L2 black 1983-08-31

1062 L2 black 1983-08-31

1063 L1 black 1983-09-02
(MY)N 001063 XQ25 black

1064 L2 black 1983-09-01
(MY)N 001065 XQ25 white

1066 L2-UF black 1983-09-01 unlined fretless

1067 L2 black 1983-09-21 sent directly from factory to Mike Klvanna (Hall & Oates)
(MY)N 1067 XQ25A clear red

1068 L2 black 1983-08-31

1070 L2 black 1983-08-31

1071 L2 black 1983-08-31

1072 L2 black 1983-08-31

1073 L2-LL black 1983-09-23 lefthand, sticker logo slightly worn, leg rest missing

1074 L2 black 1983-xx-xx

1075 L2 black 1983-08-31

1076 L2 black 1983-08-31

1077 L2 black 1983-08-31
(MY)N 001077 GM7TA clear red 2005-09-xx flamed maple top

1078 L2 black 1983-08-31

1079 L2 black 1983-08-31

1080 L2 black 1983-08-31

1081 L2 black 1983-07-14 sent directly from factory to Gary Garry Beers (INXS)

1082 L2 black 1983-08-31 sticker logo, battery cover, and plug-in leg rest missing

1083 L2 black 1983-08-31

1086 L2 black 1983-09-02

1087 L2-UF black 1983-09-02 unlined fretless

1088 L2 black 1983-09-02

1090 L2/5 black 1983-09-06

1091 L2 black 1983-11-xx plug-in leg rest missing
(MY)N 001091 GR4R clear red
PUs replaced by active EMGs

1092 L2 black 1983-09-02

1094 L2 black 1983-09-06

1095 L2 black 1983-09-06

1098 L2 black 1983-09-08

1099 L2 black 1983-09-08

1100 L2 black 1983-09-09

1101 L2 black 1983-09-09

1103 L2 black 1983-09-09 v1 bridge
(MY)N 001103 GM7TA cherry burst
flamed top

1104 L2 black 1983-09-09

1106 L2 black 1983-09-09

1107 L2 black 1983-09-09
(MY)N 001107 GM7TA clear red
flamed maple top, Moses replacement neck installed by MY

1108 L2 black 1983-09-09

1109 L2 black 1983-09-13

1110 L2 black 1983-09-13

1111 L2 black
plug-in leg rest missing
N 1112 XP2 black

1113 L2 black 1983-09-13

1114 L2 black 1983-09-13

1115 L2 black 1983-09-13

1116 L2 black 1983-09-13
N 1116 XP2 black
passive PUs, broken pickguard, bottom strap button moved to the backside

1117 L2 black 1983-09-13

1118 L2-UF black 1983-09-13 unlined fretless

1119 L2/5 black 1983-09-16 narrow 5, EMG SS PUs replaced by EMG HB 5, stacked tone pot with non-original knobs (non-original active tone control?)

1120 L2 black 1983-09-13

1121 L2 black 1983-09-13
N 1121 XP2

passive EMGs

1122 L2 black 1983-09-13

1123 L2 black 1983-09-13

1124 L2 black 1983-09-16

1125 L2 black 1983-09-16
GC 11 OF 25 XL2 silver
custom silver color for exclusive Guitar Center 25th anniversary promotion; only 25 made (25 GL's, 25 XL's)

1126 L2 black 1983-09-16

1127 L2/5 black 1983-09-16 narrow 5, either listed wrong or converted, mentioned on SW mailing list as 4-string

1129 L2 black 1983-09-16
N 1129 XP2 black
passive pickups, two tuning knobs not original (from Spirit bridge?)

1130 L2 black 1983-09-16

1131 L2-UF black 1983-09-16 unlined fretless

1132 L2 black 1983-09-16

1133 L2/5 black 1983-09-23

1134 L2 black 1983-09-21

1135 L2 black 1983-09-21

1136 L2 black 1983-09-21

1137 L2/5 black 1983-09-27

1138 L2/5 black 1983-09-30

1139 L2 black 1983-09-20

1140 L2 black 1983-09-20 plug-in leg rest missing

1141 L2 black 1983-09-20

1142 L2 black 1983-09-20

1143 L2 black 1983-09-21

1144 L2 black 1983-09-20 sticker logo and plug-in leg rest missing, output jack moved to faceplate, hole on the back filled

1145 L2 black 1983-09-21

1146 L2/5 black 1983-10-21 narrow 5

1147 L2 black 1983-09-21

1148 L2 black 1983-09-23

1149 L2 black 1983-09-23

1150 L2 black 1983-09-30

1151 L2 black 1983-09-27

1153 L2 black 1983-09-30

1154 L2 black 1983-09-27

1155 L2 black 1983-09-27

1156 L2 black 1983-09-27

1157 L2 black 1983-09-27

1158 L2 black 1983-09-27
N 1158 XP2

1159 L2 black 1983-09-27

1160 L2 black 1983-09-30

1161 L2 black 1983-09-27

1162 L2/5-UF black 1983-09-27 narrow 5; unlined fretless

1163 L2 black 1983-09-30

1164 L2 black 1983-09-27

1165 L2 black 1983-09-27

1166 L2 black 1983-09-27

1167 L2 black 1983-09-27

1168 L2 black 1983-09-30

1169 L2 black 1983-09-30

1170 L2 black 1983-09-30

1171 L2 black 1983-09-30

1172 L2 black 1983-09-30

1173 L2 black 1983-09-30

1174 L2 black 1983-09-30
N 1174 GP2S black
logo worn, some dents and chips

1175 L2 black 1983-09-30 Sticker logo missing, one faceplate mounting screw (middle) missing, folding leg rest installed (over plug-in socket?), some scratches and wear

1176 L2 black 1983-09-30

1177 L2 black 1983-09-30

1178 L2 black 1983-09-30

1179 L2 black 1983-09-30

1180 L2 /5 black 1983-09-30 modified to fretless, frets sanded down, possible damage on fretboard

1181 L2/5 black 1983-09-30

1182 L2-LF black 1983-09-30 lined fretless

1183 L2 black 1983-09-30

1184 L2 black 1983-09-30

1185 L2 black 1983-10-04

1186 L2 black 1983-10-04 sticker logo intact, plug-in leg rest present
N 1186 GP2S black
passive PUs, refretted (Babicz)

1187 L2 black 1983-10-04
N 1187 XP2 black
passive PUs

1188 L2 black 1983-10-04

1189 L2 black 1983-10-04

1190 L2 black 1983-10-04

1191 L2/5 black 1983-10-04 narrow 5

1192 L2-LF black 1983-11-08 lined fretless
N 1192 XP2 black
passive PUs

1193 L2 black 1983-10-04

1194 L2 black 1983-11-07

1195 L2 black 1983-10-07

1196 L2 black 1983-10-07

1197 L2 black 1983-10-11
N 1197 XP2 black
passive PUs

1198 L2 black 1983-10-11

1199 L2 black 1983-10-11

1200 L2 black 1983-10-11 folding leg rest (probably installed by factory later), sticker logo intact

1201 L2 black 1983-10-11

1202 L2 black 1983-10-11
(MY)N 001202 GM7TA cherryburst
flamed top

1203 L2 black 1983-10-11
(MY)N 001203 GM7TA clear amber
flamed top

1204 L2 black 1983-10-11
(MY)N 001204 GM7TA clear blue 2005-xx-xx flamed top

1205 L2 black 1983-10-11
N 1205 XP2 black
passive PUs, jaws (apparently) BGStainless

1206 L2 black 1983-10-14 missing leg rest and headpiece screws

1207 L2 black 1983-11-14

1208 L2 black 1983-10-11 Sticker logo, plug-in leg rest and one top mounting screw missing, neck EMG housing damaged

1209 L2 black 1983-10-14
N 1210 XP2 black 1985-11-xx all black pickguard

1210 L2/5 black 1983-10-19 narrow 5
(MY)N 001210 GR4R clear green
pckups replaced by Ultrasonics (SCs) and Bartolini (HB)

1211 L2 black 1983-10-14 huge cracks at output jack, fold-out leg rest

1212 L2 black 1983-10-14 sticker logo intact, plug-in leg rest missing
N 1213 GP-2S black 1985-xx-xx guitar gutted for pu's & trem, sold as parts on eBay (3/02)

1213 L2-LH black 1983-10-19 lefthand

1214 L2 black 1983-10-14
(MY)N 001214 GM7TA clear amber
flamed top

1215 L2 black 1983-10-14

1216 L2 black 1983-10-14
(MY)N 001216 XQ25A white
headpiece at low B string partially damaged (edge broken away), finish crack at neck pocket, some dents and chips around output jack

1218 L2/5 black 1983-10-24 narrow 5

1220 L2 black 1983-11-09

1221 L2 black 1983-11-09 edges of sticker logo slightly worn, leg rest missing

1223 L2 black
owned by David Margen (Santana); Sticker logo intact

1224 L2/5 black 1983-10-14 narrow 5

1225 L2 black 1983-10-19

1226 L2 black 1983-10-19

1227 L2 black 1983-10-19 3 EMG PUs

1228 L2 black 1983-10-24 3rd SS pu added (factory mod); 5 way pu selector; plug-in leg rest; sticker logo

1229 L2 black 1983-10-19 logo missing, pivot plate missing, output jack moved to side (?)(original hole still open) additional hole on back, leg rest missing
N 1229 XP2 black
passive PUs

1230 L2 black 1983-10-19

1231 L2 black 1983-10-19

1232 L2 black 1983-10-19

1233 L2 black 1983-10-19

1234 L2 black 1983-10-19

1235 L2 black 1983-10-19
(MY)N 001235 GR4R black
small crack between neck pocket and neck PU

1236 L2 black 1983-10-10

1237 L2 black 1983-10-21
(MY)N 001237 GR4R black
knobs not original, active EMG PUs

1238 L2 black 1983-10-21

1239 L2 black 1983-10-19

1240 L2 black 1983-10-19

1241 L2 black 1983-10-21

1242 L2 black 1983-10-21

1243 L2 black 1983-10-21

1244 L2 black 1983-10-21
(MY)N 001244 GR4R clear natural

1245 L2 black 1983-10-21

1246 L2 black 1983-10-21

1247 L2 black 1983-10-21

1248 L2 black 1983-10-24
(MY)N 001248 GM4T cherryburst
flamed top, passive EQ

1249 L2 black 1983-10-28

1250 L2 black 1983-10-24

1251 L2 black 1983-10-24

1252 L2 black 1983-10-25

1253 L2 black 1983-10-25

1254 L2 black 1983-10-25

1255 L2 black 1983-10-25

1256 L2 black 1983-10-25

1257 L2 black 1983-10-28
(MY)N 001257 GM7TA black

1258 L2 black 1983-10-25

1259 L2 black 1983-10-25

1261 L2 black 1983-10-28

1262 L2 black 1983-10-28

1263 L2 black 1983-10-28

1264 L2 black 1983-10-28
(MY)N 001264 Fretsong

Neck mounted on a Fretsong GL shaped custom body, R-Trem, H-H config.

1265 L2 black 1983-11-04

1266 L2 black 1983-12-13
N 1266 XP2 black 1985-xx-xx passive PUs, one non-original knob

1267 L2 black 1983-11-01 returned to factory - defective

1268 L2 black 1983-11-01
(MY)N 001268 GM7TA cherryburst 2005-xx-xx

1269 L2 black 1983-10-28

1270 L2 black 1983-10-28 sticker logo partially missing, some scratches on top
N 1270 GP2S black
passive PUs, corrosion on the trem;

1271 L2 black 1983-10-28

1272 L2 black 1983-12-05

1273 L2 black 1983-10-28
(MY)N 001273 GM4T purple
flamed top

1274 L2 black 1983-11-04

1275 L2 black 1983-10-28

1276 L2 black 1983-10-28
N 1276 XP2 black
passive PUs

1277 L2 black 1983-10-28
(MY)N 001277 GM7TA cherryburst

1278 L2 black 1983-10-28
(MY)N 001278 GM4S clear blue
flamed top, passive EQ, JCustom combined headpiece (original still present), small crack between neck and neck PU, EMG 81 bridge PU (replaced EMG 85)

1279 L2 black 1983-10-28

1280 L2 black 1983-10-28
N 1280 XP2 black
tone knob not original, one replacement jaw

1281 L2 black 1983-10-28
(MY)N 001283 GM4T clear red
flamed maple top

1284 L2 black 1983-11-01

1285 L2 black 1983-11-01

1286 L2 black 1983-11-01

1287 L2 black 1983-11-01

1288 L2 black 1983-11-01

1291 L2 black 1983-11-08
N 1291 GP3T black
active EMGs

1292 L2 black 1983-11-08

1293 L2 black 1983-11-08
(MY)N 001293 GR4R black
bent master tuning screw replaced by a standard screw

1294 L2 black 1983-11-08

1295 L2 black 1983-11-08

1296 L2 black 1983-11-08

1297 L2 black 1983-11-08
(MY)N 001297 XQ24 black

1298 L2 black 1983-11-08
(MY)N 001298 XQ24 black

1299 L2 black 1983-11-08

1300 L2 black 1983-11-08

1302 L2 black 1983-11-11

1303 L2 black 1983-11-08

1304 L2 black 1983-11-08

1305 L2 black 1983-11-01

1306 L2 black 1983-11-11

1307 L2 black 1983-11-08

1308 L2 black 1983-11-08

1309 L2 black 1983-11-11
(MY)N 001310 GM2T black w/white binding
Newburgh reissue

1311 L2 black 1983-12-01 plug-in leg rest and sticker logo missing

1312 L2 black 1983-11-15

1313 L2 black 1983-11-15

1314 L2 black 1983-11-15
N 1315 XP2 black
solid black pickguard

1315 L2 black 1983-11-15

1316 L2 black 1983-11-15
(MY)N 001316 GM4T clear blue
flamed maple top

1317 L2 black 1983-11-11

1318 L2 black 1983-11-15

1319 L2 black 1983-11-11

1320 L2 black 1983-11-11

1321 L2 black 1983-11-11
(MY)N 001321 XQ2A honeyburst
some symbols painted with a marker pen on the top

1322 L2 black 1983-11-11
(MY)N 001322 XQ2A honeyburst

1323 L2 black 1983-11-11

1324 L2 black 1983-11-11
(MY)N 001324 XQ2 honeyburst

1327 L2 black 1983-12-06
(MY)N 001327 GM7TABK black
pick holder glued on top

1328 L2 black 1983-11-28 sticker logo missing; shipped as active EQ, modified to passive
N 1328 GP2S black
passive pickups, trem worn
(MY)N 001328 GM7TABK black

1329 L2 black 1983-11-11

1330 L2 black
broken/repaired body near output jack, logo intact, new leg rest
(MY)N 001331 XQ2 black

1332 L2 black 1983-11-28

1334 L2 black 1983-11-23 lined fretless
(MY)N 001334 XQ2 honeyburst

(MY)N 001335 XQ2 honeyburst

1336 L2 black 1983-12-06 additional midi pickup and interface (mounted on the back), crack around output jack
(MY)N 001336 XQ2 honeyburst

1341 L2 black 1983-12-02

1343 L2 black 1983-12-09

1345 L2 black
plug-in leg rest missing, sticker logo intact

1346 L2-UF black 1984-07-06

1347 L2 black 1983-12-06

1348 L2-UF black 1983-12-09
(MY)N 001348 GR4R black

1349 L2-UF black

(MY)N 001349 GR4R natural
mahogany body

1350 L2-UF black 1983-12-09

1352 L2 black
modified /w 3 pickups, wood top, original faceplate existing, plug-in leg rest missing

1353 L2 black 1983-12-06

1354 L2 black
extremely corroded headpiece, corroded bridge, worn knobs

1355 L2 black 1983-12-06

1356 L2-LL black 1983-12-02

1357 L2-UF black 1984-01-20 unlined fretless; shown at Musikmesse Frankfurt '84

1358 L2-UF black 1984-05-22
(MY)N 001360 XQ2 honeyburst

(MY)N 001361 XQ2 black

(MY)N 001362 XQ2A black
additional control knob (parametric mids?)

1363 L2-LF black 1983-12-30
(MY)N 001363 XQ2ADB black

1364 L2-UF black 1983-12-09
(MY)N 001364 XQ2 black

1365 L2 black 1983-12-13

1366 L2-LF black 1983-12-09

1367 L2 black 1983-12-13

1368 L2 black 1983-12-28

1369 L2 black 1983-12-12

1370 L1-F black 1983-12-20

1371 L2 black 1983-12-16

1372 L2 black 1983-12-16

1373 L2 black

1374 L2 black 1983-12-17

1375 L2 black 1985-03-06 replacement for #1605

1376 L2 black

1377 L2/5 black 1983-12-16
(MY)N 001377 GLB2S black

1378 L2 black
broken, parted out

1379 L2/5 black 1983-12-16

1380 L2/5 black 1983-12-23

1381 L2/5 black 1983-12-16

1382 L2/5 black 1983-12-16
(MY)N 001382 GLB2S black

(MY)N 001383 GLB2S black
EMG pickups and knobs replaced

1384 L2/5 black 1983-12-xx owner description says „XL5W“, but pics show an L2 with plug-in leg rest
(MY)N 001384 GLB2T black 2008-xx-xx date is original purchase, original S-Trem replaced by new TT (2008)

1386 L2 black

(MY)N 001386 GLB2S black

(MY)N 001387 GLB2S black
PUs replaced by passive DiMarzios

1388 L2/5 black
active EMGs, bought 1984 in Germany, controls modified (Vol + Blend, 1 dummy)
N 1395 XP2 black
passive EMGs
N 1397 XP2 black
factory original black/red/black pickguard and factory original EMG PUs (passive)
N 1405 XP2LF black
lined fretless possibly converted after sales
(MY)N 001405 GLB2S black
additional screw hole between neck screws (strap button)
(MY)N 001409 GLB2S black

1412 L2 black 1983-12-29 plug-in leg rest missing

1416 L2 black 1984-xx-xx orig. leg rest, strap and case
N 1419 XP2 black
passive PUs

1424 L2 black

1425 L2 black 1984-01-20 shown at Musikmesse Frankfurt '84
N 1425 GP2S black
passive PUs
(MY)N 001425 GLB2S black
passive replacement pickups and electronics, large chips on bottom end, S-Trem defective (?)

1426 L2 black 1984-01-20 shown at Musikmesse Frankfurt '84

1427 L2 black 1984-01-20 shown at Musikmesse Frankfurt '84

1428 L2 black 1984-01-20 shown at Musikmesse Frankfurt '84
N 1430 XP2 black
passive PUs
N 1431 XP2 black
passive PUs

1436 L2 black 1984-01-17
(MY)N 001436 GM4S clear blue

1437 L2 black 1984-02-21 shown at Musikmesse Frankfurt '84

1438 L2 black 2004-02-21

1439 L2-UF black 1984-01-21 unlined fretless; shown at Musikmesse Frankfurt '84
(MY)N 001439 GM4S clear blue

1440 L2-UF black 1984-01-21 unlined fretless; shown at Musikmesse Frankfurt '84
(MY)N 001441 GM4S clear blue 2006-xx-xx

1444 L2/5-UF black 1985-11-20 unlined fretless; shipped directly to Gary Beers / INXS
(MY)N 001445 GM4S honeyburst

(MY)N 001447 GM4S black
finish crack between pots and back; upd. 12.2018: now with JCustom FX bridge
(MY)N 001448 GM4S black

(MY)N 001450 GM4S black

1455 L2 black

(MY)N 001455 GM4S black

1458 L2LL black
lefthand, plug-in leg rest missing
(MY)N 001462 GM7SA white

(MY)N 001463 XQ25 cherry burst

1464 L2 black
sticker logo and leg rest intact and existing, originally bought in Switzerland

1468 L2 black

(MY)N 001472 GM4S clear blue
crack between neck pocket and neck PU; upd. 09.2022: neck now with chinese (GR4 type) bound body (blue), R-Trem
(MY)N 001474 GM4S clear red

(MY)N 001477 GM7SA clear blue

(MY)N 001478 GM7SA clear blue
flamed maple top
(MY)N 001484 GM7SA black

(MY)N 001485 GM7SA black

(MY)N 001487 GM4T clear blue
flamed maple top, refretted
(MY)N 001489 GM7SA black

(MY)N 001494 GM7SA black 2006-xx-xx

1494 L2/5 black 1984-xx-xx “...personally ordered by Larry Klein in 1984 and delivered directly to him...”

1498 L2 black 1984-02-29
N 1498 GP2T black
passive PUs

1500 L2 black 1984-xx-xx
(MY)N 001501 XQ2 black

1503 L2 black

(MY)N 001503 XQ2 black

(MY)N 001504 XQ2 black

(MY)N 001507 XQ2A white

N 1509 XP2 black
passive PUs, some corrosion on bridge and leg rest;
(MY)N 001511 XQ2 black
DB tuner

1511 L2 black

1513 L2 black 1984-03-09 engraved logo, plug-in leg rest missing
N 1513 XP2 black
Alembic pickups
N 1514 GP2S black
passive PUs, logo on pickguard partially worn; 05.2019: neck sold separately
(MY)N 001514 XQ2ADB black
DB tuner

1515 L2

mistakenly mentioned as XL2
N 1524 GP2S black
passive PUs
N 1527 GP2S black
passive PUs, vol pot knob missing (upd. 10.2015: knob installed)
(MY)N 001527 XQ25 cherryburst

1528 L2

converted to 5-string

1535 L2 black
engraved logo, plug-in leg rest, some minor chips
(MY)N 001536 GLB2S black

1545 L2 black 1984-03-30 engraved (not sticker) logo; original gigbag (mint)
N 1546 XP2 black
passive pickups
(MY)N 001547 GM4SA clear green
”Epi Prototype“ body w/o logo, purple back, HazLabs EQ v1, EMG 85/SLV/SLV, body dated February, 2005
N 1548 GP2S black
active EMGs

1551 L2 black
folding leg rest mounted (socket for plug-in leg rest still there); update: leg rest removed, plug-in leg rest reactivated, screw holes left
(MY)N 001552 GLB2S black

1555 L2 black

(MY)N 001557 GLB2S white 2006-07-xx

1560 L2 black

1561 L2 black

N 1568 XP2 red
red pickguard, white logo mostly worn away, small chip at bottom end, knobs not original, passive EMGs
(MY)N 001570 GLB2S black
EMG89/89R with additional toggle switch, EMG SPC
(MY)N 001571 GM7TA white

(MY)N 001574 GR4R clear red

(MY)N 001576 GLB2S white

(MY)N 001577 GM4T white w/black binding
neck seen on a Newburgh GM body

1578 GL2 black 1984-xx-xx First production GL ever!

1579 GL2 black 1984-xx-xx Second production GL, 2 x EMG 81, passive HazLabs board
(MY)N 001580 GM7SA black 2006-xx-xx originally bought in late 2006
N 1580 XP2 black
passive pickups, tone knob not original

1580 GL2 black 1984-xx-xx

1581 GL2 black
hardtail, plug-in leg rest missing, new EMGs, knobs and switch not original, new output jack

1582 GL2 black 1984-xx-xx hardtail

1584 GL2 black 1984-xx-xx hardtail

1585 GL2 black 1984-xx-xx hardtail, knobs not original, some wear/corrosion on the bridge

1590 L2 black
engraved (not sticker) logo
(MY)N 001592 GLB2S white

1600 L2 black 1984-04-26
N 1603 XP2 black

1604 L2 black
ordered 1984, delivered early 1985, silkscreen logo
(MY)N 001610 GM4S clear red
flame top, pickups replaced by passive SD PUs (no frame on HB)
N 1613 GP2S black
neck PU and knobs not original, S-Trem damaged (no spring, trem arm thread filled/stripped?), additional push-button/kill switch, no logo on pickguard
(MY)N 001616 GM7SA honeyburst

(MY)N 001618 GR4R clear red

1620 GL2 black 1984-05-24 hardtail; dual humbuckers

1624 L2 black
leg rest broken, chip and crack on pivot wing, minor scratches, logo intact
(MY)N 001626 GM4S black

1628 L2 black

(MY)N 001628 GM4S cherryburst
flamed top

1631 GL2 black 1984-05-24 hardtail; plug-in leg rest
N 1632 XP2 black
aftermarket bartolinis (+electronics), pickguard and headpiece, original parts still existing
(MY)N 001633 GM4S cherryburst 2007-01-xx flamed top, refretted with extra jumbo SS frets
(MY)N 001638 GM4S cherryburst

1639 GL2 black
hardtail, output jack removed from back (leavin a hole) and installed on tuner side (next to serial)

1640 L2 black

(MY)N 001642 GM4S clear red

1643 GL2 black 1984-05-25 hardtail w/ custom Seymour Duncan Jazz & AH pu's; upd. 10.2014: eqipped with EMGs; plug-in leg rest
(MY)N 001643 GM4S cherryburst

1644 GL2 black 1984-xx-xx hardtail, plug-in leg rest, bridge pu against bridge
(MY)N 001644 GM7SA white
originally bought in 2007
(MY)N 001645 GR4R clear red
Pickups replaced by EMG 81/SA/SA

1647 GL2 black
hardtail; plug-in leg rest,; body crack below bridge
N 1650 XP2 white
passive PUs
N 1656 XP2 black
knobs not original, crack on neck pocket/back

1657 GL2 black

1663 GL2 black

1667 GL2 black 1984-05-xx hardtail, plug-in leg rest missing
(MY)N 001677 GR4R clear red
JCustom FX bridge
(MY)N 001678 GM2T black w/white binding

1678 GL2 black
N 1682 GP2T black 1985-xx-xx solid black pickguard w/ white logo

1683 L2 black 1984-06-05

1684 L2 black 1984-06-05 last original version L2 ever made
(MY)N 001684 GR4R black 2006-xx-xx R-Trem replaced by Bondy bridge, pickups replaced by DiMarzio PAF Pro and Lace Sensor Gold SCs, pots replaced

1685 GL2 black
plug-in leg rest and battery cover missing
(MY)N 001687 GLB2T black
orig. S-Trem replaced by TT

1691 GL2 black

1694 GL2 black
hardtail, plug-in leg rest missing
N 1698 XP2 black
passive PUs
N 1699 XP2 black
all black pickguard w/o logo (possibly aftermarket replacement)
(MY)N 001700 GM7TA honeyburst

N 1701 XP25 black
passive PUs

1702 GL2 black
(MY)N 001703 GM7TA black

1708 GL2 black

1709 XL2 black 1984-06-19 first XL2 shipped
(MY)N 001709 GM7TA black

(MY)N 001711 GM4T black 2007-xx-xx date is original purchase (MY)

1711 XL2 black
transitional, leg rest present, directly bought on NAMM show

1713 XL2 black 1984-06-19 plug-in leg rest missing; sticker logo

1717 GL2 black 1984-06-01 Std. Model- Hardtail; passive EQ w/ active EMG's, Plug-in leg rest
N 1719 GP2S black
passive PUs

1721 GL2 black
(MY)N 001721 GM7TA black

(MY)N 001722 XQ2 white

(MY)N 001723 XQ2 cherryburst

(MY)N 001726 GM7TA black

1727 L2

N 1727 XP2 black

(MY)N 001728 XQ2 white

1729 GL2T-GR black 1985-04-xx owner’s description: built with a hardtail in 1984,early passive HAZ board, modified in factory with GR system (early or prototype), TT1, date is sale according to logs, 3 holes in the top plate
N 1729 XP2 black
passive PUs
GC 17 OF 30 XL2 silver
custom silver color for exclusive Guitar Center promotion; ~ only 60 made (30 GL's, 30 XL's)
(MY)N 001730 XQ2 white

(MY)N 001732 GM4T black

1732 L2 black

1738 XL2UF black
unlined fretless, transitional, plug-in leg rest
(MY)N 001740 GM7TA honeyburst
flame top
(MY)N 001741 GM7S purple
flame top

1741 GL2T-GR black
TTv2, huge crack at bottom end around strap button, gel coat chip at other bottom end
(MY)N 001742 GM7TA clear natural
flame top, HazLabs treble knob replaced (not orig.)

1743 GL2 black
(MY)N 001743 GM7TA clear natural

(MY)N 001744 XQ2 white

(MY)N 001746 XQ2A black

(MY)N 001747 XQ2 black

1749 GL2 black 1984-06-29 hardtail; passive EQ w/ active EMG's

1750 XL2 black 1984-06-26 transitional XL w/ backload faceplate and gel coat logo, but plug-in leg rest (missing)
(MY)N 001750 XQ2 white
N 1751 GP2S black
pickups replaced by 2 x EMG 89
(MY)N 001754 XQ2 white

(MY)N 001755 XQ2

bass neck sold separately

1762 XL2-LF black 1984-07-06 left factory as fretted, now lined fretless
N 1764 XP2 white
active PUs, headpiece and jaws by BGStainless
(MY)N 001765 GLB2S black

1766 GL2 black
hardtail, plug-in leg rest and bag missing, bridge pu against bridge, emg89
N 1766 GP2S black
passive PUs, green snakeskin pickguard

1770 GL2TA black 1984-xx-xx
(MY)N 001773

parted out, sold separately on Yahoo Japan, truss rod defective
(MY)N 001774 GLB2S black

(MY)N 001779 GLB2S white 2007-10-xx (date is orig. purchase)

1779 XL2 black 1984-xx-xx transitional, plug-in leg rest

1788 GL2 black
hardtail, plug-in leg rest missing, refretted

1790 GL2 black
hardtail, strap pins replaced (?), faded logo
N 1791 GP2S black
passive PUs
N 1792 GM4T red w/white binding
bridge pickup mounted w/o pickup ring, announced as „1988 model“
(MY)N 001794 GLB2T white 2007-xx-xx

1795 XL2 black 1984-07-13 plug-in leg rest missing
(MY)N 001796 GM2S white w/black binding
Newburgh reissue, modified to HSH configuration

1801 XL2 black 1984-07-27

1802 XL2 black
transitional, plug-in leg rest missing

1805 XL2 black 1984-07-18

1807 XL2 black 1984-07-18
(MY)N 001807 XQ25 cherryburst

1809 XL2 black 1984-07-18

1810 XL2 black

(MY)N 001811 XQ25A trans red
Ash Body (2 pieces), 2 x EMG HB Wide - 18V Haz Labs V-P-T/B, some dents and finish cracks on the bottom

1812 XL2 black 1984-07-17 sent directly from factory to Rob Turner / EMG
N 1812 XP2 white
passive PUs, some corrosion on the metal parts

1813 GL2 black
hardtail (see 2566), plug-in legrest, additional toggle switch, additional mini jack (unknown type) on back next to output jack
(MY)N 001816 GM7TA honeyburst 2007-xx-xx
(MY)N 001817 GM4T green 2007-xx-xx

1818 XL2 black 1984-08-03

1819 XL2 black 1984-08-03
(MY)N 001820 XQ2 white

1821 XL2 black 1984-07-27
(MY)N 001823 XQ2 white

(MY)N 001825 XQ2 white

(MY)N 001827 XQ2 white

1828 XL2 black

(MY)N 001828 XQ2 white

N 1828 XP2 white

(MY)N 001829 XQ2 white
with DB tuner
(MY)N 001830 XQ2A white
V2 ash body with V2 composite neck by Moses with truss rod, EMG, HazLabs, hand signed by Ned.
(MY)N 001831 XQ24 white

(MY)N 001832 XQ24 white

1833 XL2 black

1835 XL25 black 1984-07-31 originally a 4 string

1836 XL2 black
transitional, plug-in leg rest

1839 XL2 black

(MY)N 001841 XQ25 cherryburst

(MY)N 001842 XQ25A

(MY)N 001843 XQ25 cherryburst

(MY)N 001844 XQ25 cherryburst

N 1844 XP2WH white
passive PUs, white pickguard, logo partially worn
(MY)N 001845 XQ25 cherryburst

1847 XL2 black 1984-08-03

1848 XL2 black 1985-03-20 replacement for #1640

1851 XL2 black 1984-xx-xx missing leg rest

1854 XL2 black

(MY)N 001854 GR4R clear blue

1858 XL2A black 1984-08-xx transitional, plug-in leg rest, originally bought on Aug 23, 1984, complete in mint condition
(MY)N 001862 GM7TA cherryburst
beautiful quilted maple top

1862 XL2 black

(MY)N 001865 GR4R clear red
JCustom combined headpiece
(MY)N 001867 XQ24 honeyburst

N 1871 GP2S black
logo worn, finish on S-Trem worn, leg rest slightly bent
(MY)N 001872 XQ24 white

N 1872 GP2S black
orig. pickups replaced by EMG HZ

1875 XL2 black 1984-08-18 transitional, plug-in leg rest missing

1876 XL2 black
transitional, plug-in leg rest missing

1882 XL2 black 1984-08-31

1884 XL2 black 1984-08-17 stolen - Indianapolis '90; original owner would buy back /
transitional, plug-in leg rest
(MY)N 001888 GM7TA clear green
flamed maple top, some scratches (belt buckle rash) on back

1890 XL2 black
plug-in leg rest, possibly missing

1891 XL2 black
plug-in leg rest missing

1892 XL2 black
plug-in leg rest, possibly missing
(MY)N 001894 GM7TA white
battery box misses cover, knob (not original) replaced on volume pot
(MY)N 001895 GM7TA white

1896 XL2 black
plug-in leg rest (transitional)

1897 XL2 black 1984-08-17 plug-in leg rest missing
(MY)N 001898 GM7TA black 2007-xx-xx

1903 XL2 black 1984-xx-xx plug-in leg rest (transitional)
(MY)N 001904 GLB2 white
TransTrem instead of stock S-Trem; update 09.2014: Bondy 12-string tuner instead of TT, aftermarket 12-string headpiece

1906 XL2 black

1910 GL2 black
hardtail, restored/refretted by Jeff Babicz, “cosmetics” done on the bridge

1912 GL2 black
hardtail, 2 toggle switches (1 per PU, not orig.)
N 1914 XP2 black
passive PUs
N 1917 GP2S black

1918 GL2 black
hardtail, plug-in leg rest, bridge pu against bridge, orig. invoice (8th Street Music Philadelphia) on 1985-03-09
(MY)N 001920 GM2T white w/black binding
Newburgh reissue

1922 XL2 black
plug-in leg rest missing

1923 XL2-LF black
transitional (plug-in leg rest), lined fretless, ebony thumbrest mounted above pickups

1926 XL2 black 1984-10-02 plug-in leg rest (transitional)

1927 XL2 black 1984-08-21 logo worn

1930 XL2 black
transitional model, plug-in leg rest

1933 XL2 black 1984-08-31 formerly owned and played by US Navy; plug-in leg rest missing

1934 XL2 black

(MY)N 001938 GM4T cherry burst 2007-xx-xx
(MY)N 001942 GM4T clear blue 2007-xx-xx flamed top, Fibersonixx neck

1948 GL2 black
originally with hardtail, converted to TT by factory
(MY)N 001949 GM7TA black 2007-xx-xx Fibersonixx neck

1966 XL2 black

1974 XL2 black

1996 GL2 black

2001 XL2 black
transitional, plug-in leg rest missing
N 2021 XP2

neck sold separately on Yahoo Japan
N 2023 XP2 red
black pickguard, passive PUs

2026 XL2 black

2028 XL2 black 1984-09-24 plug-in leg rest missing

2030 XL2A black 1984-09-18 special EQ - looks like EMG knobs; plug-in leg rest missing
GC 20 OF 30 XL2 silver
custom silver color for exclusive Guitar Center promotion; ~ only 60 made (30 GL's, 30 XL's), original owner Terence Trent D'arby
N 2031 GP2S black
passive PUs, knobs not original

2032 XL2A black 1985-xx-xx (date is orig. purchase), HazLabs EQ, folding leg rest

2035 XL2 black 1984-xx-xx (date is orig. purchase) transitional, plug-in leg rest missing, chip on face plate (bottom end)

2040 XL2 black 1984-xx-xx transitional, plug in leg rest (with glued crack)

2042 XL2 black

N 2049 GP2S black 1985-xx-xx all black pickguard w/o logo (possibly aftermarket replacement)

2049 GL2T black 1984-09-xx first TT (Type1); originally shipped to and still owned by David Torn
N 2055 XP2 black
passive EMGs

2071 XL2 black
hairline cracks below bridge, transitional, plug-in leg rest missing
N 2078 XP2 black
passive PUs, jaws replaced (brass), unusual (small, rectangular) battery box cover on top (door above the bridge, original active PUs?), active-passive switch (according to description?)

2081 XL2 black 1984-09-28 plug-in leg rest; previously modified to fretless, but meanwhile fretted again

2082 XL2 black 1984-09-28

2085 XL2 black
plug-in leg rest missing

2088 XL2 black 1984-09-28 plug-in leg rest (damaged but repaired); Schaller v3 milled bridge.

2089 XL2 black
plug-in leg rest missing

2090 XL2 black
plug-in leg rest missing, gel coat broken on faceplate edge (bottom end bot sides), dent on neck (back), small crack above serial number
N 2102 GP2T black
passive PUs, some wear on TT, pickguard and body
N 2105 GP2

neck sold separately on ebay, cracs on neck heel around inserts
N 2120 GP2 black
crack on neck heel, on ebay with 3rd party fixed bridge

2121 XL25 black 1984-10-24 narrow 5; plug-in leg rest missing ; started life as a 4 string
N 2122 GP2S black
passive PUs

2126 XL2 black 1984-10-09 transitional, plug-in leg rest missing

2131 XL2 black
transitional, orig. plug-in legrest
N 2135 XP2 red
passive PUs
N 2138 XP2 black
passive PUs

2144 XL2 black

2145 XL2 black 1984-10-12 Original HAZ board w/active EMG EQ retrofit; plug-in leg rest

2149 XL2 black 1984-10-16 parts stripped out and neck modified for guitar; body and cover plate on eBay 11/01

2151 XL2 black

2154 XL25-UF black
Graphtech Ghost piezos in saddles, 13-pin output on back, additional knob/pot and 4 toggle switches in faceplate

2155 XL25 black
transitional - plug-in leg rest (missing)

2157 XL2LF black 1984-11-20 lined fretless; transitional - plug-in leg rest
N 2166 GP2S black
cracks and chips, S-Trem worn, passive PUs
N 2168 GP2T pearl ice blue* 1986-xx-xx color probably aftermarket painted; all passive
N 2172 GP2S black

2175 XL2 black 1984-10-xx folding leg rest, neck pickup replaced

2182 XL2 black
transitional, plug-in leg rest
N 2191 GP2S red
passive Bill Lawrence PUs, additional toggle switch (coil tap), knobs not original
N 2192 GP2S black

2194 XL2 black 1984-11-xx transitional - plug-in leg rest (socket) and folding leg rest

2210 XL2 black

N 2212 GP2T black
pickguard painted green with black + white adhesive tapes (EVH), passive PUs, some corrosion on TT parts

2218 XL2 black
transitional - plug-in leg rest, gelcoat crack at neck heel, knobs not original

2220 XL2 black

N 2221 GP2S black

2224 XL2-LF black
transitional - plug-in leg rest (missing), battery cover missing, lined fretless

2235 XL2 black
transitional - plug-in leg rest (missing)
N 2250 GP2T white
yellowed, worn finish, volume knob missing

2259 XL2 black 1984-xx-xx transitional, plug-in leg rest, once modified with orig. 5-string bridge and headpiece, now back to 4-string, purchased new from Knut-Koupee music store in Minneapolis, Minnesota in January of 1985

2261 XL2 black 1984-11-xx transitional - plug-in leg rest

2270 XL2 black
transitional - plug-in leg rest (missing)

2272 XL2 black
reported stolen

2275 XL2 black
transitional - plug-in leg rest (missing)

2277 XL2 black 1984-11-28

2281 XL2 black

N 2283 XP2 white
passive PUs

2291 XL2 black
transitional - folding leg rest plus mounting hole for plugin leg rest, originally owned by Stuart Steinhart (Canada)

2296 XL2 black
plug-in leg rest missing

2298 XL2 black
plug-in leg rest missing

2306 GL2T black
N 2306 GP2S black
passive pickups; update 05.2017: parted out, neck sold separately on Yahoo Japan

2311 GL2T black
prototype TT1 (similar to that of David Torn’s GL), serial hand engraved, no strap pins

2322 XL2LF black
transitional - folding leg rest plus mounting hole for plugin leg rest, EMG SS PUs

2323 XL2 black

2325 XL2 black 1984-xx-xx converted to 5-string

2327 XL2 black
Tina Weymouths XL,

2336 GL2 black

2340 GL2 black
reversed EMG89 in neck position, additional toggle switch
N 2343 GP2T

finish removed, tremolo routing modified (lowered), passive PUs

2347 GL2TP black
Converted TT1, flat fretboard, Holdsworth specs, plug-in leg rest missing
N 2347 GP2S natural
TT replaced by S-Trem, finish removed on body and S-Trem, additional plastic cover on pickguard around output jack, passive EMGs

2350 GL2 black 1984-12-14 hardtail; bridge pu not against bridge; plug-in leg rest missing

2351 GL2 black

2357 GL2T black
modified to take up a TTv2 (originally with TTv1 or hardtail?), big non-original PU toggle switch

2359 GL2TP black
TT1V1 in natural finish, SD pickups, Prototype /w passive Pus, Jeff Beck had it 4 weeks,

2362 XL25 black

2364 GL2T black
TT1, not upgraded, battery cover missing

2367 GL2 black
hardtail, plug-in leg rest (missing)

2371 XL2 black
transitional, plug-in leg rest
N 2374 XM2TA black

N 2376 XP2

passive PUs
N 2383 XP2 black
active PUs
N 2393 XP2 black
stock /w passive PUs

2394 XL2 black

N 2398 XP2-LL white
N 2402 XP2 white
passive PUs, additional toggle switch below tone pot (function unknown)

2409 XL2 black
on strap pin on pivot plate missing

2416 XL2 black
EMG-SS pick-ups. Unusual knob assignment: Bass, treble, and mid, no volume, one battery cover screw missing, slightly chipped corners

2418 GL2 black 1985-01-31 hardtail bridge; folding leg rest

2421 GL2 black 1984-12-27 two EMG 81
N 2425 GP2T black
passive PUs

2427 XL2 black 1984-12-28 folding leg rest
GC 24 OF 30 XL2A silver
Guitar Center promotion in the fall of 1989 (30 stores with one bass each)

2432 XL2 black 1985-04-30 plug-in leg rest

2434 XL2A black
folding leg rest

2438 XL2 black 1985-01-14

2448 XL2 black
folding leg rest
N 2453 GM1S black w/white binding
originally a GP, replacement GM body modified (truss rod access on the body), additional strap button between neck screws, passive SD pickup

2454 XL2 black 1985-02-03 folding leg rest

2461 XL2 black 1985-04-12
N 2464 GM4T white w/black binding
refretted/refurbished by HeadlessUSA, serial + neck possibly from a GP, body has blems, dings and scratches
N 2465 GP2S black
passive PUs, some scratches and traces of adhesive tape (?) on the back
N 2490 GP2T black
passive PUs

2491 XL2-LF black
lined fretless

2492 GL2 black

2495 GL2

2498 XL2 black 1985-02-28 folding leg rest

2500 GL2T black
TT1, not upgraded

2503 GL2T black 1984-xx-xx TT1, (upgraded to v2 jaws), date is orig. purchase (Quigley Music in Kansas City, Mo.)

2517 XL2 black
new faceplate, pickups, wiring harness

2529 XL2LF black

N 2541 GP2T black
passive PUs

2547 XL2 black
folding leg rest

2558 XL2 black

2566 GL2 black 1985-03-xx hardtail; folding leg rest; factory replacment of #1813

2568 XL2 black 1985-03-15

2575 XL2 black
pivot plate missing

2576 XL2 black
large dent on the faceplate (upper edge near bottom)

2579 XL2 black

2580 XL2 black
reported stolen in 1989

2587 XL2LH black
pickups changed to EMG HZ, battery cover missing
N 2587 GP2T black
passive PUs, pickguard without logo, broken and partially missing at output jack;

2598 XL25B black 1985-03-15 formerly owned and played by US Navy; folding leg rest

2600 XL2 black

2605 GL2TA black

N 2606 XP2A black
active EQ

2609 GL2T black
TT1 (not upgraded); additional toggle switch (booster/EQ?)

2617 GL2T black
TT1V1, hand-filed to accept TT2 jaws

2619 XL2 black
transitional XL w/ backload faceplate and gel coat logo, but bayonet leg rest,
N 2627 XP2 black
passive EMGs

2630 XL2 black

2631 GL2T black
TTv1 (not upgraded); traces of Roland GK pickup (holes, gel coat removed), 2 additional screw holes (for GK controller) on bottom end (right side)

2634 GL2TA black
TT1 (not upgraded)

2639 GL2T black
Type1 TT (not upgraded)

2648 GL2T black 1985-xx-xx Letter by Stanley M. Jay „…one of the earliest examples of the TransTrem guitar they made“, TT v1 (upgraded)
N 2652 XP2 white
passive EMGs
N 2656 XP2 black
passive EMGs

2660 GL2T black
belonged to Allan Holdsworth,

2672 XL2A black 1985-08-16 folding leg rest (date is original purchase)

2675 XL2 black
two small chips on the front

2676 XL2 black
chip on the neck behind headpiece

2693 XL2 black

2699 XL2ALH black

2714 XL2 black

2719 XL2 black

N 2724 XP2 black w white pickguard

2724 XL2 black

N 2731 XP2 black
Modified electronics (5 pots), partially white pickguard added, passive EMGs
N 2732 XP2 black

2742 GL2 black
Johnny Winter had it

2746 XL2 black

N 2750 GP2T red
passive PUs

2761 XL2 black
HazLabs v2 board with stacked pots
N 2765 GP2T white
logo partially worn away, non-original knobs, TT corroded, passive PUs, leg rest missing, yellowed finish

2771 GL2 black
hardtail, Jerry Garcia’s travel guitar, additional toggle switch, signature engraved on back;
N 2774 GP2S red
passive PUs, red pickguard, minor scratches on the back of the neck

2778 GL2T black
TT1 (not upgraded)
N 2791 GM2S white w/black binding
yellowed finish, cracks, GP neck, passive DiMarzio pickups

2806 GL2T black 1985-05-21 upgraded Type 1 TT

2813 GL22 (GL2-12) black

2814 GL2TA black
Type 1 TT (not upgraded)

2816 GL2T black
Type 1 TT (not upgraded)

2822 GL2T black 1985-07-05 originally owned by David Torn

2823 GL2T black

2825 GL2T black 1985-xx-xx mod. to GL3T with new (custom order) faceplate from factory, upgraded Type 1 TT, battery cover missing, includes orig. GL2 faceplate

2827 GL2T black 1985-05-10 Type 1 TT (not upgraded); two EMG 81

2829 GL2T black 1985-04-30 upgraded Type 1 TT

2831 GL2T black 1985-05-17 Type 1 TT (not upgraded); synth pu added

2837 GL2T black 1985-05-xx Type 1 TT (not upgraded)

2874 GL2T black
Type 1 TT (not upgraded)
N 2874 GP2S red
active EMGs

2876 GL2 black w/white top

2877 XL2 black
modified electronics (EMG BQC), two dual concentric and two regular pots (non original), EMG X pickups

2886 XL2 black
originally lined fretless, now fretted

2897 XL2 black
some dents on bottom end, tone knob not original;

2898 XL2 black

N 2899 GP2T white
passive PUs

2904 XL2 black

N 2914 GP(?)

neck sold separately in 08.2013

2918 GL2T black
Type 1 TT (not upgraded)

2927 GL2T black
upgraded Type 1 TT, pickups replaced (passive neck PU, Roland GK bridge PU), additional push buttons (2) and pot on top side
N 2932 XP2 white 1985-xx-xx white pickguard w/o logo
N 2935 XP25R-LF red
custom order with Alembic pickups?

2937 XL2-UFLL black 1985-06-07 lefthand unlined fretless

2938 XL2A black 1985-08-xx lefthand, active EQ, originally bought from Guitar City Studios in Centerville UT
N 2946 XP2 white
passive PUs
N 2949 XP2 black
passive PUs
N 2951 XP2 black

N 2952 XP2 black
passive PUs

2954 XL2 black
reported stolen

2955 XL2A black
HazLabs board added

2956 GL2T black
TTv1 (not upgraded)
N 2957 XP2

N 2980 XP2 black
passive PUs

2985 XL2 black

2990 XL2 black
damaged gelcoat at lower edge (behind pots), battery cover missing
N 2999 GM1T white w/black binding
ferrules, no neck plate, white electronic compartment cover (non original)

3001 XL2 black

3002 XL2 black
reported stolen,

3003 XL2A black
white faceplate
N 3006 GM1TA white w/black binding
ferrules (no neck plate), white electronics compartment cover (not original), heavily worn pickup

3007 GL2T black 1985-07-02 upgraded Type 1 TT

3009 GL2T black

3012 XL2LL black

3013 XL2/5C black 1985-11-05

3023 GL2T black
upgraded Type 1 TT

3037 XL2 black

3043 XL2 black

3046 GL2T black
TTv1 not upgraded

3049 XL2 black
bridge restored, body crack and gelcoat chip repaired, pickups replaced by later EMG HBs
N 3053 GM1T black
carbon fabric glued on body top, GP neck
N 3055 GM2T white w/black binding
EMG 81 (instead of 85) in neck position

3057 GL2T black
Mark Knopfler's guitar, auctioned at Christies 2024, TTv1, prepared for upgrade, but still original jaws;
N 3058 GM1T black w/white binding
TT shows some wear, pickup ring deformed, ferrules (no neckplate)

3065 XL2A

3066 GL2T black
upgraded Type 1 TT

3068 GL4T black
upgraded Type 1 TT, screw holes (GK pickup), new HazLabs v2 EQ

3070 GL2T black
TT1 (not upgraded), broken neck (at heel), folding leg rest

3073 GL2T black
upgraded Type 1 TT
N 3077

neck sold separately on ebay
N 3082 GP3T black
active EMGs

3085 GL2T black 1985-xx-xx upgraded Type 1 TT

3090 XL2A black 1985-08-02
N 3102 GM2T red
quilt top, custom (Fretsong?) body with a GP neck, neck ferrules (Music Yo type); update 06.2019: parted out, neck offered separately on ebay, JCustom brass headpiece

3103 GL3T black 1985-08-27 started life as GL2T; upgraded Type 1 TT

3109 XL2-LF black 1985-08-08

3122 GL2T-GR black
Type 1 TT (upgraded), passive PUs + Sustainiac

3124 GL2T-GR black

3126 GL2TB-GR black 1985-09-07 TT1, headpiece w/o string retainer, plug-in leg rest, passive EQ, wired for phantom power
N 3127 GP2S white
passive PUs, logo worn/partially disappeared
N 3136

neck sold alone
N 3137 GP2S red
black pickguard, active EMGs

3140 XL2A black 1985-xx-xx HazLabs EQ v1
N 3141 GP2S red
black pickguard, passive EMGs, knobs replaced by non-original ones, upd. 11.2014: S-Trem replaced by TransTrem; upd. 12.2014: original knobs, S-Trem again
N 3148 XP2 black

3150 XL2 black

N 3154 XP2 white
active EMGs
N 3155 XP2 red
black/red/black pickguard
N 3157 XP2 black
active EMGs, original pickguard damaged, one knob missing
N 3162 XP2 white
passive PUs
N 3167 XP2R red
modified, non-original pickguard, knobs
N 3172 XP2 red
black PG

3176 XL2 black 1985-08-30 parted out; body and faceplate sold on eBay 11/01

3178 XL2 black

N 3186 GP2S black
passive PUs
N 3188 GP2S black
all black pickguard; passive pu's; autographed by Steve Vai
N 3193 GP2S black
passive PUs
N 3199 GM1S black
matte black, new EMG 81 (brushed chrome) installed, assembled from parts, body from Ed Roman, pot positions slightly shifted towards neck; upd. 11.2015: restored by Jeff, now with TransTrem.

3204 GL2TA black 1985-09-06 Type 1 TT (not upgraded); 2 mini pu toggles

3218 XL2 black
reported stolen, June 6th, 2012, Police Report Has Been Filed with Palm Beach County Sherrif's Department

3222 GL2T black 1985-09-11

3225 GL2T black
Type 1 TT (upgraded)

3230 XL2LL black

3247 XL2 black

N 3250 GP2S black
passive PUs, black pickguard, upd. 05.2016: parted out, neck sold separately on ebay
N 3252 GP2T red
bought from Mike Derks from GWAR in 2005, complete with fake blood damage
N 3253 GP2T black
all black pickguard w/ engraved logo

3254 GL2TA black 1985-09-24 upgraded Type1 TT; 2 mini pu toggles; gel coat/filled logo; folding leg rest
N 3258 GP2 white
JCustom XS trem, passive EMGs

3258 XL2 black

3260 XL2 black

3261 XL2A-UF black 1985-10-04 unlined fretless; gel coat logo sanded off
N 3262 GP2T white

N 3265 GM4TARD red w/white binding
neck ferrules
N 3270 GP2S white
passive PUs

3273 XL2 black

N 3275 GP3T white
active EMGs

3277 XL2 black 1985-10-04

3286 GL2T black 1985-10-xx TTv1, tuner housing for v2 jaws, but still has v1 jaws

3288 GL2T black 1985-10-22 dual volume knobs and 3 way switch, upgraded TT1
N 3289 GP2S black
passive EMGs
N 3292 GP2S black
all black pickguard; JCustom FX bridge, passive non-original PUs, pickguard and knobs
N 3293 GP2S red
passive PUs
N 3296 GP2S white
black pickguard, passive PUs, knobs not original

3303 GL4T black
Type 1 TT (upgraded)

3306 GL2T black 1985-10-30
N 3310 GP2S red
black pickguard, passive PUs
N 3315 XP2 black
active EMGs
N 3318 XP2-LF black
all black pickguard; lined fretless
N 3321 XP2 red
passive PUs, parted out and parts sold separately on ebay

3321 GL2T black 1985-xx-xx Type 1 TT (upgraded), several chips on the face plate, strap button (neck) relocated, knobs and toggle switch not original

3323 XL2 black 1985-10-xx (date is orig. purchase)
N 3335 GM2S/XM2

doubleneck: bass neck of N3510

3338 GL2T black
TT1 (not upgraded), passive replacement PUs and Roland GK PU

3340 GL2T red/striped
Eddie van Halen’s GL
N 3346 XP2 white
several stickers on white pickguard

3348 XL2 white

3349 GL2T black
Type 1 TT
N 3361 XP2 black
knobs not original, passive PUs
N 3363 GP2S white
passive PUs
N 3367 GP2SPWH white
white pick guard with embossed silk screened logo

3369 XL2 black 1985-xx-xx “previously owned by famed Nashville session player Bobby Terry...”, EMG SS PUs

3370 XL25A black
“The base of the body has been coated with some kind of rubber, presumably to protect the finish when it was rested on the floor.”

3371 XL25A black

3377 XL2 black w/ white faceplate 1985-11-20
N 3378 GP2S white
white PG, passive PUs

3380 XL2 black 1985-xx-xx white faceplate
N 3382 GP2SRD red w/black pg
modified PUs, text marker on body, pickguard black
N 3393 GP2S black
S-Trem; passive PUs & EQ
N 3395 GP2S black
passive PUs

3396 GL4T black
TT1 (not upgraded), folding leg rest, transpose arm broken, 1 pu switch knob missing

3400 GL2T white 1985-xx-xx small broken edge on battery cover frame

3401 XL2A black 1985-xx-xx active, HazLabs EQ
N 3401 GP4S red
pickup selector is 3 GL type push buttons, active EMGs
N 3403 GP2S black
pickups replaced (Seymour Duncan?)

3404 XL2 black

3405 XL2 black
stacked tone knobs not original (possibly a non-original EQ, too)

3410 GL2T-GR black
TT1 (upgraded)

3411 GL2T-GR black
all metal parts badly corroded
N 3416 GP2T black
all black pickguard; passive EMG's & EQ

3418 XL2 black

N 3419 GM1 black w/white binding
neck (without frets and headpiece) offered together with GM1 body
N 3424 GP2T red
red/white/red pickguard

3430 XL2 black
original owner: Earl Falconer/UB40?

3431 GL2T black
TT1 (not upgraded), HAZ Labs electronics (new version) installed by Jeff Babicz
N 3435 GP4T white
white PG, finish yellowish, several blemishes

3436 XL2 black

3442 GL2TA black
TT1 (original jaws, but retrofit tuner housing)

3445 XL2 black 1985-11-26
N 3445 XP2

passive EMGs, active board added 1989

3448 XL2 white 1985-11-27

3449 XL2

some gel coat cracking where the neck meets the body
N 3459 XM2A red

3461 XL2 black

N 3463 GP2S black
passive PUs
N 3466 XP2 white
passive PUs
N 3467 XP2 black
passive PUs
N 3468 XP2 black
active EMGs
N 3469 XP2 black
solid black pickguard w/ engraved white logo; 05.2019: sold without pickguard, PUs and electronics.

3472 GL2 black
hardtail, EMGs replaced (HU)
N 3484 XP2 red
red pickguard

3485 XL2 white

3487 GL2T-GR black
N 3491 GP2S white
passive PUs, orig. purchase 1987

3493 GL2T-GR black
TT1, plug-in leg rest

3498 XL2 white
sold as “project”, face plate completely cut out between pickups, bridge missing
N 3499 GP2T red

N 3509 GP2S black
modified to GP-4 config., plastic frame for neck single coil, additional GK pickup, 2 additional toggle switches, tone knob not original, Steinberger logo partially worn away, chips at bottom end
N 3510 GM2S/XM2 white w/black binding
doubleneck: guitar neck (see also N3335)
N 3510 GP3S white 1987-01-07 neck replaced by factory later, see N 5465; serial reused for doubleneck?
N 3513 GP2T black
black/white/black pickguard; active EMG's, passive EQ, listed on HarmonyCentral as GP4T (SSH)

3515 GL2TA black
N 3525 XP2A black 1985-xx-xx (date is pot date), active PUs, battery access added with opening + cover through pickguard, HazLabs EQ

3526 GL2T white 1985-xx-xx black body with white faceplate, TT1 (not upgraded)
N 3527 XP2 red
active PUs, knobs not original

3528 GL2T black
TTv1 (upgraded), EMG 89 in neck position, scratches, hairline crack on faceplate, large chip above master tuning knob (gel coat layer broken away?), large chip/hole at neck behind headpiece

3532 XL2A black 1985-12-31

3533 XL2 black
heavily used
N 3535 XP2 white
(neck originally on a black XP2)

3535 XL2 black
one chip on back of neck, one chip at lower faceplate edge, Schaller v3 bridge

3540 XL25 black

3543 XL2 black

N 3546 XP2 white
white/black/white pickguard; passive EMG's
N 3547 XP2 white

3547 XL25 black

3550 GL2 black
modified, 3 EMG 81, white push buttons
N 3550 XP2BKLF black
lined fretless, broken pickguard at output jack (fixed), signs of wear, passive EMG PUs, v3 bridge

3551 XL25 black
major damage on neck gelcoat, partially broken away, partially glued back, pivot plate missing, middle tuning knob worn (damaged by pliers?), screws on battery cover missing
N 3552 XP2 white
modified to "XP3" configuration with EMG PJ pickups, pickguard not original, chip/hole at neck behind headpiece
N 3557 XP2 white
black pickguard, new EMGs, assembled from parts (NOS)

3566 GL3T white
TT1 (not upgraded)

3570 GL3TAW white 1986-07-25 TT1, headpiece w/o string retainer, folding leg rest, active EQ, wired for phantom power

3581 XL2 black

3594 XL2A black 1986-01-29 single-knob EQ, Schaller-produced v3 bridge, IV-V EMG pickups
N 3595 XP2A black
hole/chip on the neck near headpiece

3597 XL2 black

N 3597 XP2 black
passive PUs, scratches and dents, some corrosion on metal parts, one knob not original

3614 GL2T-GR black
TT1, plug-in leg rest missing
N 3621 XP2 black
black pickguard, active EMGs
N 3630 XP2 black
black pickguard, active EMGs, battery compartment cover glossy black, not original, battery box installed from back;

3631 GL3T black
TT1, screw holes for GK pickup, white push-buttons

3633 XL2 black 1985-11-xx
N 3634 XP2 black
active EMGs
N 3637 XP2 black 1986-xx-xx active EMGs
N 3638 Q4 (XQ2) green (blue?)
built from parts, neck fitted to green (blue?)-metallic XQ body
N 3640 GP2T white

3641 XL2A black

N 3647 GP2T black
passive PUs, toggle switch replaced (non original), pickguard refinished, waterslide decal, new transposing arm + pin (MJB)

3654 XL2 black

N 3664 XP2 black
passive EMGs

3672 XL2A black
missing pivot plate, instead 2 strap buttons
N 3683 XP2 black
passive EMGs, V4 bridge (slightly corroded)

3683 XL2 black
small gel coat chips at bottom end of faceplate and body

3685 XL2 black
Schaller v3 bridge

3687 XL2 black
added strap buttons, converted from narrow 5-string?
N 3699 GP2T black
Ed Roman!

3702 XL25 black

N 3703 GP2T black

N 3704 GP2T black
passive PUs, part of the pickguard broken away (at output jack)

3708 GL2T black
TT1, new leg rest

3710 GL3T white

3713 XL2 pink (red) 1986-03-06 pink factory finish (originally listed as „red“)
N 3717 GP4T white
active PUs, GL type push buttons
N 3722 XP2 black
wear and corrosion on bridge, passive pickups, some chips on lower body end

3726 XL25 black

3730 XL2 black 1986-04-10
N 3736 GP2T white

3738 XL2 black

3740 XL2 white 1986-03-21 factory installed Roland synth; upd. 04.2015: photos on ebay show white faceplate on black body (with serial 3740), no synth

3749 XL2 black
owned by Daryl Stuermer, played on the 1986/87 Genesis “Invisible Touch” tour and his 1988 “Steppin’ Out” solo album, battery cover missing, sticky tape residues around battery compartment;
N 3753 XP2 white
passive PUs

3756 GL2T-GR black
TTv1 (upgraded)

3757 GL2T-GR black
parted out (missing GK pickup and TT1)
N 3763 XP2 black
active EMGs, some chips and dents at edges

3764 GL3T white 1986-03-25 original Type 1 TT (not upgraded); EMG SPC added

3767 XL2 black
missing battery cover
N 3769 XP2 white

3773 XL2 ??

N 3779 XP2A red
logo worn, dual concentric tone pot, knobs apparently not original
N 3780 XP2 black
heavily worn, scratches, bridge corroded, leg rest broken, pickguard broken at output jack
N 3785 GP4T red
New pickguard, Seymour Duncan SH-1 HB and 2 antiquity texas hot SC
N 3786 GM5T black w/white binding
output jack replaced (with jack plate)
N 3788 XP2 white
Orig. strap button on neck screw missing, additional strap button between neck screws; passive PUs

3791 GL2T black
originally a GL2S (according to seller)

3794 GL2T black
TT2 resurfaced by babicz

3796 GL2S black
battery cover not original (just a plastic cover), nut on the output jack missing, pickup selector switch not original, leg rest slightly bent

3797 XL2A black w/ white face 1986-04-23 black body w/ white faceplate

3802 XL2 white

N 3808 XP2A black
active EMGs + HazLabs EQ, faceplate replaced

3812 XL2 black

3821 GL2T black
TT1, Roland GK pickup installed, additional PU hole in the middle, closed by plastic plate, additional hole (for switch?) between pots, corrosion and wear on trem

3824 GL4TA white
restored by Jeff Babicz, HazLabs EQ installed (v2 knobs on EQ)

3825 GL3TA black

N 3826 XP2 white
active EMGs

3827 GL2TAWH white 1986-05-02 TT1, headpiece w/o string retainer, folding leg rest, active EQ, wired for phantom power
N 3828 GP2S red
modified by Peekamoose (P-Rails, switches), custom pickguard

3841 XL2 black

N 3841 GP?

partet out, neck sold separately on ebay

3843 GL4-12WH white
TracTuner, white EMGs, routing originally for TT1 including hole for master tuning knob under bridge
N 3847 XP2 red
Alembic pickups, JCustom DB tuner, knobs not original

3847 XL2 black

3851 XL2 black

3853 GL4 pale blue
TracTuner installed, heavily modifed!

3855 GL4T black
TTv1 (upgraded)

3858 XL2 black

N 3861 XP2 red
red pickguard, active EMGs (neck PU replaced by headlessusa)

3877 XL2-GR black
integrated Roland synth

3878 GL3S white 1986-06-xx (date is orig. shipment to Ray Henning's Heart of Texas Music), first white GL3S, white switch buttons, battery cover missing, old (TT1/hardtail style) headpiece

3881 XL2-GR black 1986-06-30 integrated Roland synth; taken to Sumer NAMM show, also listed as XL2FPBKRO on 1991-11-06

3883 XL2 black
EMG BTC active bass+treble controls, concentric knob (orig. passive HazLabs board still available)

3885 GL2T black

N 3886 XP2 black
passive PUs
N 3889 GP2T red
passive PUs

3891 GL2 black
hardtail (with logo), folding leg rest missing, worn bridge pickup
N 3893 GP3T white
yellowed finish with cracks, white pickguard, GL type push buttons; custom made employee instrument

3893 XL2 white 1986-06-30 taken to Summer NAMM; new pivot plate, new orig. knobs, complete Peekamose restoration, including re-fret, headpiece re-set, EMG HB and HBCS pickups
N 3899 GP2T black
passive PUs, silkscreen logo partially worn

3900 GL4T black
TT2 resurfaced by J. Babicz

3903 XL2 white 1986-06-24 passive EQ
N 3904 XP2 black
passive PUs

3909 XL2 black
knobs not original

3911 GL3T black
owned by Russel Javors (Billy Joel Band 1976-88)
N 3915 GP3S black
black/white pickguard; 5 way strat style pu selector
N 3918 GM4T black w/white binding
originally a GP2T, red/white/red pickguard; 09.2017: neck on a black GM4T, some chips on body

3922 XL2 black

N 3929 GM8TA white w/black binding
white EMG pickups, white Fender type knobs
N 3930 GP4T black

3931 GL2T black
pickup switch replaced (bigger hole covered by washer), some dents
N 3932 GM2TA black
additional vol. pot mounted, pickups replaced by EMG89X, PU toggle switch replaced (not original), neck from GP (? serial probably too early for GM)

3933 GL3T black

3937 XL2 black

3943 XL2 black

3944 XL2 black

N 3945 GP4T red

3965 GL3T white 1986-xx-xx David Gilmour’s GL, sold in June 2019 in an auction by Christies

3967 GL3TA black 1986-07-02 3 button pu selector; previously owned by Mike Rutherford / Genesis, used on Invisible Touch"" tour
N 3974 XP2 red w/black pg 1986-xx-xx orig. black, body painted red, now converted to LH version, new pickguard covering the whole body
N 3975 XP2 black
logo worn, modified (Neutrik output jack on the bottom side, battery box on the back, knobs not origina. EMG BTC EQ installed), some additional screw holes and one large filled hole on the back; update 08.2016: sold in parts
N 3977 XP2 red
passive PUs

3980 XL2A black
additional Langley D-Tuner

3985 XL25-UF black 1986-07-16 unlined fretless; passive EQ; originally a 4, added narrow 5 bridge
N 3986 XP2 white 1986-xx-xx white w/black pickguard, active EMGs, sold in parts 11.2014 (neck, body, pickguard etc.)
N 3990 GP3T white 1987-10-19 white pickguard, active EMGs, date is orig. purchase (Manny’s, NY), additional EMG SPC installed

3992 XL2UF white

3994 GL3T white
formerly owned by the popular Norwegian guitarist Marius Müller
N 3995 XP2 black
passive PUs
N 3999 XP2 black
active PUs
N 4000 XP2 black

4003 GL3S white 1986-07-31 push button pickup selector

4008 GL2T-GR black
TT2, plug-in leg rest

4011 XL2 black

4012 XL2 black 1986-07-31

4019 XL25 black

4020 GL2S black
additional toggle switch
N 4021 XP2 white
black pickguard, passive pickups, red discoloration and scratches on back

4021 XL2 black

N 4023 XP2 red
red pickguard, passive PUs, parted out, neck sold separately on ebay

4028 XL2 black
pivot plate shows deep scars

4035 XL2 white

N 4036 GM1TA matte black w/ white binding
previously owned by Mike Rutherford / Genesis, completely stock except Schaller straplocks, custom made stainless steel tremolo arm
N 4038 GP2T black
active EMGs, neck pu replaced by EMG89, some finish cracks/chips on back

4040 GL4TA black 1986-08-08 Type1 TT factory upgraded; push button pu selector; 3 way EQ toggle; folding leg rest

4047 XL2 black

4051 GL4TA black 1986-xx-xx

4055 XL2A black
“Touring bass of Richard Page, founder of Mr. Mister, Pages and member of Ringo's All-Starr band. Rich bought it new in 1986, he's the only owner.”

4058 XL2 white

4062 XL2A black

4064 XL2 black

4065 XL2 black

4068 GL4T black
TTv1 (factory upgraded)

4070 GL3S black
06.2015: now with TransTrem
N 4077 XP2LF black
passive PUs
N 4081 XP2 black
passive PUs

4082 XL25 black
narrow neck, battery cover replaced

4085 XL2UF black
additional “502 AF Band“ engraving near the S/N, missing battery cover
N 4089 XM2 red w/white binding

N 4094 GP2T red
black pickguard, active EMGs
N 4099 GM4T black w/white binding
additional toggle switch (coil split?), passive PUs, middle PU missing (but orig. PUs apparently still available); update 03.2014: parts sold separately on ebay; 01.2015: neck sold on ebay

4101 XL25

4102 XL2LFGR white
lined fretless, Roland synth installed
N 4116 XP2 red
active EMGs

4121 GL4T black

4123 GL2TA black
strap button on bottom end missing, EMG HA pickups

4125 GL2S black

N 4126 XP2 red
red pickguard, partially modified to be played left-handed (headpiece, leg rest, controls removed)
N 4128 XP2 white 1987-06-16 org. bridge replaced with DB tuner, reported stolen
N 4132 XP2RD red

4132 GL4T white

4133 GL4T black 1986-xx-xx
N 4136 GP4S black
active EMGs, bridge HB replaced, some dents

4143 GL4T black 1986-09-19
N 4149 XP2 black
pickguard white/black/white
N 4158 XP2 red
Gift from Ned Steinberger to Ted Herbert

4159 GL4T black 1986-09-18
N 4167 XP2 black
passive PUs
N 4168 XP2 black
passive PUs
N 4170 XP2 black
passive PUs
N 4180 XP2 black

4194 XL2 black
additional strap button on lower rear side

4196 XL2-DB black 1986-10-02 passive EQ (volume/volume/tone); DB tuner

4200 XL2 white
several chips and cracks on body
N 4206 XP2 black
passive PUs, additional toggle switch, battery compartment cover missing
N 4207 XP2 black
passive PUs

4211 XL2A-UF black 1986-10-08 unlined fretless
N 4214 GP4-12 walnut
original white body (containing an S-Trem), damaged, replaced with one piece walnut body, now a 12-string guitar with TracTuner
N 4216 GP4T

4219 XL2A

4234 XL25A-LF white 1986-10-22 lined fretless

4236 XL2A white

N 4238 GP4T black
active EMGs
N 4241 GP4T black
active EMGs

4247 GL2T-GR black 1986-10-xx

4249 XL2 black

N 4252 GP4T black

4254 XL2-UF black

N 4254 GP4S black
active EMGs, some dents/chips, knobs not original, leg rest bent

4261 GL4T black

4264 GL2S black

N 4266 GP4T white
active EMGs
N 4269 GP2S white
yellowed finish, some chips, active PUs (2 x EMG 85); update 11.2015: neck sold separately on ebay
N 4273 GP2S black
passive PUs, chip on the upper neck edge
N 4274 GP2T black
single piece pick guard, logo parallel to pickups, TT2 with Thomason etched into the top edge. 5 bolt neck, no plate. One passive EMG-HZ and an EMG 81.

4275 XL2 black 1986-xx-xx (late 1986)

4276 XL2TA black 1986-xx-xx

4280 XL2 black

N 4280 XP2 black
mirror pickguard (not original, but original white pickguard present), passive PUs

4281 XL2 white

4283 XL2 black
original faceplate replaced with a white one

4285 XL2 black

4290 XL2 black

4291 GL2T black
modified faceplate, silver, with f-holes, single passive HB pickup in the middle, volume pot and blade switch
N 4294 XP2 black

4295 GL4T white
owned by Jim Messina

4301 GL3 black
originally had TT / factory added hardtail in '90

4307 XL2 black

4315 XL2-GR white 1986-11-14 factory Roland midi controller

4321 GL2T black

4323 GL4T white
two closed holes (previously installed switches) on lower front near neck PU, small chip at a screw hole on the back
N 4327 GP4TA white 1987-xx-xx EMG 85/SA/SA; update 01.2016: parted out, neck on ebay; update 02.2024: neck now on a 1988 Klein GK (001), white

4331 XL2 white

4333 GL4T black
belonged to Phil Sylvester of Pheo guitars, several additional custom tops with different PUs

4342 GL3TA-GR white

N 4345 XP2 black
pickguard white/black/white
N 4346 XP2 black
active EMGs, some wear and dents
N 4355 XP2 black
passive PUs, refretted (Babicz)
N 4359 XP2 black
active PUs; HazLabs EQ v2

4361 GL2S black 1987-02-25
N 4363 XP2 black

4378 XL2 black
additional holes for strap buttons (LH and RH use) besides neck and at neck heel

4382 XL2 black

N 4383 XP2 black
passive pickups

4389 GL2T white 1987-xx-xx orig. purchase 1990 (new old stock in Germany)

4392 XL2 white

N 4393 XP2 black

4395 XL2 black

N 4396 XP2 black
passive pickups

4399 GL2T black

4406 XL2 black
Formerly played by Danny Miranda (Blue Oyster Cult)
N 4407 XP2 white

N 4410 XP2 black
black w/ black pickguard
N 4413 XP2 black
active EMGs
N 4433 XP2 white
white/black/white pickguard

4438 XL2 black 1987-xx-xx

4445 GL2T black
PUs replaced by two passive SD pickups (white)

4447 GL3TA black

N 4449 GP4T black

4450 GL2T black

N 4454 GM4S black
GP neck on a GM body without binding, middle pickup replaced by white SA

4464 XL2 black 1987-01-21

4466 XL25 black

4468 GL4TA-GR white

N 4476 GP

neck sold separately on ebay

4477 GL2T black 1987-01-22

4487 XL2-LL black 1987-01-22 lefthand; passive EQ

4491 GL4T black

N 4491 XM2LF black w/white binding
BGStainless headpiece; neck probably taken from XP2
N 4496 XP2 black

N 4500 XP2 white
yellowed finish, active EMGs

4508 XL2? white
lined fretless

4513 XL2 black
sticker logo, matte surface

4515 XL25-UF white

4518 GL4T white
2 holes for GK pickup, one additional hole on back

4523 GL2T black

N 4528 GP3S black
active EMGs
N 4532 GP4TA black
active EMGs and HazLabs EQ, chips on finish and neck
N 4535 XP2 red
black/white engraved pickguard

4535 XL25-UF black 1987-02-12

4537 GL4T white 1987-xx-xx

4539 XL25A black 1987-02-12

4540 XL2 black

4545 XL2A black
phantom power

4546 GL4T black 1987-02-19
N 4553 XP25 black

4556 XL2-GR black 1987-02-xx
N 4562 XP25A yellow
refinished (originally black), active EMGs

4567 GL4T white 1987-02-26 EMG SPC added later

4568 GL2TWH white
signed by Allan Holdsworth (on the upper side)

4571 XL25A
1987-xx-xx String claws replaced with aftermarket parts (stainless steel), 2 screw holes (thumb rest) on top

4573 XL2 black

N 4573 XP2 white
active EMGs, yellowed finish

4575 GL4T white 1987-03-31 (date is orig. purchase)
N 4578 GM1TA black w/white binding
first production GM, confirmed by Ned S. and Andy Y.
N 4582 XP2 black

4582 GL4T black

4584 GL4 black 1987-03-05 EMG SA & 89; EMG SPC added later

4585 XL2 black

N 4587 XQ2 (Q4) v1 black
piezo bridge (factory installed)
N 4588 XP2ALF red

4593 GL4TA black 1987-03-03 3 button pu selector; folding leg rest

4594 GL4TA-GR black 1987-02-27 3 button pu selector; plug-in leg rest; factory installed Roland synth

4596 XL2 white

N 4600 XP25 red
black/white/black pickguard; passive PUs & EQ

4601 XL2 black 1987-03-16
N 4604 XP25LF black

4604 XL2 black

N 4608 XP2 black
black/white/black pickguard, active PUs, 18V mod

4612 XL2A-LF black 1987-03-05 lined fretless

4616 XL2 white
battery cover missing, some small chips/dents at bottom end and back
N 4619

bass neck sold separately, unlined fretless

4621 XL2 black 1987-xx-xx

4626 XL2
N 4628 GM1TA black

N 4632 GM1T black w/white binding 1987-xx-xx (pot date 8723); Dweezil Zappa’s GM, matte finish, ferrules, no neck plate, several graphics on top, Steinberger stickers on back

4633 GL7T black 1987-xx-xx was a GL4T, modified to GL7 by Valley Arts Guitars 1990/91, tone control (active) also modified
N 4634 GK4T white 1990-11-26 (replacement neck); original neck N 11638, Klein serial 039 on neckplate, early larger body model
N 4635 GM1TA black w/ white binding
active EQ

4639 GL4T white
Painted, converted to GL7T

4657 GL3TA black

N 4658 GK7T black
passive DiMarzio PUs (HSH), (neck originally taken from a GM1T)

4659 GL4T black

N 4661 GM1TA black w/white binding

4661 GL4T black

N 4664 GM1T black

N 4666 GP2S black
original EMG's replaced w/ Duncans

4668 XL2 black
battery cover missing
N 4671 GM1T matte black wi/white binding

4677 GL2T black
white faceplate, modified to GL-7 with a 5-way blade switch, battery cover modified, toggle switch not original;

4679 XL2A white
dent/chip at edge of faceplate (bottom end)
N 4681 GP4TA red
HazLabs EQ, black pickguard, tiny holes from (removed) GK installation; update 05.2012: guitar parted out and sold in parts on ebay

4685 GL4TA-GR white

N 4686 GM4T white w/black binding
knobs not original;
N 4689 GM1TA black w/white binding
matte black
N 4691 GM5TW white
neck sold separately, no longer complete

4692 XL2A black

N 4692 GM1T black w/white binding
new pickup ring, neck ferrules, screw holes from Roland GK pickup
N 4695 GM1TA black w/white binding 1987-xx-xx matte black, neck ferrules
N 4698 GM5S white w/black binding
(neck originally on a GM1TA, matte black, neck ferrules), NOS body

4710 XL2 black 1987-04-30

4713 GL2T black

4714 GL4T black 1987-04-xx

4716 GL2T black 1987-xx-xx sold without trem, additional toggle below pickup switch for two EMG 89 PUs, additional empty hole for switch below neck PU
N 4717 GM4T black w/white binding
GL style PU selector buttons instead of 5-way switch
N 4722 XP2 white
active EMGs, several scratches and dings
N 4729 GM1T black w/white binding
reported stolen
N 4733 GM2TA black
converted from GM1TA (matte finish), additional pickup and toggle switch, neck ferrules (no plate)
N 4734 GM4T black w/ white binding

N 4739 GM4T red w/white binding

N 4741 GP4T black
active EMGs

4743 GL2TA black 1987-04-29 Zen-On cast Type2 TT; folding leg rest
N 4744 GM1T black w/white binding

4751 XL2 black 1987-04-30

4759 GL4T black 1987-05-01 (date is original purchase)
N 4766 GM2T white w/black binding 1988-xx-xx rare white neck, assembled by Jeff Babicz from orig. parts and new (old logo) EMGs
N 4768 GP2S-LL black
left handed, chips on the bottom end, regular S-Trem (right handed)
N 4769 XP2 black
black/white/black textured pickguard; active EMG's

4772 XL2 black

4775 XL2 white 1987-05-13 Schaller strap lock added to body
N 4779 GK4TPBK

4779 GL4T black
two repaired (closed) holes from previous GK pickup installation

4781 GL4T black

4795 GL4T black

4799 XL2 black
pivot plate worn, some dents on the neck, description says black, but picture looks silver
N 4799 XM2A red w/white binding
former XM2T, TT replaced by DB tuner (drop function doesn’t work); chips on top (e.g., between pickups, at binding behind pots)
N 4801 XP2a white
yellowed finish, some dents
N 4803 GM1S black 1987-xx-xx ebay text says “TransTrem”, but pic shows S-Trem; upd. 04.2020: parted out, neck sold separately
N 4807 GM4S red w/white binding
neck ferrules, no plate
N 4812 GM1T matte black w/white binding
holes from removed GK pickup between bridge and HB, neck ferrules, no plate

4825 GL4T black 1987-06-10
N 4825 GM4T black w/white binding
neck ferrules, no plate
N 4829 GM1T matte black w/white binding
matte black finish, neck ferrules, no plate
N 4830 GM1TA matte black w/white binding
neck ferrules, no plate

4830 XL2 black
battery cover loose
N 4838 XP2 red
black/white/black pickguard
N 4841 GM1T matte black w/white binding
neck ferrules, no plate

4842 GL4TA black
(TT reinstalled)

4857 GL3TA black

4859 GL4TGR black 1987-06-xx Roland Synth PU installed, battery cover replaced by DG version, plug-in leg rest missing
N 4859 GM1T matte black w/white binding
neck ferrules, no plate
N 4863 GM1TA black w/white binding
neck ferrules, no plate; upd. 12.2017: on ebay now with neck plate and without trem
N 4865 GM1TA matte black w/ white binding 1987-xx-xx Axon hex pickup holes (non factory), came with passive electronics (originally active), 5 bolt neck, no plate. According to Rich Breire one of the first 300 made in the matte finish.
N 4874 GM1TA black w/white binding
neck ferrules, no plate, chip at binding below tone knob, some dents

4880 XL2A black

N 4882 GM2T black w/white binding
Dweezil Zappa’s GM, ferrules, no neck plate, big toggle switch in front of volume pot, Fender type knobs, passive SD PUs
N 4883 GM1TA red w/white binding
neck ferrules, no plate, black logo, restored by Jeff Babicz, EVH zero fret mod

4885 GL2T black

4898 XL2 black 1987-06-12
N 4902 GM1TA matte black w/ white binding 1987-xx-xx

4902 GL4T black

4908 XL2A-UF white 1988-08-03 white unlined fretless; shown at Summer NAMM

4915 XL2TALF black 1987-xx-xx lined fretless, bass TransTrem

4920 XL2 black

N 4934 GM1T black w/white binding

N 4935 GM1SA matte black w/ white binding 1987-09-17 S-Trem; active EMGs & EQ
N 4938 GM1SA matte black w/ white binding 1987-xx-xx S-Trem; active EMGs & EQ (pot code week 24/1987)

4944 XL2 black

4957 GL2T black

N 4960 XP2 black
active EMGs
N 4973 XP2 black
passive PUs, black/white/black textured split active engraved pick guard, v1 bridge
N 4976 GM1T black w/white binding
red pickup cover?
N 4985 GM1T black w/white binding 1987-xx-xx ferrules, no neckplate, chip near bottom strap button
N 4986 GM1T?

parted out, neck sold separately on ebay 08.2018
N 4989 GM2TA black w/white binding 1987-xx-xx previously owned and signed by Ziggy Marley, body a modified GM-1T, blade switch above pots, Steinberger logo slightly displaced (E.R.?)
N 4990 GM1TA black w/white binding

4991 GL4T black 1987-07-17
N 4992 GP2S black
active EMGs
N 4994 GP4T red
black pickguard with holes for Roland GK pickup, active EMGs

4997 GL4TA white 1987-07-30 originally passive from factory

5002 XL25 black
some wear on pivot plate, bridge, and body; battery cover missing

5003 XL2 black

5004 XL2 black

N 5005 GP2T black
active EMGs
N 5007 GP2S black
active EMGs

5009 GL4T black 1987-07-29

5010 GL4TA black

5011 XL2 black

5014 XL2 black

N 5016 XP2 black
active EMGs

5024 GL4T white

N 5026 GM1T black
modified: additional single coil PU in neck position, additional 3-way switch

5029 GL4TAWH white 1987-10-10 TT2, folding leg rest, active EQ, wired for phantom power

5030 GL4T white
N 5032 GM1T white w/ black binding

5033 GL4T black 1987-07-xx (date is orig. purchase)

5036 XL2-LL black
left handed
N 5037 GM1S green w/white binding
N 5039 GM4
1987-11-03 neck sold separately by Steinberger on Nov. 3, 1987

5040 XL2 black 1987-xx-xx
N 5045 GM1TA black w/white binding

N 5046 GM1T black w/ white binding

N 5047 GP2S black
white pickguard (broken around output jack), active EMGs

5048 XL2UF black

N 5050 GP4T black
active EMGs, traces from removed Roland GK pickup, finish cracks an wear, some corrosion on metal parts
N 5053 GM1TA black w/white binding 1987-06-xx number „2“ scratched into body at master tuning knob

5054 XL2 black
V3 brass bridge
N 5059 GM1TA black w/white binding 1987-xx-xx ferrules, no neck plate

5066 XL2 black
reported stolen in 2011
N 5068 GP2S red
black pickguard, passive PUs
N 5076 GM1SA black w/white binding 1987-xx-xx one chip at lower front edge (binding) near pots, pickup frame broken, electronics compartment cover not original, ferrules (no neck plate)

5077 XL2 black
owned by Robert James Pashman of (NJ Progressive Rock Band) 3RDegree

5079 XL25-LF

5081 XL2 black

5082 XL2A black 1987-08-27
N 5082 GM5SA black w/white binding

5083 XL2A black
reported stolen
N 5087 XM2 black

N 5090 GM1TA black w/ white binding

N 5092 GM1T black w/white binding
modified to GM-6 (H-S, straight single coil in neck position), PU selector switch in volume pot position, additional pot below switch, ferrules, no neck plate

5096 XL2-LL white 1987-08-20 left handed
N 5098 XP2 black
heavily worn finish on the bottom end, active EMGs
N 5108 XP2 black
black pickguard; high humidity damage to body, repainted yellow

5110 GL4T black

N 5121 XP2 black
active EMGs
N 5126 XP2

N 5133 GM1T black w/white binding
holes from Roland GK PU, additional slanted neck PU (reverse direction) and a blade switch (parallel, as on a GM-4), sold as “GM-5”

5134 XL2 ??

N 5134 GM1T balck w/white binding 1987-09-xx

5135 XL2A-LF white
lined fretless, Schaller v3 bridge
N 5138 XP2 black
passive PUs, black/white/black textured passive engraved pick guard, new leg rest, user installed thumb rest, orig. v1 bridge replaced with DB tuner, custom wiring, new knobs

5139 GL7TA black 1987-09-02 3 button pickup selector; shipped from factory as a GL4

5142 XL2 black

5148 XL25A black 1987-09-10 narrow 5, 4 from factory; 18v mod done by Peekamoose
N 5154 GM1TA black w/white binding
modified to GM4TA (2 additional SC PUs), enlarged electronics compartment, 5 toggle switches and 5 pots (unknown function)
N 5158 GM1TA black
06.2014: neck sold separately on ebay (“does not meet ... standards”), previously complete GM1 parted out; 01.2015: neck installed on a black GP2S with EMG 85/89R pickups
N 5159 GR4R black
active EMGs installed

5168 GL4T black
battery cover missing
N 5168 GM4T black w/white binding
black pickguard like David Gilmour’s GM-3;

5174 GL2TA black 1987-10-07
N 5182 GM1TA black w/white binding
HazLabs EQ v2 installed, slightly crooked logo (!)

5187 GL4T black 1987-xx-xx
N 5192 GM7TA black w/white binding
PU configuration non original (plastic cover between bridge and middle PU), switch positions non original, neck ferrules, probably a modified GM-1
N 5194 GM4S white w/black binding
assembled from parts, neck originally on a GP2T; upd. 10.2018: sold in parts again

5198 XL2 black
Neck had bump and was sanded down near the upper frets and re-fretted at Carruthers in Venice Beach, CA. Further XL correction/ modifications and set up at Headless by Jeff Babicz;

5199 XL2 black

5201 XL2-LL black
HazLabs passive board

5203 XL2LF white

5206 XL2 black
“neck has too much relief”

5211 GL2T black
2 EMG pickups mounted upside down, knobs and toggle switch not original
N 5215 GM2T black w/white binding
originally a GM-1T, additional toggle switch in unusual position (below pots)

5223 GL4S black 1987-11-11

5227 GL4T-GR white 1987-09-30

5235 XL2AUF black 1987-xx-xx

5236 GL2T black 1987-09-10 two dots on 24th fret, special order via Mandolin Bros., EMG 81 + 85
N 5236 GM3T black w/white binding 1987-11-17 David Gilmour’s GM, sold in June 2019 in an auction by Christies; plastic pickguard, (date is original sales invoice from Steinberger Sound Corp.)

5244 XL2 black

5248 XL2T-GR white 1988-01-22 bass TT; factory Roland midi system - one of kind!
N 5250 GM1TA black w/ white binding 1987-xx-xx

5252 XL25 black

5253 XL2A-LF black

N 5257 XP2 white
white PG, active EMGs

5258 XL25A-UF black
originally passive 4 string; narrow 5 bridge and HAZ Labs active EQ board added

5262 GL5TAWH white 1987-10-28 TT2, folding leg rest, active EQ, wired for phantom power
N 5273 Roman

neck installed on an Ed Roman project
N 5278 GP4T white
orig. white PG replaced by non-original black PG, output jack moved to body side

5279 XL2FAWHLF white 1991-12-13

5286 XL2A white

N 5289 GM4T white w/black binding
some dents, small burn mark next to lower strap button

5289 GL4T white

N 5291 GP2TA white
white/black pickguard w/ angled logo; started as GP2TA; Roland GK2A installed

5291 GL2TA black

N 5292 GP4T black 1986-xx-xx active EMGs

5299 GL4T black
originally a GL4T, now with a GL3 faceplate
N 5302 GP3T black
parted out, neck sold separately on ebay

5307 XL2A black 1987-10-29

5323 GL4T black
TT corroded and worn/dirty

5325 GL4T black 1988-03-22 warranty card dated 5/27/88; S/S/Hum pu's; folding leg rest

5327 GL3TA black
new knobs (headlessusa)
N 5329 GP2T red
black pickguard, active EMGs, strap buttons not original;
N 5333 GP2TPBK black 1991-01-11 finish cracks, active EMGs; “The guitar was stamped as a factory second, as denoted by the "2" under the bridge”

5337 GL2T black 1987-xx-xx

5341 GL4TGR black
worn, some stickers on top, some knobs missing or replaced

5347 XL2 black

N 5353 XP2 black
active PUs

5357 GL3S black
knobs not original, pots and pickup selector switches (push-push) not original, battery cover missing

5359 GL4T black

5360 GL4T black

5362 GL2T black

5364 GL3SA white

5367 GL2TP black

N 5376 GM1T white w/black binding

N 5380 GM4S black w/white binding
several little holes drilled on top, trem not working, dents, pickup ring damaged

5380 XL2T black

5382 XL2TA black

5385 XL2TA black

N 5386 XP2 white
new BGStainless jaws

5391 XL2TABK black 1991-08-xx
N 5393 GP4S black
some corrosion on trem, active PUs, neck PU reversed

5397 GL4T white

5401 GL4TA-GR white

5403 GL4T white

5405 GL4T black
battery cover missing
N 5407 XQ3v1

white; yellowed finish, electronics replaced by EMG BTC, new (longer) barrel jack, bridge replaced by Spirit DB bridge
N 5413 XM2-DB red w/ white binding
neck plate for neck bolt attachment

5434 XL2A black

N 5436 GM4T white w/black binding
neck ferrules
N 5437 GM4T white w/black binding
neck ferrules

5440 XL2 black

5442 XL2A ??

5445 GLxx white

5448 XL2T black 1988-08-19 bass TT; passive EQ
N 5449 GP2T white
white pickguard
N 5452 GM4T white w/black binding
neck ferrules, no neckplate

5455 GL white 1987-11-xx

5456 GL4TA white
some scratches, chips and wear, logo partially worn, “a slight bow in the neck”
N 5458 GM1T white w/black binding) 1987-xx-xx neck ferrules

5461 GL4T white
“...bought from Brent’s Music Headquarters in Fort Myers Florida in the late 1980’s. [...] It’s well worn, plastered with surfer stickers in about 1991...”
N 5465 GP3S white
orig. replacement neck with headpiece; not previously sold with an instrument; neck is replacement neck for N 3510 (originally on this guitar, 1987-01-07), active EMGs

5465 XL2AWH white

N 5466 GM2T black w/white binding
two additional switches below pots (now non-functional) from previously installed midi components, originally owned by John Abercrombie

5467 XL2 white

5468 XL2FPWHLF white 1991-08-28 lined fretless, pivot plate missing
N 5468 GP4T white
active EMGs
N 5469 GM1S black w/white binding
ferrules, no neck plate
N 5476 GM4SA red w/ white binding 1987-01-20 neck ferrules (no plate), active tone, upd. 12.2016: now with TT
N 5481 GM4T black w/white binding
neck ferrules, crack between neck pocket and neck PU, buckle rash on the back
N 5486 XP2 black
active EMGs

5489 XL2A black

N 5492 GM4T black w/ white binding

5496 GL4T black

N 5497 XM2 black w/ white binding
5 bolts, ferrules (no neckplate)

5497 GL2T black

5500 GL4T red
EVH 5150 style painted (originally white)
N 5504 GP4T red
active EMGs

5505 XL2 black
V3 bridge
N 5508 XP2A red

5510 XL2 black

5512 XL2 white
Very good condition and still has original SB gig-bag

5514 XL2A white 1988-02-28
N 5516 GM4T red w/white binding

N 5517 GM4T white w/black binding
ferrules (no neckplate)
N 5520 GM4T black w/white binding
ferrules (no neckplate)
N 5522 GM4T red w/white binding
originally owned by Jim Messina, passive pickups (?), although described as „active EMG“, Roland GK-2 installed, PU selector knob missing

5525 GL4T-GR white
volume + tone knob not original; plug-in leg rest

5529 XL2 white
battery cover missing

5530 XL2 white
some small dents on lower end

5534 XL2 white 1988-01-27
N 5538 GP3T white

N 5541 GM4T black w/white binding

N 5549 GM4S red w/ white binding 1988-01-19 previously owned by Smokie, pickup selector switch replaced
N 5550 GM1T white w/black binding
modified to a GM-5 look-alike, wrong single coil PU angle, wrong switch position... Ed R.?
N 5562 GM4T black w/white binding

N 5563 GM4T white w/black binding

5563 XL2 black

N 5568 GP4T black 1987-xx-xx

5570 XL2 black
originally sold in Japan, date under faceplate 1988-01-18
N 5573 GM1T red w/white binding
ferrules, no neck plate

5578 GL2T black

N 5582 XP2 black

5586 XL2 black

N 5589 GM4T black w/white binding

N 5591 GM1TA black w/white binding

5600 XL2 black

5602 XL2 black

5609 XL2T black 1988-01-18 (date on inside of faceplate)
N 5609 XM2 black w/white binding

5611 XL2 black
OEM pickups

5612 XL2 black

N 5618 XM2 black w/white binding
ferrules, no neckplate

5619 XL2TA white 1988-02-19 bass TT; sent directly from factory to Gunnar & Matthew Nelson / Nelson

5623 XL2A white
customized HazLabs EQ board
N 5628 GM1T black w/white binding 1987-01-xx modified to GM4T (wide, asymmetric single coil routings), 3 pickup toggle switches
N 5631 GM4T black w/ white binding
neck ferrules; black chrome trem arm

5632 XL2T white
bass TT

5637 XL2T black 1988-02-21

5647 XL2 black

5648 XL2 black

N 5653 XP2 black
active EMGs, but one-piece pickguard (white) without battery access

5656 GL4T white 1988-xx-xx currently fitted with a Langley flame maple 2 humbucker top, 2 Seymour Duncan '59 pickups

5657 GL4T white

N 5658 XP2 black
active EMGs (replaced by new ones)

5659 GL4S black

5666 GL2T black
EVH stripes faceplate
N 5668 GM4T white w/o binding 1988-02-21 professionally refinished, with logo (originally black w/white binding), gel coat near headpiece damaged/repaired
N 5669 GM4T black w/white binding 1988-xx-xx date is original purchase; ferrules, no neckplate
N 5685 GM4T red w/white binding

N 5686 GM4T red w/white binding
ferrules, no neckplate

5687 XL2 white
differently colored sections/different shades of white on back/bottom
N 5688 GM4T black w/white binding

N 5692 GM4TA black w/ white binding
Ferrules, no neckplate

5693 XL25 F black 1988-xx-xx fretless

5694 XL25UF black

5695 GL4TA white 1988-07-15 Type 2 TT; 3 button PU selector, folding leg rest; originally passive EQ

5702 GL4TW white 1988-04-29
N 5703 XP2 white

5703 GL3T white
gel coat crack at neck heel;

5705 XL2 black

N 5712 XM2T green sunburst

5712 XL2A-UF white

5713 XL2 black

5715 XL2A black

5716 XL2 black 1988-03-22
N 5729 GM?

parted out, neck sold separately on Yahoo Japan Auctions
N 5735 GP3T white
active EMGs, non-original knobs

5740 GL4TA white

5747 XL2 black

N 5748 XM2 black w/ white binding
some scratches on the back

5752 XL2 black 1988-04-08

5757 GL3T-GR black
plug-in leg rest missing

5760 GL4T black 1988-xx-xx replaced battery door, trem arm, strap holders
N 5762 XM2 red w/white binding
ferrules, no neck plate, some dents/chips on the neck (around headpiece) and on the body
N 5764 XM2 white w/ black binding
neck bushings instead of neck plate

5766 GL4T black
PU selector push buttons replaced by toggle switches (original switches still present), HazLabs v2 EQ installed by Gibson in 1995

5768 XL2T black
06.2020: reported stolen

5775 XL2 black 1988-xx-xx V3 bridge, sold with original SB stand

5785 XL2LF black
lined fretless

5787 XL2UF black
unlined fretless, Schaller v3 bridge
N 5788 GP4S white
textured pickguard
N 5796 XM2UF black w/ white binding
previously owned by Reeves Gabrels, passive EQ
N 5800 XM2 white w/black binding
ferrules, no neck plate
N 5803 XM2 black w/white binding

5808 XL2A white 1988-09-12

5815 XL25AWH white 1988-xx-xx (date estimated pot and pickup codes)

5817 XL2 white 1988-10-25 Schaller-produced v3 bridge, replacement battery cover

5820 XL2 black

5821 GL4T black
TT2 very worn and corroded
N 5822 XM2A

N 5826 XM2 black w white binding

N 5831 GM4T black

5833 XL2ABK black

N 5841 GM4TWH white w/black binding
wood between neck and neck pickup broken and glued in, ferrules, no neck plate
N 5846 XP2AUF black
11.2023: now disassembled and sold in parts
N 5851 GR4 (fake) white w/black binding
Chinese fake model with wooden neck and „Steinberger USA N5851“ engraved
N 5852 GM4T white w/black binding
USA flag airbrush graphic on top, red Fender style knobs
N 5856 GM4TWH white w/black binding
small crack between neck pocket and neck PU, original gigbag, missing black plastic cap on toggle switch

5857 XL2 black

5864 XL2 black

5866 XL2 black
bass completely refurbished by Peekamoose, including a neck reset, SS re-fret, fretboard leveling, polishing, new EMG HB ((neck) and HBCS (bridge) pickups
N 5875 GM4T white w/ black binding

5878 GL2T black
modified, now a GL7T with passive PUs, modified electronics without volume pot, transposing arm and pin removed
N 5882 XM2UF black w/ white binding

5885 GL2T black
3-button pu selector replaced by 3-way switch
N 5887 XM2 black w/ white binding
neck bushings instead of neck plate
N 5895 XP2 black
corroded bridge, some damage on PG, active EMGs
N 5899 GM4T black w/white binding
some small dents on top
N 5907 XP25UF black
active EMGs
N 5913 XM2 white w/ black binding

5921 GL4T black
TT partially corroded and worn, pickups (logos) worn off
N 5923 XP2 black
active EMGs

5925 GL4T black

5930 XL2T black

5933 XL2T black

N 5947 XP2 black
active PUs
N 5950 XM2TA black w/white binding
bass TT, active EQ
N 5951 XM2 black w/white binding
non original 2-band EQ (stacked pot)
N 5953 XM2 black w/white binding

5956 XL25 black
narrow bridge
N 5961 GM4T black w/white binding

5962 GL1T black
Paul Stanleys, BODY GLOVE GL,
N 5966 GP2S white
wrongly offered as GP2T

5973 GL2T black 1988-xx-xx some corrosion on TT, headpiece and leg rest, broken edge on headpiece (at high E ball end)
N 5975 XM2 black w/white binding
some corrosion on metal parts (bridge, screws), two broken jaws

5976 GL4T black

5980 GL4S black 1988-xx-xx equipped w R-Trem, lefthand faceplate w righthand TT cutout; update 10.2014: RH TT with LH trem arm installed

5982 GL2S-LL black
left handed, but RH S-Trem
N 5987 XM2 black w/white binding

N 5997 XM2A white w/ black binding
toggle where volume knob would normally be; alleged prototype

5999 XL2-LL black 1988-12-09 lefthand

6002 XL2TA black 1988-08-19 bass TT; active EQ

6005 XL2T black
neck + back only, sold without bridge, faceplate, electronics, pivot plate and leg rest

6006 XL2TA black 1988-09-09 bass TT; active EQ

6014 XL2T black + white
black body with white faceplate, black faceplate also available
N 6018 GM4S red
modified Newburgh body (binding removed, edges rounded), refinished, ferrules (no neckplate)
N 6020 GM4T white w/black binding

6027 GL2T black

6029 GL4S black 1988-xx-xx (date inside faceplate, pot date wk 25 of 1987)
N 6030 GM4S white w/black binding

N 6031 GM5T black w/ white binding
originally owned by David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

6034 GL4TA-GR black
passive EQ,

6035 GL4TA white 1988-09-19

6045 XL2 black
major damage on bottom end, huge chips

6048 XL2 black

N 6053 GM4T white w/black binding
neck ferrules, no neckplate

6054 XL2 black 1988-10-10 battery cover missing, date is customer’s invoice (Washington Music Center)
N 6056 GM4TA red w/white binding

N 6072 XP2 black
active PUs, dent/chip at upper bottom edge (near strap button)

6074 XL25 black
narrow bridge, small cracks/chips on bottom side
N 6074 XM2 white w/black binding
ferrules, no neck plate

6087 GL4TA black 1988-11-xx originally bought in 1990, refretted (ss) in 2014

6099 XL2T black 1988-11-11 bass TT
N 6099 XM2 white w/black binding

6100 XL2T black 1988-11-xx bass TT
N 6100 XM2 black

6101 GL2T black
modified by Bill Delap to Holdsworth specs (fret radius, 6100 frets, passive SD PUs), additional/moved strap button on back

6104 GL4T black

N 6112 XP2 black 1988-xx-xx active EMGs

6113 GL4T white
some repaired gel coat areas (by factory), slightly yellowed

6119 XL2 black 1988-xx-xx some chips/holes on the neck (production flaw?), date on inside and potentiometer codes
N 6125 XM2 black w/white binding
ferrules, no neck plate
N 6127 XM2 black w/white binding

6128 XL2 black

6130 GL4T black
knobs not original, additional toggle switch missing nut (function unknown, coil split?), saddles corroded

6140 XL2 black

N 6148 GM4S black w/white binding

N 6153 GM1 (?)

neck sold separately on ebay
N 6157 GM4T black w/white binding
ferrules, no neck plate, knobs not original
N 6158 GM4T red w/white binding 1989-xx-xx reported stolen (near Paris, 2012); (date of original purchase 1989-11-01), crack between neck pocket and neck pickup, kill switch added
N 6159 GM4T red w/white binding
knobs not original, ferrules, no neck plate
N 6161 GM1TA white w/black binding
additional EMG SA (straight) in neck position, EMG 89R at bridge, EMG PA2 booster for SA, output jack replaced (with plate)

6163 XL2 black 1989-01-20 D-head added

6170 GL4S black 1988-12-xx

6173 GL4T black

N 6180 GM1T black w/white binding
modified to GM-2 with additional switch and neck pickup

6181 XL2 black 1988-xx-xx

6184 XL2A-UF black
unlined fretless, three dual concentric pots (not original, function unknown), chip above bridge
N 6184 GM4TABK black w/white binding 1989-xx-xx

6197 GL3S black

N 6200 XM2 white w/black binding
ferrules, no neck plate

6205 GL4T black 1988-12-06 (date marked on the faceplate), battery cover plate upgraded with neodymium magnets to hold it in place better, notched zero fret

6206 GL4SA black 1989-xx-xx active EQ, originally bought at Midi Music in St. Niklaas (Belgium) on 22/03/1989
N 6207 GM4S red w/white binding
small crack between neck and neck pickup
N 6208 GM4T black
ferrules, no neck plate, Ned’s signature on electronics compartment cover

6213 XL2ADB white
DB tuner, original EQ replaced by HazLabs EQ v2 (2 Newburgh knobs, HazlLabs knobs on the EQ)

6219 XL2AWH white
DB tuner, E.R. stock

6226 XL2A black

N 6234 XM2 red w/white binding

6234 GL4T black
3 button pu selector
N 6237 XM2 black w/white binding
ferrules, no neck plate

6238 GL4T black

N 6240 XM2 black w/white binding

6242 GL2TA black 1988-12-20

6250 XL2 black 1988-12-21

6252 GL4T black 1988-12-29 3 button PU selector; previously owned by Charlie Hargrett / Blackfoot

6258 GL4T black

N 6259 XM2 black w/white binding
scratches and dents, large stickers on back, worn bridge w/o saddles

6265 XL2 black 1989-01-09
N 6274 GM4T

N 6275 GM4S white w/black binding
ferrules, no neck plate, passive SD PUs, JCustom XS-Trem (originally with TT), non-original Gibson type knobs

6280 GL4T black

6282 GL2S black 1990-11-02 two EMG 85, three way toggle

6290 XL2T black
bass TT

6296 XL2FPWH white 1991-08-29
N 6297 GM4TA white w/black binding
previously listed as black,

6297 XL25WH white

N 6298 GM4

Ed Roman... contains R-Trem, refinished body
N 6303 GM4S white w/black binding
ferrules, no neck plate

6304 XL2A white 1989-03-21 Original top plus heavily quilted Peacock Green/Abalone Bound maple (by David McNaught - 3/9/89)
N 6311 GP2S white
white/black/white pickguard; active EMGs

6312 XL2TA black

N 6321 XM2 red w/white binding

N 6325 XM2 black
knobs not original, v3 bridge

6326 GL2T black

N 6327 XM2T black w/white binding

6328 GL2T black 1990-11-20 originally invoiced on 1989-02-17, but returned
N 6332 XP2 black
active EMG's
N 6335 XP2 white
white w/ white pickguard

6343 GL2S black

N 6344 XM2A red w/white binding
stress crack at neck pocket, ferrules (no neckplate), one strap button replaced
N 6347 XM2 white

N 6350 XM2 red w/white binding

N 6351 XM2 white w/black binding
DB tuner, several dings on the body
N 6354 XM2 red w/white binding
1 non-matching bridge saddle

6361 XL2A black

N 6362 GM4T black w/white binding

N 6365 GM4T black w/white binding

6369 GL2T black

6371 XL2TA black 1989-03-27 bass TT
N 6373 GM4T black w/white binding

N 6374 XM2

N 6377 GM4T black w/white binding
small chip above PU selector switch; upd. 10.2018: parted out, neck and body sold separately on ebay
N 6381 GM4T black w/white binding 1989-05-05 (date is original purchase) crack/missing edge on neck behind headpiece

6387 XL2 black

N 6394 GM4T red w/white binding
pickups replaced by headlessusa „old logo“ EMGs, ferrules (no neckplate)
N 6403 GM4TA black w/ white binding

6406 GL4T black 1989-02-24 5-way PU selelctor switch
N 6411 XM2 white w/ black binding
stress cracks at neck pocket

6412 XL2TA white
bass TT; active EQ

6421 GL2T black
EMG 89 bridge PU, reversed EMG 89 neck PU (not an EMG 89R)

6427 GL2T black
battery cover missing

6430 GL2T black

N 6437 XM2 black (no binding)
separate XLR plug installed,passive EQ, white logo (shows a wolf) applied on body,
N 6438 GM1TA black w/white binding
TT pivot base broken, trem worn, ferrules (no neckplate)
N 6444 GM4T white w/black binding

N 6448 GM1T

6451 XL2 black 1989-07-31 originally invoiced 1989-02-28, but returned

6458 GL4TA black 1989-02-28 3 button PU selector

6462 XL2A black

6467 XL2AT ??
lined fretless, TransTrem, reported stolen

6483 XL2 black
V3 bridge, stand included
N 6488 GM4T black w/white binding
passive Tom Anderson + SD PUs; 01.2021: now with fixed bridge (Matt?)

6491 XL25 ??

N 6493 GM4T black w/white binding

6496 XL2 black

6507 GL2T white
EMG-89 and EMG-89R pickups with push-pull pots
N 6509 GM4T white w/black binding
HazLabs v2 EQ with stacked knob, crack between neck pocket and neck PU

6511 GL4TA white

N 6522 XM2A black w/white binding
some dings and scratches; update 03.2015: sold in parts (neck on ebay)

6528 GL2T black
passive PUs (EMG HZ, Gibson HB), trem arm missing, strap buttons replaced, refretted with SS frets, additional GL4 faceplate included
N 6530 XM2 black w/white binding

6535 GL2TA black

6537 GL3T black

N 6538 XM2A black w/white binding

N 6547 XM2 black w/white binding

N 6549 XM2A black w/white binding
neckplate attachment; bridge is v4 base w/ v3 saddles

6561 GL4TA white 1989-03-17 3 button PU selector; (date on warranty card)

6563 XL2 black 1989-11-21 date is original purchase

6565 XL2FABK black 1991-01-11

6566 XL2A black 1989-04-21

6567 XL2 black

N 6571 GP3S red
black pickguard, active EMGs

6572 XL2 black

6577 GL4T black 1989-04-20

6578 GL2T black

N 6579 GM4T white w/black binding
large chip on neck behind headpiece, totally worn off finish with some black pen drawings and signatures; extremely dirty, worn and corroded TT; Roland GK pickup installed;

6587 GL2T black
passive SD/AH pickups, push-pull switch on volume pot (coil tap)
N 6588 GM4T black w/white binding

N 6591 GM5T black w/white binding

6594 GL22 (GL2-12) black

6595 GL42 (GL4-12) black 1989-xx-xx date is orig. purchase (Music 6000 in Lacey Washington)

6596 GL4T_LL white 1989-xx-xx left-handed TTv2

6597 GL4T_LL white 1989-xx-xx Ex Douglas Adams guitar, left-handed TTv2

6601 GL4T_LL black
“Custom made for one of the guys in UB40”
N 6603 XM2T black w/white binding 1990-01-16 date is orig. purchase, newly bought from Akron Music in Akron, Ohio
N 6608 Q4 (XQ2) black
DB tuner

6613 GL4TA black 1998-06-12 refretted

6617 GL4T white

N 6618 XM2A black w/white binding
Crack in body above pots covered by silver tape, large dent at upper binding
N 6619 XM2 black w/white binding 1988-xx-xx date is original purchase
N 6633 XM2 white w/black binding
some scratches on the back, corrosion on the bridge

6633 GL4T black

N 6636 GM5T white w/black binding 1987-xx-xx

6638 GL2T
1987-xx-xx date is buy date according to owner
N 6640 GM5T white w/black binding

6642 GL4T black
custom order: 5-way switch instead of push-buttons
N 6644 GP4T black
active EMGs
N 6652 XM2 white w/ black binding

6652 GL2T black
modified with an EVH 5150 faceplate by HeadlessUSA

6654 GL4T black
3 button PU selector,
N 6655 GM5T black w/white binding

6657 GL2T black

N 6659 GM5T black w/white binding

N 6671 GM5TA black
black Proton/Photon-midi (???)

6671 GL4T black

N 6674 GM4SA red w/white binding 1988-10-31

6674 GL2T black

N 6675 GM4S black w/white binding

6677 XL2A black

6688 XL2 white
non-original knobs, two strap buttons mounted on back (using existing screw holes)
N 6692 GK5T white
originally delivered with EMG (bridge HB and neck SC), later modified by Steve Klein to a single Bridge HB (Seymour Duncan), new pickguard, serial “S172” on neckplate; 02.2023: now GK5 again (H-S)
N 6693 XP2 black 1988-xx-xx active EMGs
N 6696 GM4T white w/black binding
passive EQ, crack between neck pocket and neck pickup, additional hole for strap button below neck pocket

6696 XL2 black

6699 XL2 black

6701 XL2 black
dent at edge of body back

6705 XL2A ??

N 6708 GP2S black 1988-xx-xx active PUs (EMG 85), MJB combined headpiece

6710 GL22 (GL2-12) black

6711 GL22 (GL2-12) black

N 6712 GM4S black w/white binding

6714 GL4-12AWH white 1989-12-08 TracTuner, folding leg rest, active EQ, wired for phantom power
N 6720 GM4T blue burst
custom shop, flamed maple top, some chips/scratches on back, output jack replaced
N 6722 GM4S black w/white binding

N 6724 GM4S black w/white binding

N 6733 GM5T black w/white binding 1988-xx-xx

6738 GL22 (GL2-12) white
TracTuner, potentiometer knobs not original; upd. 10.2021: for sale without bridge and headpiece
N 6739 GM4TA black w/white binding 1988-08-18 date is orig. purchase

6743 XL2 black

N 6745 GM4T white w/black binding

N 6747 GM4T white w/black binding

N 6752 GM

parted out, neck sold separately on ebay
N 6762 GM4T red w/white binding 1988-xx-xx crack between neck pocket and neck PU
N 6773 GM4T blue
refinished, passive Bartolini PUs (2 x single coil, neck PU removed), floral pattern fake inlay (sticker) on neck

6784 XL2-UF black 1989-05-31 shipped from factory as fretted bass

6792 XL2A black

N 6795 GM4S white w/black binding
knob of 5-way switch missing
N 6803 GM5T black w/white binding

6805 XL2 black
battery cover missing

6807 XL2 black

6815 XL2 black
bridge, frets and leg rest corroded, remnants of duct tape around battery cover;

6818 XL2 black

N 6828 GP2S white
white pickguard, passive (non original) Tom Holmes PUs, some corrosion on the trem

6832 GL4T white

N 6833 XM2 black w/white binding 1988-xx-xx

6840 GL2T black

N 6841 XQ4 natural
XQ4 Prototype, signed by Ned Steinberger, E.R. stock

6845 GL4T black 1989-07-10 TT2 resurfaced by babicz
N 6850 XM2T black

N 6853 XM2TAWH white

N 6854 XM2WH white

N 6857 XM2A black w/white binding 1988-xx-xx (originally purchased from Music Store Köln 1989-01-02)

6858 GL2T white 1989-06-27
N 6863 XM25 black w/white binding

6865 GL4S black 1989-xx-xx strap buttons not original
N 6867 XM2UF 1988-xx-xx
see N 8809 (neck replaced by factory)

6871 GL4T white

6874 GL4SA black

6880 GL4T black
chip on faceplate above neck, some scratches and dents

6888 XL2TA black
bass TT

6890 XL2-LL black
lefthand bass, additional thumb rest mounted

6892 XL2 black

6906 XL25A-UF black

6909 XL2T black 1989-12-07

6910 XL2T black

6914 XL2

strap buttons on pivot plate missing
N 6916 GR4R

repainted blue

6922 XL25 white
ordered through DDC Music in Scranton PA, 02/1990
N 6924 GP2S red
passive PUs
N 6928 GM4TA black w/white binding

N 6940 GM5T black w/white binding
EMG 60 in bridge position

6943 GL4TA black
toggle switches instead of original push buttons for PU selection, single coil PUs replaced by new EMGs (new logo), strap buttons not original
N 6950 GM5T black w/white binding

6953 XL2 white

N 6954 GM5TA red w/white binding 1988-11-03 originally sold at Manny’s Music, NY
N 6957 GM4T black
output jack replaced
N 6962 GM4T black w/white binding

N 6965 GM4S black w/white binding

N 6967 XM2A

N 6970 XM2A black w/white binding

6981 GL2T black

6986 XL2 yellow 1989-01-07 made for Guitar Center, Stamp on body says "G.C.-01"
N 6987 XM2 white w/black binding

6988 XL2 white

6991 XL2 black
DB tuner

6994 XL2T black
Restored by Jeff Babicz
N 6995 XM2A white w/black binding

N 6997 XP2 black
active EMG HB PUs

7002 XL25 white 1990-02-20

7004 L2 black 1981-11-23 (double S/N?)

7004 GL4T-LL red
(double S/N?)

7005 GL4T yellow

7010 GL4T white

7012 GL2T white

7016 GL22 (GL2-12) white 1990-02-14 12 string

7017 GL42 (GL4-12) white 1989-01-29

7018 GL4T white 1990-11-16 EMG 85/SA/SA; three button PU selelctor
N 7025 XM2TA white w/black binding 1988-xx-xx bass TT, “Ned Steinberger” inlay on the 24th fret, tone pot mounted on closed opening/hole, date is derived from pot code (latest date)
N 7027 XM2 black w/white binding

7049 GL4T black 1989-05-23 EMG 85/SA/SA, three button PU selector

7072 GL2T white
visible dent/chip on the upper faceplate edge, some more scratches and dents in several places (back of neck, bottom end, etc.)

7073 GL2T white

7077 GL22PBK (GL2-12) black 1991-06-13 (GL2-12)
N 7079 GM?T black w/white binding
modified to GM-8, 3 passive humbuckers, rotary switch. 11.2013: neck appears on a white GM4T (black binding)
N 7082 GM4T red w/white binding 1989-xx-xx finish below PUs damaged/logo partially removed, Roland GK mounting holes
N 7086 GM4TA white w/black binding 1988-xx-xx
N 7088 GM4T black w/white binding

N 7098 GM4T black w/white binding
Tone pot replaced by EMG Afterburner
N 7103 GM4T black w/white binding
additional (3rd) pot (function unknown), some wear on body, blade switch moved (now angled, below pots), original opening closed (but visible), name scratched into back cover; update 09.2018: parted out, body and neck sold separately
N 7104 GM4T black w/white binding

7105 XL2 black

N 7116 XP2

neck ferrules
N 7140 XM2A black w/white binding

7141 GL2T white
knobs not original
N 7143 XM25 red w/white binding
parts on bridge missing (5-string bridge)

7144 GL3T

7146 GL4T white
TT2 resurfaced by Babicz, button PU selector,
N 7147 XP2 black
active EMGs, body, finsih worn, lots of chips; update 07.2014: parted out and neck for sale separately
N 7151 XM2 black w/white binding
high E jaw/tuner not original (Wilkinson);

7163 GL4T white 1989-xx-xx (date on pots)

7165 GL2T black
faceplate signed by Alan Holdsworth („To Paolo“), strap buttons not original

7171 GL3T black
orig. EMG pickups replaced by passive PUs (SD etc.), transposing pin missing (holder apparently broken), overall worn trem
N 7173 GP3S white
originally listed as GM4TABK, possibly second replacement neck for N 3510 and N 5465?

7174E GL2TA black
Employee finished GL
N 7174 GM4S red w/white binding

7181 GL4T black
strap buttons not original
N 7190 GM4T black w/white binding

N 7193 GM4T white w/black binding

7196 GL2T black 1990-01-19 3 position switch
N 7198 GM4T black w/white binding
PUs changed for two Lace Sensor Gold and a Seymour Duncan Allan Holdsworth humbucker

7200 GL4T black

7204 GL4T black 1989-xx-xx (date on pots)
N 7205 GM4T white w/black binding

7207 GL4TA black 1990-xx-xx
N 7212 GM4TA black w/white binding

7213 GL4T black

N 7214 GM4T white w/black binding 1989-xx-xx crack between neck pocket and neck PU, hairline crack in neck heel (through insert)
N 7216 GM4TA white w/black binding

7217 GL2T black
pickups, electronics and knobs not original (EMG solderless), wear on TT components, headpiece and leg rest, battery holder missing

7222 GL4T black

N 7226 Spirit GU black
neck sold separately, now mounted on a Spirit GU (with Neckplate) and EMG-X PUs

7227* XL2TA black 1989-12-08 bass TT; serial # 0974 stamped on body but #7227 and dates written inside.

7233 XL2 black
“slight curvature of the neck”, refretted

7234 XL2 black 1989-10-04

7235 XL2T white
(Ed Roman) bass TT

7253 GL7TAWHE white 1993-05-29 now a GL4TA, replaced faceplate (different shades of white), battery cover missing, some repairs on the inside (different bridge installed?) and the neck

7254 GL42 (GL4-12) white

N 7254 GM4S red w/white binding 1990-xx-xx

7256 GL42AWH (GL4-12) white 1991-12-xx

7257 GL22ABK (GL2-12) black 1991-12-13 12-string TracTuner
N 7257 GM4T black w/white binding

N 7264 XM2TA black w/white binding

N 7269 XM2T black w/white binding
lock (transposing arm/pin) damaged (?)

7271 XL2 black

7274 XL2 black
aftermarket Bartolini PUs
N 7280 XP2 black
black/white pickguard; active EMGs

7281 XL2 black 1990-03-09
N 7282 GP2S red
black PG, active EMGs, knobs not original

7282 XL2 black
hex socket screws in tuning knobs

7283 XL2A black

N 7287 GM5T white w/black binding
additional toggle switch below pickup selector (function unclear)
N 7289 GM5T white w/black binding
EMG 89 in bridge position, push-pull volume pot, some small chips;
N 7294 GM4T

parted out, neck sold separately
N 7300 GM4T black w/white binding
upd. 12.2016: TT removed, now with S-Trem
N 7306 custom custom
orig. an XM25ARD, neck now on a custom made tiger-stripe Ken Smith body with active Ken Smith pickups, narrow 5-string bridge

7308 GL22ABK (GL2-12) black 1992-02-26 12-string trac tuner

7313 GL5-12AWH white 1989-12-08 TracTuner, folding leg rest, active EQ, wired for phantom power
N 7317 GM5T white w/black binding
white electronics compartment cover

7318 GL4-12ABK black 1991-06-13
N 7318 GM5T white w/black binding
battery box built into (white) compartment cover

7320 GL4T black 1990-01-19 (date is written by hand on inside of body)
N 7322 GM5T red w/white binding

7333 GL22 (GL2-12) black

7336 GL22 (GL2-12) black

N 7344 XM2 black

7354 GL4T red

7355 GL4T black

7357 GL4TA red

7360 GL4T red

7361 GL4TA red 1990-xx-xx

7363 GL4S white

7364 GL2T white
additional EMG SPC, non-original knobs
N 7368 GM5TRD red w/white binding

N 7369 GM4T red w/white binding
originally a GM4S, TT installed afterwards, non original output jack with jackplate
N 7373 GM4T white w/black binding

N 7374

neck sold separately
N 7375 GM4TA black w/white binding
finish cracks

7377 XL2FARD red 1994-07-12

7379 XL2 red
refretted (J. Babicz)

7380 XL2FARD red 1992-02-xx

7381 XL2FARD red 1992-02-27 missing battery cover

7385 XL2 black

7389 XL2FABKLL black 1991-07-29
N 7389 GM4 black/w white binding 1988-11-09 Hardtail, shipped directly to Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac)
N 7391 GM4S black w/white binding
neck PU changed to HB
N 7399 XP2A black
active aftermarket EQ with stacked tone pot, knobs not original, active EMGs
N 7403 XP2 black
active PUs
N 7407 GM5S red w/white binding

7410 GL4TA white

N 7415 GM4T black w/white binding
additional white pickguard glued on top, Fender type knobs

7416 XL2A-LF white

N 7418 GM5S red
now has a TT instead of ST
N 7419 GM4T black w/white binding

7421 XL2 black

7429 XL25AWHLL white 1991-04-17
N 7437 GM4T red w/white binding

N 7440 XM2 white w/black binding

7443 GL2TAH white
built to Allan Holdsworth specs (2 passive SD AH pickups, pot knobs)
N 7459 XM2 black w/white binding

N 7460 XM?

repainted, modified?

7462E GL4T black 1989-xx-xx 'E' indicates employee instrument; battery cover & jack in lefthand position though faceplate is righthand

7462 GL4T black

N 7463 XM25A black w/white binding 1988-xx-xx
N 7464 XM2 white w/black binding

N 7465 XM2A white w/black binding
N 7466 XM2DAWH white w/black binding 1991-10-03
N 7467 XM2 black w/white binding

7468 XL2T black

N 7468 XM2 black w/white binding
output jack replaced by Neutrik (locking) jack (hole widened), some chips and dents on back, one corner of the electronics compartment cover broken
N 7478 XP2 black
black/white/black pickguard; engraved logo; passive PUs

7481 XL25 black

7485 XL25A white 1989-11-29
N 7487 XM2TA black w/white binding
bass TT; active EQ

7488 XL25 white 1990-xx-xx

7491 GL4T white 1990-03-23

7497 GL4T white
leg rest missing
N 7501 XM25A white (no binding)
narrow 5; 18v mod done by Peekamoose

7502 GL4S black

7503 GL4T black 1990-04-26 2/12/90 grease penciled in cavity; EMG's; previously listed with S-Trem, now a TT

7504 GL4T white

7505 GL4T white
refretted by Jeff Babicz

7506 XL25-LF black 1990-02-13

7507 XL25A-LF black

7509 XL2FABKLF black 1990-12-27 lined fretless

7513 XL2FPWHUF white 1991-02-22 neck failed and returned to factory; owner received #T9295 in return
N 7515 GM4T white w/black binding
additional knob below blade switch (bass boost)

7519 XL2FABL blue 1991-11-21 also listed on 1991-08-20, 1991-02-21
N 7519 GM4T black w/white binding
Gilmour-style modification (originally a GM-1, now a GM4 with plastic pickguard surrounding the pickups symmetrically, like on David Gilmour’s GM-3, rectangular plastic plate covering 5-way switch)

7520 XL2 black 1990-02-22
N 7524 GM2S metallic blue w/white binding
apparently a custom/employee’s instrument, unusual pot/switch placement, white neck
N 7526 GM5TWH white w/black binding 1988-xx-xx

7528 XL25A black

N 7529 XP2 black
active EMGs

7533 GL2T black

7535 GL1TAH black
Prototype, w/ Prototype Seymour Duncan SH-AH1-Pickup, Fretboard levelled and refretted by Bill Delap

7538 XL25 black

7540 XL2 black
crack near output jack

7541 XL25 black

7543 GL4TABL blue 1991-01-25
N 7547 GM1T black w/white binding
modified to GM-2, parted out and parts sold separately on ebay; update 09.2017: another GM-1 body, now modified to GM-6S, non original straight single coil routing on the neck position, 3-way blade switch installed

7548 GL2T black
knobs not original
N 7551 XM2 black w/white binding
one tuner and jaw not original
N 7552 GM5T black w/white binding
some scratches, wear on the trem, strap pin broken

7556 GL4T black

7559 GL4T black
some corrosion on TT and pickup screws

7562 XL2 black
leg rest replaced, gig bag not original

7564 XL2 black

N 7565 GM4T black w/white binding

N 7569 GM4

solid quilted maple body, unusual control cavity?
N 7570 GM4T black w/white binding
knobs not original, additional screw hole (for strap button?) on back;
N 7580 GM4TA white w/black binding 1988-12-02 date is orig. purchase
N 7582 GM4T black w/white binding

N 7593 XM2 black w/white binding
broken bridge replaced, v2 bridge, additional switch
N 7595 XM2 black
additional toggle switch below pots
N 7599 XP2 black
active PUs, some chips and dents at the bottom end

7610 XL2 black

7625 GL4T black

N 7635 GM1S white w/black binding
neck originally mounted on a modified white GM4T; upd. 2019: parted out, neck sold separately
N 7638 GM4T white w/black binding

N 7640 GM4T white w/black binding

7645 GL2T black w/white faceplate 1990-06-07 white faceplate on black body; TT & EMGs
N 7656 GM4T white w/black binding

N 7661 GM4T white w/black binding

7662 XL2T black
finish from saddles and tuning knobs worn off (brass)
N 7663 XM2 black w/white binding

N 7666 XP2 black
active PUs, finish cracks

7667 XL2 black

7673 XL2 black 1990-07-12 passive EQ

7674 XL2 black

7677 XL2DBK black 1990-10-15 date is original sale (Switzerland)
N 7689 XM2RD red w/white binding

7691 GL4SAWH white 1990-xx-xx

7696 XL2DB black

N 7697 XM2 black w/white binding
knobs and neck plate not original

7699 XL2DB white
DB tuner

7705 GL2T white

7706 GL2T white 1990-xx-xx refretted, replaced strap buttons
N 7707 GM4T black w/white binding

7712 GL2TPWH white 1991-07-26 originally owned by David Bowie

7721 GL2TA black
TT2 resurfaced by J. Babicz
N 7724 GM4T red w/white binding
chip/missing finish below bridge pickup (from resting the pinkie there?)
N 7726 GM4T black w/white binding

N 7728 GP4T white
refurbished + pleked by Peekamoose
N 7731 GM4T black w/white binding
new EMG pickups (original passive?), tone pot replaced by SPC, new knobs
N 7736 GM4S white w/black binding 1989-01-20 (date is original purchase from Rockin’ Robin, Houston, TX))

7736 GL4T black
serial number on outside removed/covered with epoxy, but number is twice on the inside (written and sticker); self-made battery cover
N 7743 GM4T red

7744 GL2T black

N 7746 GP4S white
active EMGs
N 7750 GM5T red w/white binding
SD pickups with two additional boost toggle switches
N 7755 XM25A black 1989-01-xx
N 7760 XM2 black w/white binding
unlined fretless
N 7761 XM2T black w/white binding

7768 GL4TAWH white

7769 GL2T black

7774 XL25ABK black 1990-12-15

7779 GL4TA black
HazLabs v2 EQ installed, now non-matching knobs (vol pot with Newburgh knob, tone pot stacked HazLabs knob)

7791 GL2TPWH white 1991-01-25
N 7796 XM2TA black w/white binding
modified pickup switching/configuration, additional knobs and switches

7805 GL2S white

N 7809 XM2A-UF black w/white binding
unlined fretless

7813 GL3S black 1990-11-02
N 7818 GM4T white w/black binding

7820 GL4T black

7823 GL4T black

7824 GL7TPBK black 1991-01-31
N 7826 GM5T white w/black binding
some small dents on top; HazLabs v2 EQ

7834 GL4TPBK
N 7837 GP4T black
active EMGs
N 7843 GP4T black

7857 GL4TPBK black 1990-12-21

7858 GL2TA black 1991-01-29 warranty card says 'Elite' model but no gold logo or mention in books, also listed as GL2TPBK on 1990-12-15

7864 XL2FPBK black 1990-12-19

7874 GL2TPBK black 1990-12-15 EvH red/white faceplate (as sold by headlessusa)
N 7874 XM2 red w/white binding
small dents at bottom edges
N 7877 XM2 natural
started obviously as XM2T (see routing underside of bridge), then retopped with quilted maple
N 7879 GM3T white w/black binding
previsouly owned by Mike Rutherford / Genesis
N 7882 GP2T red

N 7883 GM4T white w/black binding 1988-xx-xx output jack replaced (with black oval jack plate)
N 7888 GP2T red 1988-11-02 black pickguard, active EMGs, some finish cracks on the back, date is written inside body, active EMGs (2 x EMG85)
N 7899 XM2 black

7902 GL4TPBK
N 7902 XM2A black 1989-02-xx serial originally on an XP2A, black, black/white/black pickguard; body replaced by XM2 body in 2001

7903 GL4TABK black 1991-01-11

7904 GL4TPBK black 1991-01-16 battery cover and trem bar missing
N 7904 XP2 white
black pickguard
N 7906 XM2T white w/black binding

7907 GL7TABKE black 1991-02-12 Elite (also listed on 1991-02-22, 1991-01-16)

7923 GL4T black
EMG89 in bridge position

7926 XL25A black 1991-02-15 also listed as XL2FPBK

7929 GL4TAWH
1991-02-12 described like a GL-7 (2 HB, 1 SC), modified?

7939 GL2T black 1991-02-01 originally a GL4T, now GL2 Elite faceplate with 2 x EMG 89 mounted, 2 x push-pull pot;

7951 XL2FPBK black 1991-04-04
N 7951 XP2 black
active EMGs
N 7954 XM2T red w/white binding

7960 GL4TPBK black 1991-02-01
N 7962 GM4 white w/black binding
modified, R-Trem (Ed Roman)

7969 XL25AWHE white 1992-01-24

7973 GL4T black

7979 GL2T black 1989-06-22

7986 XL2 black 1991-03-29 also listed on 1996-08-01, as XL2DABKE on 1991-12-19, 1991-10-30, as GL4SHBK on 1991-04-04

7987 GL4SPBK black 1991-04-23 5-way blade switch

7988 GL2TABKE black 1991-03-28 Elite

7999 GL2SPBK
T 8001 XLSTDBK black 1994-03-11 (8001 also listed as GL4TABKE on 1991-02-19)
N 8001 GM5T black w/white binding

N 8007 GM4T white w/black binding
EMG89 in bridge position
N 8009 GM4T black w/white binding

N 8013 GM4T black w/white binding
some wear on TT and saddles; update 03.2015: parted out, parts sold separately
N 8015 GM5T black w/white binding
knobs and toggle switch replaced, cracks on neck pocket attempted to fix with glue, scratched number etched in on the back

8017 XL2TABKE black 1991-03-01 Elite, bass TT

8024 XL2DABKE black 1991-04-19 DB Tuner, Elite
N 8024 GM4T white w/black binding

8025 XL2DABKE black 1991-05-03 Elite, DB tuner
N 8027 GM5TA-LL black w/ white binding 1989-xx-xx lefthand w/ left-handed TT (rare) & active EMG's
N 8030 GM4T-LL red w/white binding 1989-xx-xx left-handed, spring tension adjuster knob missing
N 8040 XM2 black w/white binding

8045 GL2SPBK black 1991-10-22 PU modified,
N 8047 XM2 red w/white binding
refurbished bridge, active EMGs;
N 8048 XM2 red w/white binding

N 8052 XM2BK black w/white binding

N 8055 XM2 red w/white binding 1990-01-26 (date is orig. purchase) refinished with hand painting
N 8059 XM2A black w/white binding

8068 GL7TABKE black 1991-08-27 Elite
N 8068 XM2 black w/ white binding

N 8073 XP2 black
active EMGs, chips and cracks on the finish (partially overpainted), “neck has a slight bow”
N 8075 XP2 black 1988-xx-xx active PUs

8077 GL7TABKE black 1991-04-05 Elite,
N 8080 XM2 red w/white binding

8083 GL2TABK black 1992-01-07

8090 GL4SPBK black 1992-01-03 EMG 89 bridge PU
N 8090 GM4T red w/white binding

8095 GL4TABKE black 1991-04-17 Elite, HazLabs v2 board, volume knob a “Newburgh” replacement (not the HazLabs knob)

N 8110 XM2 red w/white binding

8112 GL4T black
N 8113 XM2 red w/white binding

8114 GL4TABKE black 1991-07-30 Elite, corrosion on trem and screws

1991-05-03 Elite
N 8116 XM2 black w/white binding
parted out, sold in separate parts

8120 GL7TAWHE white 1991-05-29 Elite
N 8124 XM2A red w/white binding

8127 GL7TABKE black 1991-05-03 date on certificate 1992-02-19, hole in battery cover;

8133 GL2TAWHAH white 1991-05-16 Allan Holdsworth model - passive AH Seymour Duncan pickups, custom pots

8137 XL2DAWHE white 1991-11-21 Elite model, DB tuner

8140 GL2S black
holes for roland gk pu


8145 GL7TABKE black 1991-08-14

8152 XL2TABKE black 1991-05-20

8155 XL25A Elite black
narrow 5; gold "Elite" logo, also listed as XL2DABKE on 1991-08-02
N 8156 XM2 red w/white binding 1990-08-30 date is orig. invoice

8157 XL2TABKE black 1991-05-20 bass TT; gold "Elite" logo
N 8160 XM2 white w/black binding
some scratches and dents; now with JCustom DB tuner
N 8166 GM1T white

8175 GL7TABKE black 1991-10-08 knobs not original, SC pickup replaced (possibly bridge HB too)

8176 GL7TABKE black 1992-02-12 knobs not original

8180 GL4SPBK black 1991-06-07 5-way PU selector switch

8183 GL4SHBK black 1991-06-27 5-way switch, SD pu's
N 8186 GM2(?)T white w/black binding
heavily modified, 3 humbuckers (2 x EMG + 1 DiMarzio in the middle)
N 8189 GM5 white w/black binding
N 8191 GM4S black w/white binding

8193 XL25ABKE black 1991-06-20
N 8195 GP4T maroon
refinished, aftermarket pickguard

8199 XL25ABKE black 1991-06-12 Elite, some chips and dents at bottom end, knobs not original, brass saddles not original

8208 XL2FABKUFE black 1991-06-28 Elite with active EQ, DB tuner, unlined fretless

8209 XL25 black
sold used with 4 string bridge also
N 8209 GP2S white
2 x EMG 85, one screw hole on pickguard broken
N 8210 GM4TWH white w/black binding

N 8220 GM4TA black w/white binding

8226 GL2TPBK black 1991-09-23 2 x EMG 85, passive EQ, 2013 as „black EVH“ on headlessusa (new top?)

8235 XL2TAWHE white
Elite, bass TT, serial number “inadvertently erased with chemical cleaner” (but still on inside of body)
N 8237 GM4TPBK black w/white binding
ad says: bought in 1989
N 8238 GP4T white 1988-xx-xx active pickups, Leslie West’s GP

8239 GL4TAWHE white 1991-11-21 Elite
N 8247 GM4T black w/white binding

N 8249 GM4T black w/ white binding

8258 GL2T white

8271 XL2TABKE black 1991-11-27

8273 XL2TPBK black 1991-12-06 bass TT
N 8274 GM4SA black w/white binding 1988-xx-xx

8275 GL7TABKER black 1991-12-13 Elite, battery cover replaced,
N 8281 GM4T black w/white binding
passive Seymour Duncan replacement PUs

8282 XL2TABKE black 1992-01-24 elite gold logo
N 8289 GP2T black
active EMGs (new, HU), finish crack at neck joint;

8293 XL2DABK black 1992-01-07
N 8297 GM1T black
logo not straight (typical for E.R. body?)

8298 XL2DABKE black 1992-01-24 DB tuner, snakeskin foil glued onto faceplate, frets removed (slots not filled), stickers on back
N 8302 GM2T red w/white binding
knobs not original

8303 GL4SPWH white 1992-02-26 date is orig. shipment; orig. price $1,175
N 8303 GP4T

active EMGs

8307 GL2SPWH white 1992-05-28 originally with S-Trem, now with TT

8308 GL4SPWH white 1992-02-26 reported stolen 01.2021
N 8308 GM4T white w/black binding

8313 GL2TA black
pu toggle
N 8314 GM4T white w/black binding
missing transposing arm and pin

8315 GL2CS black 1992-02-12 (GL2T) custom ordered from factory w/ 6000 Dunlop, L2 knobs, no tone pot, AH1B,H1 pickups
N 8321 GR4R red
bridge PU replaced by SD Distortion

8328 GL2SPBK black 1992-02-21
N 8334 GM4T red w/white binding

N 8339 GM4T red w/white binding

8344 GL4TA white

N 8347 GM2T white w/black binding
no tone pot, but pickup selector toggle switch in this place

8350 XL2FABK black 1992-04-08 active EQ
N 8351 GM2T red w/white binding

N 8353 GM4T white w/black binding
some cracks, chips, discoloration
N 8358 GM4-12 black w/ white binding
TracTuner 12 stirng bridge; 5 way pu selector
N 8367 GM4T black w/white binding

N 8373 GM2-12 white w/black binding
12-string neck on double neck GM, TracTuner, see 8476
N 8377 GM4T black w/white binding
refretted and TT resurfaced by J. Babicz, barrel output jack replaced by standard jack + plate

8384 XL2DABK
1992-04-24 D-Tuner, active EQ
N 8388 XM2TA white w/black binding
slightly yellowed finish, tuner screws changed to M4, screw heads protruding from back of tuner knobs

8389 GL2SHWH white 1992-04-16 passive H-S-H configuration
N 8390 XP2 black
active EMGs, some chips/dents on the bottom end
N 8398 XM2 black w/white binding

8402 XL2FPBK
N 8407 XM25 black w/white binding

N 8415 XM2 white w/black binding 1992-xx-xx
N 8416 XM2 black w/white binding

8428 GL2TPBK
N 8435 GM4T black w/white binding

N 8440 XM2T black w/white binding
N 8445 XM2 white w/black binding
some dents and scratches

8447 GL2SPBK black 1992-06-25
N 8452 GM5S black w/white binding

N 8458 GM4TA

output jack and pot replaced
T 8459 GL7TABKER black 1992-10-23 Elite
N 8464 GM4T black w/white binding

N 8472 GM4-12 red w/white binding

N 8476 GM2-12 white w/black binding
6-string neck on double neck GM, TransTrem, see 8373
N 8478 GM4T red w/white binding 1989-09-xx got „lost“ during Ed Roman repair, later returned with broken TT
N 8481 ?

neck mounted on a DeLap type body
N 8489 GM2T/GM2-12 white w/black binding
double neck (12-string), 6-string neck is N 8498
N 8490 GM4S black w/white binding

T 8492 XL25 black 1994-xx-xx narrow 5 string
T 8498 XL2FPBK black 1992-11-27
N 8498 GM2T/GM2-12 white w/black binding
double neck (6-string), 12-string neck is N 8489
T 8500 GL4TABK black 1992-11-20 refurbished by Jeff Babicz
N 8500 GR4 black
white Seymour Duncan pu's
N 8516 GR4R black
active EMG PUs (89R-SA-SA), finish cracks

8520 GL7TA black 1992-11-25 custom ordered from factory w/ scalloped fingerboard, also listed as GL7CS
N 8521 -

lined fretless bass neck sold separately on ebay
N 8523 XM25 black w/white binding

N 8527 XQ3A-UF black
P/J pu's; v2 Q body style; v4 (Zen-On) bass bridge; unlined fretless; also paired w/ neck A9970
N 8528 XP2UF black 1989-xx-xx active EMGs, unlined fretless, some finish chips on bottom edges,
N 8530 GM4-12/XM2tUF black
XM2t unlined fretless/GM-4 12-string double neck (owned by Tom Petersson); other neck is N8789
T 8536 GL2TABKE black 1992-12-31 Elite, toggle switch replaced (not original)
T 8537 XL25ABK black 1992-12-15 narrow 5 bridge; HAZ dual tone EQ
N 8539

neck installed on a non-Steinberger body
N 8540 GM4T GM 5/12 white w/black binding 1989-06-14 double neck, GK pickup behind GM4 bridge PU
N 8541 GM4T black w/white binding

N 8546 GM6S black w/white binding
straight neck single coil routing larger than usual, crack between PU and neck pocket, possibly a modified GM-1 (also an additional toggle switch below pots, one original knob replaced, EMG 89 bridge HB,
N 8555 GM2S-LL white w/ black binding
N 8563 XM2 red w/white binding

N 8564 XM2 black w/white binding

8571 GL4CS black 1993-01-25 custom ordered from factory w/ output jack on bottom (not back)
N 8574 XM2A black
jaws replaced, V3 bridge, 5 bolts w neckplate
T 8581 XL2FPBK black 1993-01-29
N 8581 GP4T red
black/white pg
N 8584 GM2T white w/black binding
small closed hole below pots (was an additional 3-way toggle switch, now removed)
N 8589 GR4 black '92 pictured in '92 Zen-On catalog
T 8593 GL4TABKE black 1993-03-11 Elite
N 8593 GM4T black w/white binding
N 8596 GR4R metallic blue
finish cracks
N 8597 GM5S red w/white binding 1989-xx-xx (date is orig. purchase)
T 8599 XL25 white

8604 GL4SPBK
1993-02-26 Pickups replaced by passive DiMarzios (originals still existing)
N 8611 XM25 black w/white binding
pictured in '88 US catalog
T 8617 GL7TABKE black 1993-04-01 Elite, both strap buttons battery cover missing, dents (and glue?) around output jack, leg rest loose
N 8619 XP2 white

N 8620 XM2 black w/white binding

N 8623 XM2 white (no binding)

T 8626 GL2T black

T 8630 GL2TPBK
1993-04-02 leg rest missing
N 8630 XM3 black w/white binding

8633 GL7TAWHE white 1993-04-26 faceplate with black Elite logo, different non-matching passive pickups, non-original knobs, toggle switch and strap buttons, was reported stolen (October 2016, Germany)

8642 GL4T black 1993-05-xx

8658 GL2T white 1993-06-17 custom ordered from factory w/ two 89s and split coil tap on both, also listed as GL2CS
N 8660 GM4T yellow w/white binding
custom made for Sid McGinnis / David Letterman
N 8661 GM5TA black w/white binding

N 8664 GR4 metallic red '88
N 8665 GM4S sunburst
refinished, originally metallic red, passive pickups, no binding (neck probably replaced)

8667 GL2TA-LL black 1993-07-01 left handed, listed as GL2CS
N 8668 GM4S red w/white binding
output jack replaced by standard jack with metal plate
T 8672 XL2FABKUF black 1993-06-26 unlined fretless
T 8676 GL7TABKE black 1993-07-03
N 8682 XM3 white w/black binding

N 8693 XP2 black
active EMGs
T 8695 XL25PBKUF black 1993-07-31 unlined fretless
N 8707 XM3 black w/white binding

T 8707 GL7-12AWHE white 1993-08-23 Elite, TracTuner, folding leg rest, active EQ, wired for phantom power, also listed as GL7CS

8710 GL7-12A white 1993-08-23 GL72AWHE 12 string w/ phantom power supply, also listed as GL7CS
N 8711 XM3 white w/black binding

8713 GL4SA white 1993-08-23 GL4SAWH w/ 5-way switch, for "The Wailers", also listed as GL4CS
N 8714 XM2 red w/white binding
lined fretless
N 8715 XM25 black w/white binding

N 8717 XP2 black
back obviously damaged, felt type pad attached covering scratches?

8720 GL2TA-LL black 1993-08-28 GL2TABKE Lefthanded, also listed as GL2CS
N 8720 XM2 white w/black binding

N 8721 XM2 black

T 8725 XLSTDBK black 1993-09-23 repaired ding near headpiece (Babicz)
N 8731 GM4TA black w/white binding
previously owned by Marc Jacobs and dinged on front during back flip from drum riser, played with Was (Not Was) at Farm Aid
N 8735 GM5TPBK black w/white binding

N 8737 GM4T black w/white binding

N 8740 GM4T black w/white binding
chip on the binding

8743 XL2TABKE black 1993-10-29 Elite
T 8750 XLSTDBK black 1993-10-29 neck warped, active EQ
T 8751 XL2TAWHE white 1993-10-29 Elite, Bass TT, folding leg rest, active EQ, wired for phantom power, also listed as XL2CS
N 8757 GM5T black w/white binding

N 8758 GM4S white w/black binding
heavily yellowed finish, S-Trem shown with plugged in R-Trem arm, electronics compartment shows some amateurish soldering traces (orig. EMGs re-installed?)
N 8759 GR4R white
yellowish and cracked finish, parted out and sold in parts on ebay; update 08.2016: neck mounted on a white GM-1S with HazLabs v2 EQ
T 8767 XL2 black 1994-02-17 listed as XLSTDBK
T 8769 XLSTDBK black 1994-03-04 active EQ
N 8776 custom N/A
custom made from parts; neck probably from GM
N 8779 GM4TPBK black w/white binding
Output jack replaced
N 8781 GM4TA blue
custom series, flamed maple top
N 8787 GM4T blue burst
flamed maple top, custom
N 8789 GM4-12/XM2TUF black
XM2T unlined fretless/GM-4 12-string double neck (owned by Tom Petersson); other neck is N8530
N 8792 GM3-12 black w/white binding
12 string; 3 EMG SA's; owned by Steve Howe

8792 GL7TA black 1994-03-04 listed as GL7CS

8796 GL7TA white 1994-03-11 listed as GL7CS, appears as GL2TA (custom ordered with EMG 89/89R, two 3-way toggle switches SC-Off-HB)
N 8797 GM4T black w/white binding

T 8798 GL2TA white

N 8800 GM1T black w/white binding
chip (ca. 1 cm) on neck top edge behind headpiece, some corrosion and wear on the TT, holes from GK pickup
N 8803 GM4T/5-12 custom airbrush finish
(6-string neck, other neck is N9002), corroded frets
N 8805 GM2A-12 black w/ white binding 1988-06-xx
T 8806 GL7TA white 1994-04-15 listed as GLPROWH
N 8807 XM2 white
unlined fretless, owned and signed (on the front) by Jack Bruce, output jack replaced (plus plate)
N 8809 XM2UF white
unlined fretless, originally sold at Backstage Music in Laconia NH, neck replaced (1989) by factory, orig. serial number N6867 (1988-xx-xx)
N 8810 XM2/5LF black
worn, painted, stickers, sold as non-working for parts, lined fretless, V3 narrow 5 string bridge, bartolini pu's, 2nd output jack
T 8813 GL7TAWHE white 1994-04-01 gel coat chips on bottom end of faceplate, overpainted
N 8815 XM25 black w/white binding
some dents and chips
N 8821 XM3 black w/white binding
P-J pickup configuration

8822 GL7TABKE black 1994-04-01 Elite

8826 GL7TABKE black 1994-05-06 Elite
N 8829 XM3 black w/white binding
volume knob not original
1994-05-06 (listed as GLELTBK)
N 8833 XM2 white w/black binding
one tuner defective
T 8835 GLSTDBK black 1994-06-02 GL2SA, toggle switch replaced, neck pickup replaced, active HazLabs EQ (v2)
N 8844 GR4R metallic blue
passive EMG in bridge position
1994-06-03 wear and corrosion on the TT, wear on the knobs, cracks on neck heel, chip on faceplate
N 8847 GM1-LL white w/ black binding
lefthand w/ fixed bridge. Probably one of a kind.
T 8857 GL4TA black 1994-06-09 Elite, listed as GLPROBK
N 8858 GM5T red
Output jack with non-original plate, Reeves Gabrels signature on compartment cover, Babicz restoration
T 8859 XL2DB black
DB tuner
N 8860 GM4T yellow w/white binding

T 8876 XL2FPBK
T 8877 XL2ABK black

T 8878 XL2FPBK black 1994-08-05 pivot plate missing

8884 XL2FPBK black 1994-08-05

8887 GL4TABKE black 1994-08-05 Elite
N 8887 GM4T red w/white binding

8888 GL2TA white 1994-07-21 custom ordered from factory w/ two 89s, 3 position toggle, listed as GL2CS
N 8895 XM2 red w/white binding
some minor dings and chips along the binding
T 8899 XL2FPBK black 1994-08-05 also listed as XM2FPRD on 1992-05-29
N 8901 XM2 black w/white binding
has EMG P/J PU configuration, vol pot replaced by original from ER
N 8904 XM2DB black w/white binding
4-string DB tuner (until 04.2015 listed as XM25, narrow 5 string)
T 8906 XL5WA-UF black
wide 5 string; unlined fretless; active EQ
N 8910 XM3 white w/black binding

T 8912 GL7TABKE black 1994-08-05 HazLabs EQ v2
N 8913 XM2A black w/ white binding

8916 XL5W black 1994-08-05 custom unlined fretless, double dots at 12th fret, listed as XL2CS
T 8923 XL2TABKE black 1994-08-17 Elite, bass TT, active EQ
N 8929 XM3LF black w/white binding

T 8941 GL4TA black
GL Pro w/EMG 89 and HazLabs EQ v2, treble EQ knob missing
T 8942 GL2S black 1993-xx-xx (date from pickup stickers, IC), knobs and toggle switch not original
N 8942 GM4T black w/white binding

N 8943 GM4S white w/black binding

T 8954 GL7TAWHE white 1993-08-24 Elite, TT2, folding leg rest, active EQ, wired for phantom power
T 8956 XL2 black

N 8956 GR4R metallic red
some damage on the finish (edges, around neck pocket)
T 8958 GL4TA white
GL Pro; TT; H-S-S pu config
T 8969 GL4TA white
GL Pro, EMG 89 in bridge position + toggle switch (original), damaged output jack area covered by oval metal plate
N 8971 GM4T metallic blue w/white binding

T 8971 GL4TA white

N 8981 XM3 white w/black binding

N 8986 XM2T black w/white binding
bass TT
N 8989 XM2 sunburst (transp)
no logo
T 8990 GL7TA black
elite gold logo
N 8993 XM3

p-j style pu config.
N 9001 XM2 white w/black binding
some chips along the binding
N 9002 GM4T/5-12 custom airbrush finish
(6-string neck, other neck is N8803), corroded frets
T 9004 GL4TA white
HazLabs v2 EQ
N 9004 GM2TA seafoam green 1991-xx-xx pinstripe binding, custom model by Peekamoose, EMG SPC with additional knob, white EMGs (60 neck, 85 bridge)
T 9005 GL2S white
PUs replaced by SDs (AH), Fender type knobs
N 9006 GM1T red w/ white binding
pictured in '88 US catalog, serial appeared also on a GR4 (black)
T 9008 GL7TA Elite black
gold Elite logo; push button pu selectors
N 9025 GR4 black
extremely cracked finish, knobs and output jack not original
N 9026 GR4 white
SD pu's
N 9031 GR4 metallic blue 1989-xx-xx pictured in '89 US catalog; update 2016: EMG85 in bridge position (still passive SDs in neck + middle pos.), modifications on R-Trem (M6 tension adjuster screw)
N 9032 GR4 metallic blue 1989-xx-xx
T 9036 XL2 black
passive EQ
N 9036 GR4 black
refinished transparent black, several cracks and chips, gold logo applied
N 9037 GM4-12 metallic blue w/white binding

N 9038 GM5-12 black w/white binding

T 9038 GL4T black
passive SD pickups, knobs not original;
N 9039 GM22PKOFT koa 1990-12-31 12-string
N 9040 GM 6/12 black
double neck, 12 string neck for N10481
N 9044 GR4R white (cream)
lefthand strap buttons added, non original output jack
T 9048 GL2S black

N 9060 GR4R metallic blue

T 9062 GL4TA black
HazLabs EQ v2, EMG 89 in bridge position
N 9064 GM4T white w/ black binding
yellowish, finish cracks, paint chipped on bottom (bridge) side
T 9069 GL2T/GL2-12

N 9073 GR4R metallic red
PUs replaced by active EMGs
N 9076 GM4T blue w/ white binding
owned by Steve Howe
N 9082 GM4T koa

T 9084 XL2A black 1997-xx-xx DB tuner
N 9085 GM4T koa

T 9086 GL7TA black 1995-05-09 (date inside body), HazLabs EQ v2
N 9086 GR4 white
Moses neck (original neck bent, but still existing)
N 9089 GM4T white w/black binding

N 9090 GM4TA blue burst 1989-09-28
T 9096 XL2 black
non original knobs, battery cover missing, strap button on pivot plate missing, replaced EMGs
T 9100 XL2A black 1995-05-22 dual tone EQ
T 9101 GL7TA black

N 9102 GR4R metallic blue
body very worn, parts of the finish are missing, backplate missing
T 9112 GL7TA black

9116 GL4TA black
also listed as XL2FPBK (unconfirmed) on 1996-07-16

9117 XL5W black 1998-04-16
T 9120 GL2T white
previously a GL2S, orig. HazLabs v1 board replaced by v2 board, Newburgh volume knob + HazLabs tone knobs
N 9123 GR4R black
white pickups, tone/volume knobs not original, refretted, some minor scratches and one chip
N 9126 GR4R black

N 9129 GR4R black
Seymour Duncan PUs
T 9130 XL2 black 1996-xx-xx knobs not original, E jaw replaced
T 9134 XL2F_BK black

N 9136 GM4T white w/black binding 1989-07-12
T 9139 GL4TA black
EMG89 bridge PU, toggle switch, HazLabs stacked tone knobs, Newburgh volume knob
T 9141 GL4TA

GL Pro configuration (EMG 89 at bridge position)
N 9143 GR4R metallic blue
finish cracks, bridge PU not original (black + white)
N 9156 GR4R black
white pickups
N 9158 GR4R metallic blue

N 9162 GR4 red?

9179 XL5WBK black

T 9179 XL2 black
chip on faceplate (upper bottom end)
N 9180 GM5T red w/white binding

N 9182 GM4TA koa 1988-xx-xx golden TransTrem (one of two with this design, the other one was owned by Lou Reed)

9183 GL7TA white

T 9185 GL4TA white
knobs not original; EMG89 in bridge position
N 9191 GM4T koa

T 9192 XLW5WH
N 9195 GM4T koa
some dents and scratches
N 9196 GR4RHBK black

T 9198 GL4T black
signed on the back by Yngwie Malmsteen
T 9199 GL2S black
two EMG 89, knobs and switch not original
T 9203 XL2 black
DB tuner
N 9205 GR4R ivory
12.2014: neck now mounted on a GM4TA (custom series, double binding, figured top, some dings, chips)
N 9209 GR4R natural
original black finish removed, plastic pickguard
T 9212 XL2A black 1996-xx-xx (internal writing shows March 7, 1996)
T 9216 GL2TPBK black 1996-06-13 toggle switch replaced
N 9226 GR4R black
white pickups
1996-07-25 Owner’s name engraved above battery cover
T 9242 GL7TABK black 1996-07-16
N 9248 GM1T black w/white binding
crack on lower body half
T 9257 XLW5BK
T 9259 GL4T doubleneck black 1996-08-09 factory custom doubleneck; 2 identical GL4T, listed as GL2CS
N 9261 GR4R black
bridge pickup replaced, some finish cracks

9265 GL4TAWH white 1996-11-08 GL Pro (EMG 89 at bridge, additional toggle switch)
N 9265 XM25A/GM4TA white w/black binding
doubleneck - bass neck portion; narrow 5 bridge; active EQ
T 9266 GL2SPBK black 1996-11-08 PU selector switch replaced
N 9269 XM2 black

N 9271 XM3 black

T 9278 GL7TABK black 1997-02-27
T 9279 XL2A black

N 9282 XM2 black w/white binding

N 9283 XM3 white w/black binding
some dents on the back and sides, EQ replaced (non original), stacked tone pot, knobs not original

9284 XL5W black 1996-09-20 custom ordered from factory with only side dots, no face dots, listed as XL2CS
N 9284 XM2 black w/white binding
some cracks, dents, scratches on body and binding

9285 XLW5 white 1996-09-20 custom ordered from factory w/ double dots at 12th fret, listed as XL2CS

9292 GL4TAWH white 1996-11-08 GL Pro (EMG 89 at bridge + toggle switch)
T 9295 XL2-UF white 1996-xx-xx factory warranty raplacement for #7513 (neck failure)
N 9302 XM25 red w/white binding 1990-01-26
T 9309 XL2FPBK black 1996-11-22
N 9310 GM4TA blue burst 1989-xx-xx

9314 GL2SPBK black 1996-12-02
T 9315 GL4SABK black 1997-05-09
T 9319 GL7TABK black 1997-05-30
N 9324 GR4R red
active EMG EQ, neck pickup coil split via push/pull pot
T 9328 XL2-LL black 1996-12-10 lefthand, listed as XL2FPWHLL (white)
T 9329 XL2FPWH white 1997-01-30 neck PU replaced by new EMG
N 9330 GR4R black
white pickups
T 9331 GL4TAWH white 1997-01-18 sticker on faceplate, EMG 89 in bridge position (orig.), volume knob not original
T 9334 GL4T black 1997-04-04 originally listed as GL2SPBK, incorrect push button switches (caps too small for holes)
T 9334 GL2T black 1996-11-xx custom marbleized top, originally came with an S-Trem
T 9339 XL2DABK black 1997-02-07 DB tuner
N 9339 neck only N/A
Factory ordered fretted bass neck; companion to N8527
N 9341 GR4R white
pickups replaced by active EMGs
T 9342 XLW5BK black 1996-12-20
1997-01-31 unlined fretless,
N 9349 GR4 metallic red
EMG's and an extra tone knob added (post factory)
T 9354 XLW5BK black 1997-03-14

9359 XL2FPBK black 1997-02-19
N 9361 GR4R black
many finish cracks, white PUs
T 9363 GL2TPWH white 1997-02-26 toggle switch not original

9369 XL2FABK black 1997-03-20
N 9371 GR4RD red
PUs replaced by EMG 89/SA/SA
T 9374 XL2FPBK black 1997-05-16 V4 bridge
T 9376 GL7TAWH white 1997-05-16
N 9381 GM4TP/GM22PBK black 1991-12-17 6-string neck for N10666
T 9381 XL2FPBK black 1997-05-30
T 9383 GL2SPBK black 1997-05-30 now with TT, pickups missing, tone pot replaced by output jack, volume pot now a stacked volume/tone pot
N 9386 GM4-12 white w/black binding
6-string neck on a GM4-12, TransTrem, see 9500
T 9392 GL7TABK
N 9396 GR4R black
white SD Hotrails pickups, two additional toggle switches (coil splitting)
N 9397 GK4T black
neck seen separately on Kida’s blog; update 05.2017: neck mounted on GK4T with Klein neckplate GK 287

9399 GL2SPBK black 1997-06-27
N 9401 GR4R black
white pickups
T 9409 GL3TABK black 1997-06-27
N 9411 GM4T white w/black binding

T 9413 GL4SABK black 1997-07-18
T 9415 GL4SAWH white 1997-07-18 now with TT, EMG89 in bridge position + toggle switch
N 9419 GP2S black
active EMGs, white pickguard
T 9427 XL2FPBK black 1997-07-31
T 9429 GL4TABK black 1997-08-14 EMG 89 in bridge position, additional toggle (factory installed) for splitting
N 9439 GM4T white w/black binding 1991-xx-xx

9450 GL7TA white 1997-08-29 custom ordered from factory w/ Roland GK2 pickup, listed as GL7CS
N 9452 GM5S black w/white binding

N 9455 GM2T black w/white binding
With EMG Silver 25th Anniversary models

9457 GL7TAWH white 1997-09-17 pic shows black GL and white GL /w faceplates swapped, non stock PU, knobs not original. Trems also changed as configuration says T-Trem and there's a S-Trem attached to the white body]
update 04.2014: completely white again
N 9458 GM2T white w/black binding
pictured in '88 US catalog
T 9459 GL7TABK black 1997-09-19
T 9460 XLW5BK black 1997-09-12
N 9460 GR4R white
yellowed finis, many cracks, knobs not original
T 9467 GL4TABK black 1997-11-07 EMG 89 + toggle switch (original)
T 9471 GL2SABK black 1997-09-19 now with TT, HazLabs v2 EQ, non-matching HazLabs and Newburgh knobs
N 9472 GM2T koa
some dents and scratches on the body
N 9474 GM4T black w/white binding

T 9477 XL2FPBK black 1997-10-24
T 9478 XL2DABK
1997-10-29 DB tuner
T 9480 GL2SPWH white 1997-10-24 orig. S-Trem, now replaced by TransTrem
N 9481 GM4TA rose
custom series
N 9490 GM2T/GM2-12 white w/black binding
other neck: N9763

9491 GL4TABK
1997-12-23 GL lined fretless
N 9493 GR4R red

T 9495 GL4T red 1998-09-25 EMG SA & 89; EMG SPC added later, listed as GL4CS
N 9500 GM4-12 white w/black binding
12-string neck on a GM4-12, TracTuner, see 9286
N 9502 GM4-12 red w/white binding 1988-10-xx
T 9503 GL4TA-LL red 1998-06-05 lefthand red GL with rare left-handed TT, listed as GL4CS also on 1997-12-22
N 9505 GR4R clear natural
non-original black korina body
T 9507 XL2A

DB tuner, crack around output jack; seller description “my main touring bass with Blue Oyster Cult for years”
N 9514 GR4R white

N 9515 GR4R white
finish cracks
N 9516 GR4RWH white
neck has slight bow, gold Lace Sensors replace original single coils
N 9518 GM4T blue burst

T 9521 GL7TABK black 1998-03-12
N 9523 GR4R white
PUs replaced by active EMGs, tone knob replaced by push/pull pot for bridge HB, finish yellowish with cracks, one crack between neck and neck PU
N 9525 GM4 metallic black
refinished, no logo, R-Trem instead of T/S-Trem
N 9527 GR4R white
yellowed finish, trem lock additionally held by screw (permanently locked, spring tab is broken)
N 9533 GR4RHWH
1991-01-11 Push-Pull pot for PU splitting
N 9542 GR4R blue (cyan)
refinished, now metallic black, no logo, non-original SD pickups
T 9543 XL2DABK black 1998-04-09 DB tuner

9545 XL5W white 1998-05-20 XLW5WH lined fretless, listed as XL2CS
N 9548 GM2TA red w/white binding 1991-xx-xx Peekamoose custom GM, white EMGs (85 & 60), HazLabs EQ, EMG SPC, ouptut jack with black plate, 3 pots, PU selector toggle in different position
T 9550 XL5WA yellow 1998-05-01 custom ordered from factory with rare yellow gel coat; one of a kind, listed as XL2CS
N 9553 GM4T silver

N 9555 GR4 black
white SD pickups
T 9556 GL2SPBK
T 9559 GL7TABK black 1998-05-22
N 9561 GR4RHBK black 1991-xx-xx
T 9564 XL2DABK black 1998-05-22
N 9571 GM1S white w/black binding
neck ferrules; update 01.2016: neck now on a red Ed Roman „GM-1R“ with typically displaced logo on body
N 9572 GM5TABKST silver w/white binding 1991-10-03 original silver finish
T 9572 XL2FPBK black 1998-06-12
T 9573 XL2DAWH white 1998-06-12 XL2CS-DB Bass, DB tuner, battery cover missing, used by the „bass player of the 2nd national tour of the “Miss Saigon” musical
T 9574 XLW5BK black 1998-06-12 wide neck
T 9576 GL7TABK black 1998-06-19
N 9582 GR4R white
additional pot above tone pot, volume knob not original, active EMGs, chips and cracks on front edge of trem routing, some dents, slightly yellowed finish
N 9583 GR4R metallic red
active EMGs (85/SA/SA), finish cracks
T 9584 GL4TAWH white 1998-07-24 GL Pro (EMG 89 in bridge position and toggle switch between pots)
T 9586 XLW5ABK black 1998-08-28 also listed on 1998-07-31, 1998-08-28

9588 XL5W purple 1998-10-30 custom ordered from factory with purple gel coat; one of a kind, listed as XL2CS
T 9589 GL4TABK black 1998-08-21 EMG 89 in bridge position, additional toggle switch, HazLabs v2 EQ

9591 XL5W-LF black 1998-08-21 custom ordered lined fretless, listed as XL2CS
T 9594 XL2FABK black 1998-08-28
N 9602 GR4R white
active EMGs installed
N 9603 GR4R natural (refin.)
refinished, original finish and logo removed; upd. 10.2015: neck now on a white bound GM2S (finish cracks, with FX bridge instead of trem); 12.2018: S-Trem reinstalled
N 9605 GM2T black w/white binding
multiple (4 layer) binding, gold logo w/white contour (like custom models)
N 9615 GR4R white
yellowed finish, chip at neck pocket (on top near serial number), some finish cracks
N 9617 GR4R white
yellowed finish, finish cracks and chips, Frankenstein sticker near pots
N 9619 GM4T white w/black binding
SC PU routes widened (V-shape), neck holes misaligned, damaged/baldy glued on neck back behind/below headpiece, factory 2nd?, sold without parts (only neck + body) on ebay
N 9622 GR4R white
heavily worn and cracked yellowish finish, sold with some missng bridge parts
N 9627 GM-2-4-12 black w/white binding
double neck, see N 9738
N 9649 GR4R red

N 9660 GR4R metallic blue

N 9663 GR4R metallic blue

N 9675 GR4R metallic blue

N 9694 GR4R red

N 9696 GM4T black w/white binding
refinished to “holoflash”
N 9738 GM-2-4-12 black w/white binding
double neck, HSS on 12-string section (9627, upper part), HH on 6-string section (9738)
N 9752 GR4RHRD red

N 9757

guitar neck sold separately
N 9763 see N9490

double neck
N 9770 GM4TA black w/white binding

N 9789 GR4R black
active EMGs
N 9792

neck sold separately
N 9799 GR4RHWH white 1991-02-28 some finish cracks
N 9813 GR4R black
white SD pickups, Roland GK PU and GK-2A controller installed, finsih cracks, worn
N 9821 GM7TA

EMG 89 (not wired for spiltting) - SA - 85, modified?
N 9829 GR4R white
yellowed finish
N 9834 GM4TA white w/black binding
N 9843 GM5T red w/white binding

N 9847 GM2T white w/black binding
finish cracks and some dents, passive replacement PUs, additional toggle below original toggle (coil split neck HB)
N 9856

parted out, neck sold separately on Yahoo Japan
N 9868 GR4R white

N 9871 GR4R black
finish cracks, some chips
N 9897 GR4 red 1990-xx-xx
N 9904 GR4R black
white pickups
N 9905 GR4R white
yellowed finish
N 9908 GR4R white
yellowed finish, additional switches, Roland GK pickup installed and removed, with visible traces
N 9928 GM2T koa 1990-xx-xx Koa top
N 9929 GM5TPBK black 1991-03-08 „Leslie West“, no binding, SD bridge pickup/EMG neck (, also listed on 1991-02-21
N 9932 neck only N/A
guitar neck
N 9963 GR4R black
white SD pickups; scratches and buckle rash on the back
N 9970 GM4T gray 1992-12-03 refinished / non-factory color, listed as GR4CS (modified GR?); update 06.2013: neck is now mounted on a GP-4T with refinished/non-stock body
N 9974 GR4R white
small dents below PU selector switch, yellowed finish around switch and on bottom side at neck heel
N 9995 GM2T black w/white binding

N 10015 GM4T white w/black binding
finish cracks
N 10021 GM2T blue burst
black body, quilted top, white binding, custom ordered switches for EMG 89, 3-way PU selector), white neck, knobs, and pickup rings
N 10026 GM4T black w/white binding

N 10027 GM4T white w/black binding

N 10028 GM2T white w/black binding

N 10035 GR4R red
small dent on top
N 10038 GM5T white w/black binding
output jack replaced, typical yellowish finish + cracks, scratches
N 10047 GM5T black w/white binding
TT replaced by JCustom XS trem, pots and pickups replaced by solderless EMGs, HeadlessUSA knobs and neckplate
N 10049 GM5S black w/white binding
top probably refinished, logo missing, non-stock Neutrik output jack
N 10053 GR4R black
white pickups
N 10061 GK2T white
Klein S/N 031
N 10070 GR4R white
yellowed finish with cracks and dents, white PU ring for HB; upd. 11.2017: neck now on a black GP2S with passive pickups, pickguard logo partially disappeared
N 10084 GM1T black w/white binding 1991-xx-xx new orig. body
N 10087 GR4R sunburst

N 10089 GM5T black w/white binding
sold with broken TT pivot base, dent on backside of upper horn; 10.2020: now with S-Trem
N 10111 GM5S white w/black binding
finish partially damaged (coming off), sustainer instead of neck SC, two additional toggle switches for sustainer
N 10112 GM4T trans rose w/ white binding
custom series, bound flamed maple top w/ translucent red finish
N 10124 XM2A red
“Motorcycle Tire Tread” graphic, made for Patt Fontaine (XYZ)
N 10138 GM5T white
white finish removed, body is now natural (tung oil finish), no logo; update 03.2015: parted out, neck on ebay
N 10142 GR4 metallic blue 1990-04-21 (date is original purchase), some small dents and chips
N 10146 GM4T black w/ white binding
possibly modified bridge pu routing
N 10147 GM4T black w/ white binding

N 10154 GM4T trans rose w/white binding
custom series, koa top with rose finish, small finish cracks near volume pot
N 10155 GM4T black w/white binding
top refinished (without logo)
N 10158 GR4R metallic turquoise
pickups replaced (Lace Sensor SCs, DiMarzio HB), all white, some chips around bridge, probably refinished
N 10162 XM2 black

N 10168 GM4T black w/white binding
middle PU missing, bridge and neck PU replaced by passive PUs, 12.2016: restored with new EMGs
N 10172 GM5TAWH white w/black binding
SA/81, HazLabs EQ, pleked by Peekamoose
N 10179 GM5T black w/white binding

N 10183 GR4 black
neck and body only on ebay, finish removed, partially repainted
N 10192 GR4R metallic red 1991-xx-xx 5-way switch replaced by 3 toggle switches, bridge PU replaced by SD Jeff Beck
N 10193 GM3T white w/black binding
Roland GK pickup, additional knobs/buttons and LED installed
N 10204 GM4TA blue burst
custom series
N 10220 GR4 metallic blue

N 10223 GR4 metallic blue
active EMGs and 3rd party active preamp/EQ
N 10224 GR4 metallic red

N 10231 GR4 black
some dents
N 10245 GR4 natural
maple body (?), finish and logo removed, EMG pickups
N 10254 GM4T white w/black binding
very yellowish finish, partially worn off on the back
N 10266 GM2T white w/black binding
slightly yellowish finish, typical cracks
N 10305 XQ4 red

N 10315 GR4R black
white PUs
N 10332 GR4R black
parted out, neck sold separately on ebay
N 10334 GR4R black
modified to H-S-H configuration (SD pickups), bridge PU routing widened and closed again with a plastic cover (for installing a Roland GK pickup which has been removed again), non-original knobs
N 10335 GM4T black
big scratch below pickups
N 10382 GR4R metallic blue/green
finish worn
N 10399 GM4S black w/white binding
some wear on the finish
N 10422 GM4T white w/black binding

N 10427 GR4RHWH2 white 1991-11-06 finish cracks, some yellowed spots
N 10452 GP2S white
white pickguard, active EMGs (81 bridge, 85 neck)
N 10455 GM4S black w/white binding
passive SD pickups (white), some finish cracks and chips
N 10456 GM4S black w/white binding
passive (white) SD pickups, finish cracks
N 10464 GR4R white
white SD pickups, original black body very damaged finish and body (wet environment?), replaced by original white body
N 10467 GM4T red w/white binding

N 10470 GR4R red

N 10478 GR4R black

N 10481 GM 6/12 black
double neck, 6 string neck for N9040
N 10484 GM4T red w/white binding

N 10486 GM

neck sold separately
N 10488 GM4T red w/white binding
huge chip/missing finish below middle + bridge PU
N 10529 XQ2 red

N 10547 XM2 black w/white binding 1991-xx-xx
N 10563 GR4 black
modified, extra tone knob; update 06.2012: neck seen on original, non modified black GR4 (swapped necks?)
N 10565 GM2T white w/black binding

N 10565 GM2T white w/black binding

N 10575 GM4TA black w/white binding

N 10577 GR4R red

TN 10585 XQ2D black
unusual combination of prefix and number; DB tuner
N 10588 GM4TA white w/ black binding 1991-01-xx? EMG 85 & SA's
N 10599 GM4T black w/ white binding
bridge EMG 81 pu replaced w/ 89
N 10602 GM4T black w/white binding 1990-11-13 date is orig. purchase at Rhodes Music London UK
N 10617 GM4T white w/black binding
yellowed finish, large area with missing finish on back
N 10622

1990-03-22 neck sold separately by Newburgh factory (invoice 12959)
N 10633 XQ4 red
DB tuner
N 10638 XQ4 metallic red
DB tuner, EMG, HazLabs, v1 maple body
N 10656 XM3A black w/ white binding
rare P-J pu config; active EQ
N 10657 XM3FAWH white w/black binding 1991-12-13 Fender knobs, output jack replaced by acoustic guitar type jack (small crack there)
N 10662 GM42AWH white w/black binding
Double Neck GM4T/GM4-12, second neck is N10975
N 10665 GM4TASB tobacco burst 1993-05-06 also listed as GM42PBK on 1990-12-15, 1991-06-28, as GM42AWH on 1992-04-24
N 10666 see N9183
1991-02-28 12-string neck for N9183
N 10668 GM42PWH pearl blue* 1991-12-19 12 string; body color is aftermarket, original color unknown
N 10673 XQ24 blue

N 10682 XQ2-DB white
DB tuner
N 10693 XM35A black w/white binding
P-J pickups; narrow 5 bridge
N 10703 XM35 black w/ white binding
P-J pickups; narrow 5 bridge
N 10714 GM2T white w/black binding

N 10722 GR4R black
active EMGs installed
N 10726 GM4T white w/black binding

N 10730 GM4T black w/ white binding

N 10732 GM4T black w/white binding
neck SC replaced by humbucker, ferrules (no neckplate), several chips
N 10736 GM4T pink w/black binding
Here's exactly what Jeff Babicz told me about this guitar: "... I remember that we made about a dozen of these at the Newburgh NY factory. Our sales manager Michelle had a side business called Pink Lady. She asked us to build a short run of pink GM’s, so we did. That’s how this came about."
N 10740 GR4R black
white pickups
N 10745 GM4T natural
custom series, koa top
N 10767 GM4S black w/white binding
orig. TT broken, replaced by S-Trem
N 10769 GM4S koa
many finish cracks on bottom end
N 10779 GM2T white w/black binding
yellowish finish
N 10781 GM2TA white w/black binding
yellowed finish with typical cracks
N 10782 GM4T clear* w/ black binding
originally pink (#12 of 12), finish removed (incl. logo)
N 10789 GR4R black
white SD pickups
N 10803 GR4R black
white SD pickups, large chip on lower neck pocket
N 10831 GM4TAWH white w/black binding 1991-xx-xx
N 10840 XQ2 (?)

neck sold separately on ebay
N 10845 XM3 black w/white binding

N 10850 XM3 black w/white binding

N 10851 XM35A black w/white binding
P-J pu's; narrw 5 string bridge; active EQ
N 10858 XP2 black
knobs not original, white pickguard with battery access, passive PUs
N 10870 XQ2v1 black

N 10878 GM4T white w/black binding
purchased new from East Coast Music Mall (Danbury, CT, USA) in the early 90s. The white finish has yellowed, and has lots of checking, so it's likely a nitro finish from around 1991
N 10894 GM4T pink

N 10900 GR4R white
white cover for electronics compartment
N 10904 GM4S black w/white binding

N 10913 GM4TA black w/white binding

N 10915 GM4T white w/black binding

N 10953 GR4R white 1991-04-10 finish removed , no logo
N 10957

Double Neck, see N10662
N 10963 GR4R red
additional toggle switch above tone pot, PUs replaced, master tuning knob replaced by regular nuts, finish cracks
N 10967 GR4R white
orig. trem replaced by JCustom R-Trem
N 10985 GM4TABK black w/white binding 1991-04-08 also listed on 1990-12-15, finish (and logo) removed, body and hardware worn
N 10988 GM4T white w/black binding
sold with all parts, but only partially assembled
N 10989 GM4TA black w/white binding

N 10990 GM4T white w/black binding
passive SD single coil PUs, additional toggle switch between pots
N 10993 GM4TA black w/white binding

N 11002 GM4TPWH
1990-12-15 yellowed, finish cracks
N 11013 XM3A black w/white binding
crack in body
N 11026 XQ2A-DB metallic red
original factory designation is Q4 (v1 body); DB tuner; EMG's w/ active EQ
N 11029 XQ4 black 1990-xx-xx orignally with DB tuner, modification (1992): factory installed bass TT
N 11035 GM4 white w/black binding 1990-12-20 passive non original pickups, knobs + electronics not original, JCustom XS trem; neck previously on a parted out black GM4TA, neck sold separately on ebay 05.2016
N 11045 GR4 red
R-Trem; Seymour Duncan PUs
N 11051 XM2 black w/white binding
maple colored phenolic fretboard
N 11066 XQ2TA metallic blue
bass TT, finish cracks, large chip/missing finish on bottom end above TT
N 11072 XQ3DB black
P-J pickups, DB tuner
N 11076 XQ2F_WH white
finish very yellow, neck instability, bending/bowing with medium and heavy strings
N 11083 XQ2 black

N 11085 XM3 black w/white binding

N 11098 GM4T black w/white binding 1991-xx-xx finish between logo and PUs worn, partially scratched off
N 11104 XQ2DAWH white
DB tuner
N 11107 XQ2TPBK black

N 11111 GM4TA/GM412A sunburst
number on 12-string neck, 6-string is TN14650, pivot plate on back
N 11112 GM4-12 black w/white binding

N 11120 GM5T_LH white w/black binding
original lefthand TT2
N 11132 GR4R metallic blue

N 11136 GR4R black
custom airbrush finish (Sphinx, pyramids) on top, EMG pickups, non-original knobs; update 05.2017: parted out, neck sold separately on ebay
N 11138 GR4RHBK black
originally bought in Austria 1991
N 11139 GR4R black burst
custom (non original) body, quilted top, active EMGs, 3 pots
N 11144 GR4RHBK black 1990-12-01 white pickups (orig.)
N 11147 GR4RHBK black 1990-12-xx white pickups (orig.)
N 11151 GR4R black
modified body for H-H pickups (2 x EMG 89), additional toggle switch, refinished
N 11153 XQ2-DB (Q4) black
XQ v1, Bartolini PUs, DB tuner
N 11158 GR4R white
finish removed, no logo, active EMGs, tone pot deactivated, 3-way switch
N 11167 GM4TWH refinished yellow 1990-08-17 originally white, top refinished
N 11170 GM4S white w/black binding
finsih yellow/brown with lots of cracks and chips, orig. broken TT replaced by new ST
N 11174 GM4TPBK black w/white binding 1991-05-23
N 11177 GR4R red
active EMGs (89/SA/SA), finish worn, some chips, dents, cracks; partially refinished?
N 11180 GM4T black w/white binding
scratches, finish cracks, blems
N 11186 XM2 black w/white binding
scratches and dents
N 11188 XP2 black
replacement neck(?), active PUs, finish cracks on the back
N 11191 GR4R natural
no logo (orig. finish removed?), electronics compartment cover not original
N 11213 XQ2A cherryburst
Nashville v2 XQ body with older neck; Bartolini pu's; frets were pulled and filled by previous owner
N 11224 GR4R metallic blue
modified electronics (push-pull pots, coil taps, additional toggle switch, etc.), some finish cracks on bottom end
N 11235 XQ25 black
v1 body
N 11245 GM4T white w/black binding
orig. pickups replaced by passive Lace Sensor/SD pickups, stacked tone knobs, finish cracks on top
N 11260 GR4

N 11265 GR4RHEB metallic blue

N 11278 GR4R red

N 11286 GM4TA blue burst w/white binding
custom series, faded blue burst finish, large chips and worn finish areas on the back
N 11304 XQ3-DB black
DB tuner, EMG P/J pickups, HazLabs, v1 maple body
N 11307 XQ2-DB metallic blue
v1 body; DB tuner
N 11309 XQ2-DB white
v1 body; DB tuner
N 11310 XQ2-DB white
v1 body; DB tuner
N 11319 GM5S white w/black binding
finish worn away below bridge PU, discoloration on back, finish cracks
N 11322 XQ2A black
v1 body, HazLabs v1 EQ
N 11324 XQ2DB metallic red
D-tuner, headpiece and frets corroded
N 11332 KB

Klein bass, K 024 on neckplate, fretted, solid gloss blue
N 11339 XQ2Q4V1 metallic red
DB tuner
N 11367 XQ2DB clear natural
v1 body, finish (black) removed, logo (white on black bg) not original, neck slightly bent
N 11370 XQ black

N 11371 XQ3 black
refinished, now red, logo hardly visible (repainted?)
N 11378 GM4T black w/white binding
modified to GM-2 with passive pickups, middle PU cavity open, finish cracked and worn, some rust on strap pins, additional switches and pots mounted on plastic plate
N 11384 GM2S black

N 11392 GM4TA black w/white binding 1990-12-20 “invoiced to Sam Ash on 12/19/90”
N 11394 GR4R red
modified to H-S-H configuration with active EMGs, additional toggle switch
N 11399 GR4 blue 1989-xx-xx
N 11401 GM4TABK black 1991-02-22 modifcations: single coil PU routings widened, EMG89 in bridge position, push/pull volume pot, also listed on 1991-02-06
N 11402 --

custom built body with TTv2
N 11407 GR4R black
body damaged and refinished, Neutrik output jack
N 11410 GM4TA black w/white binding

N 11411 GM4T white w/ black binding

N 11427 GM4T white w/black binding
described with “neck has a slight up bow”, some scratches, dents
N 11444 GR4R transparent black
no logo, refinished (?), pickups replaced
N 11447 GR4R black
lots of finish cracks
N 11452 GM4T transparent red w no binding
flamed top, passive Lace Sensor SCs, GFX HB, Newburgh neck on Nashville body?
N 11458 GM2T white w/black binding

N 11463 GM4T black w/white binding

N 11464 GM4T white w/black binding
(originally on a GM2T); yellowed finish, dysfunctional TT tuner housing mounted on an R-Trem pivot base, routing widened for R-Trem base
N 11466 GR4R white
refinished silver (with logo), knobs and PUs not original;
N 11468 GR4R metallic red

N 11477 GK7T black 1993-02-28 GK194, tortoise pickguard, Harmonic Design pickups (custom order)
N 11492 GR4R black
finish not original, several (now covered) modifications and closed holes on the body
N 11500 GR4R metallic red
PUs replaced by DiMarzios
N 11504 GM4T black w/white binding
finish crack/chip at strap button
N 11519 XM2A

N 11532 XQ2D white

N 11538 XQ2 metallic red

N 11539 XQ3 v1 black
EMG P-J pickup configuration (XQ3) factory installed
N 11547 XM2 black w/white binding

N 11564 GR4R metallic blue/green

N 11570 GM4T grey marble
factory original with regular white logo, 1991-06-06 (date of orig. purchase, Sam Ash Music NY)
N 11572 XM25A/GM4TA white w/ black binding
doubleneck - guitar portion; TT; active EQ
N 11578 GM4T pink w/black binding
push-pull pot for coil switching
N 11579 GM4TAGRMRB2 green marble 1991-10-03 original green marble custom paint job by Jim O'Connor, HazLabs board removed, TT replaced by JCustom XS trem, new output jack with plate
N 11580 GM?

neck sold separately on ebay: “from Steinberger M-series guitars owned by Lou Reed. He eventually had these graphite necks replaced with wooden ones.”
N 11583 GM2SPWH white 1991-03-28 no binding
N 11589 GM4TA yellow w/black binding
Roland GK pickup installed
N 11599 XM2FPBK black w/white binding 1991-01-25
N 11608 GR4RHRD translucent red

N 11615 GR4R

neck SC replaced by HB, all EMG PUs now
N 11637 GR4R black
pickups replaced by active EMGs
N 11638 GK4T white
neck replaced, see N 4634
N 11644 GR4 black
refinished to black sunburst, DiMarzio PUs
N 11646 XM2 red
lined fretless bass neck, sold together with a red XM2 (N12683,fretted), DB tuner, bass body signed by several bass players, original owner Les July (?)
N 11653 GR4RBK black
pickups replaced by EMG 85/SAV
N 11657 GM4T red w/white binding

N 11661 XQ5 metallic red
wide bridge, EMG, HazLabs, v1 maple body
N 11663 XQ2Q4V1 black
DB tuner
N 11670 XQ4DB white

N 11671 XQ4v1 blue
DB tuner
N 11676 XQ2 (Q4) v1 black
parts and neck sold separately on ebay
N 11683 XQ2 black
DB tuner
N 11688 XQ25 black

N 11691 XQ2ADB white

N 11697 GM2T red w/white binding

N 11702 GM2T white w/black binding
yellowed finish, black plastic pickguard mounted below pickups, knobs not original
N 11704 GM4T red w/ white binding

N 11714 GR4R metallic blue
pickups replaced by EMG, active EQ (?), finish cracks and dents, holes from Roland PU installation, R-Trem master tuning knob replaced by a different screw
N 11720 GR4RHEB metallic blue

N 11738 GR4RHBK black
pickups replaced by EMGs, some dents and scratches
N 11743 GM4SABK black w/white binding 1991-02-21
N 11750 ?

neck sold separately on ebay
N 11763 XM2FPRD red w/white binding 1991-09-25 also listed as XM2DPRD on 1990-12-15, 1991-06-28
N 11769 GR4R black
N 11770 GR4R black
some chips and scratches
N 11773 GM4T black 1991-xx-xx no binding
N 11777 XQ2DN metallic blue
v1 body, DB tuner
N 11819 GM2T white w/black binding
yellowed finish with some cracks and dings
N 11830 XM2 black w/white binding

N 11832 XM25 black w/white binding
slightly crooked logo
N 11839 XQ2DPWH
1990-12-21 Q4 v1 body, partially yellowed finish, DB tuner
N 11845 XQ2 white
Q4 v1 body, yellowed finish, DB tuner
N 11849 XQ2 metallic blue

N 11850 XQ2 white

N 11854 XQ25 red 1990-xx-xx „candy apple red“ finish
N 11859 XQ25 black

N 11864 XQ25A black

N 11867

guitar neck sold separately on ebay
N 11899 GM4T black w/white binding

N 11913 GR4RHWH
N 11915 XQ25 metallic blue
some dents, chips and finish cracks
N 11919 XM2FPBK
1990-12-28 bridge corroded
N 11920

bass neck sold separately on ebay
N 11930 XM2FPBK black w/white binding 1991-04-08
N 11934 XM2FPBK black w/white binding

N 11936 XM2

N 11936 XM25 black w/white binding

N 11963 GM4T white w/black binding

N 11970 GM5T metallic blue
no binding, additional pot below toggle switch
N 11981 GM4T white 1991-xx-xx refinished and modified GR body, additional black plastic pickguard, passive replacement PUs H-S-H (neck PU routing modified), replacement knobs
N 11989 GR4R white
finish cracks
N 11991 GR4R red
some cracks and chips around trem and neck pocket
N 11992 GR4R white
knobs not original, finish cracks and a few chips
N 12017 XM2 red w/white binding 1989-07-xx assembled from parts, Cort bridge, neck serial listed as XM2DABK on 1991-05-09
N 12031 XM2FPBK black w/white binding 1991-04-08
N 12036 XM2FPBK black w/white binding 1990-12-15 upper half of body painted blue
N 12037 XQ2v1 (Q4) black
EMG, converted to lined fretless by Bass Northwest in Seattle, Washington
N 12039 XQ25 v1 black
finish has lots of cracks, some chips and dents
N 12052 XQ25 black

N 12066 GHHZHWH white 1990-12-15 GS-7Z originally owned by Adrian Belew
N 12072 XQ25 white

N 12082 GM4TPCS custom (crackle b/w) 1991-04-09 original custom b/w “crackle” finish (NAMM model, only 7 made)
N 12090 GR4R white
yellowish finsish, pick holder glued to top
N 12092 GM7TAWH white w/ black binding 1991-02-15
N 12114 XM2DPBK black w/white binding 1991-04-08
N 12117 GM4T white w/black binding
yellowish finish below pots/switch
N 12120 XQ4DPBK black 1990-12-15 DB tuner, EMG, HazLabs, v1 maple body
N 12129 XQ25PWH white 1991-04-08 yellowed finish, Bartolini PUs
N 12141 XQ25PWH white 1991-03-27 yellowed finish, several chips and dents on rear end
N 12142 XQ25PWH
1991-04-08 neck now installed on a L-type wooden body, flamed maple top, EMG P40 pickups, owned by Tony Bowers (Simply Red)
N 12149 GR4RHWH white
finish yellowing/cracks
N 12153 GR4R black

N 12160 GR4RHEB metallic blue 1990-12-14 Duncans replaced w/ EMG 89/S/S and custom volume, tone/tone controls, scratches, chips and dents, sticker fret markers on the neck
N 12165 -

neck sold separately on ebay
N 12179 GR4R metallic blue/green?
finish cracks
N 12182 XQ2DPBK black 1990-12-15 DB tuner, v1 body
N 12186 XM25 black w/white binding 1990-12-15 (neck taken from XQ2FAWH); white pickup rings, chip over neck PU,
N 12187 XQ2 red

N 12191 XQ2FPBK black 1990-12-27 some scratches and dings, adhesive residues between pickups, 2 compartment covers on the back transp. red (not original)
N 12202 XQ2DPSB sunburst 1990-12-14 on ebay as „Q4v1“
N 12209 XM25 white w/black binding 1990-12-15 (neck taken from XQ2FPEB)
N 12219 GM2TPBK
1990-12-15 golden EMGs and knobs
N 12231 GR4RHBK black 1990-12-15 crack on the back where body parts meet, replaced Pus (Greco, Lace Sensor)
N 12241 XQ25PBK black 1990-12-21 v1 body
N 12251 GR4RHEB
1990-12-15 finish and logo removed, clear coat on mahogany body, additional hole below bridge HB, two single coils removed, neck screws w/o plate or ferrules
N 12259 GR4RHEB metallic blue 1990-12-15 Roland GK pickup and GK2A controller mounted (extra routing in the body front)
N 12271 XQ2DPEB metallic blue 1991-02-01 finish very worn, cracks, chips, DB tuner
N 12273 XQ25PBK black 1991-03-15 v1 body, additional pot below tone pot, closed hole behind tone pot
N 12275 XQ25PRD red 1990-12-21
N 12287 XM2FABK black w/white binding 1991-04-08
N 12298 XQ2DASB
N 12310 XQ2DPSB sunburst 1991-02-27 original invoice March 15, 1991
N 12318 GR4RHEB metallic blue 1991-02-15
N 12324 GM4TPRD red w/white binding 1990-12-21 pick holder glued on top, GK pickup and controller removed (holes left), chips near binding on bottom end
N 12333 GM4S white w/black binding 1990-12-21 neck originally from a cream GR4RHCM
N 12344 XQ5 white 1991-04-08 wide bridge, EMG, HazLabs, v1 maple body
N 12347 XQ25PWH white 1991-04-08
N 12357 GM2TPCS custom (crackle b/w) 1991-01-31 GM2T with crackle finish
N 12368 XQ4FAEB metallic blue 1991-02-12 also listed on 1991-01-11, as XQ2DAEB on 1991-05-29, DB tuner, EMG, HazLabs, v1 maple body
N 12374 GM4TPWH white 1990-12-31 Newburgh body with binding and finish removed, edges rounded, now clear natural, routing modified to take up an R-Trem, additional toggle switch below 5-way switch
N 12375 XM2FABK black 1991-04-08
N 12376 XQ2DPSB sunburst 1990-12-28 v1, DB tuner, chip on the lower horn
N 12380 XQ2 black
v1 body
N 12382 XM2DA red w/white binding
DB tuner
N 12395 XQ25AEB metallic blue 1991-04-23
N 12404 GM1TA charcoal
custom model with gold logo, figured maple top
N 12406 GR4RHBK2 black 1991-08-01 lots of finish cracks (typical 1991 nitro)
N 12410 GR4RHRD2 red 1993-02-05 finish cracks + checking, some chips around bridge
N 12418 GR4RHWH white 1991-01-25
N 12451 XQ25ARD red 1991-03-13 some chips on body back (edges)
N 12454 XQ25PWH
1991-04-08 yellowish and worn finish, dings, spots, and a sticker on the top
N 12456 XQ25PWH white 1991-04-08
N 12465 XQ25A candy red

N 12499 GS7ZAWH2 white 1991-08-27 (also listed as GS7TABK on 1991-02-12)
N 12512 GR4RHRD red 1991-01-25
N 12517 GM4TPWH white w/black binding 1991-01-25 yellowed finish
N 12525 GR4RHWH
N 12528 XQ25PWH white 1991-04-08 refinished, now metallic red without logo
N 12532 XQ25AWH white 1991-02-22 v1 body
N 12544 XM2FPBK black 1991-04-08 no binding
N 12549 GS7ZHBK black 1991-06-13
N 12573 GR4RHWH white 1991-01-30 (bell) knobs not original, some corrosion on neck plate, typical finish cracks at neck pocket
N 12574 GR4RHWH white 1991-01-31
N 12577 GR4RHWH white 1991-02-01 SC pickups replaced by EMGs, bridge PU still SD-HB
N 12597 GR4RHBK black 1991-01-31 knobs not original
N 12608 GR4RHBK black 1991-01-31 holes of previous Roland GK2 PU installation on top
N 12619 GR4RHBK black 1991-02-01 RWB headpiece
N 12627 XQ2DPWH white 1991-04-08 DB tuner, slightly yellowed finish
N 12629 XQ2DPWH white 1991-04-08
N 12630 XQ2DPEB metallic blue 1991-04-08 v1 body
N 12638 XQ2DPEB metallic blue 1991-06-13 DB tuner, finish cracks and large chips on front and back
N 12644 GR4RHBK black 1991-02-01
N 12653 XM2T white w/black binding 1991-02-15 (originally listed as XQ2DPEB) knobs not original, stacked tone pot, Philips head screw in A-string tuner
N 12655 XQ2DAEB
1991-06-14 bass neck sold separately, also listed on 1991-10-17, 1991-11-26
N 12657 XQ2DPEB metallic blue 1991-09-06 DB tuner, orig. purchase 1991-09-07
N 12661 GM4TA black 1991-03-08 (listed as GM4TAEB)
N 12671 XM2FPBK black 1991-02-01 TN-list said ”WH” (white), but bass is originally black w/o binding; PUs, pots and electronics compartment cover replaced, with a built-in battery box accessible from outside
N 12681 XQ2DAWH white 1991-02-15 v1 body, DB tuner, partially yellowed finish
N 12682 XM2 red w/white binding 1991-04-08
N 12683 (XM2)

fretted XM2 neck, see N11646
N 12692 XQ2DPBK black 1991-03-13
N 12699 GM2TPBK black 1991-03-13 Orig p/u's:EMG 85-89 - now:EMG 89-SA-89R + other mods, also listed on 1991-08-23
N 12711 GM4SPWH white 1991-02-19 no body binding; EMG 89 / SA / SA; passive EQ; upd. 12.2014: passive PUs (Suhr + Barden), some dents; upd. 09.2016: additional pot above PU selector
N 12715 GM4TPWH white 1991-03-01 neck now on a custom built yellow double neck guitar (6-string), 12-string neck is N 5625
N 12719 GM4TPWH white w/black binding 1991-02-22
N 12721 GM4TPWH white w/black binding 1991-02-22
N 12722 GM4 white w/black binding 1992-03-27 JCustom XS trem, EMG 85-S-SA
N 12732 GM4TACS custom (crackle b/w) 1991-04-09 original custom b/w “crackle” finish (NAMM model, only 7 made), bought 1992 (Lake Placid, Munich), bridge HB replaced by EMG 89 with additional toggle switch for coil tapping
N 12739 XQ3 white 1991-02-19
N 12751 GS5TPPR purple/blue? 1991-04-11 Brett Garsed’s blue GS
N 12769 GS7TA black 1991-03-28 jaw screws in tuner housing not original (but original screws included); HazLabs v1 EQ;
N 12770 GM4TPBK black 1991-02-22
N 12784 XM2FPWH white 1991-03-28 no binding
N 12789 GM4TPWH white 1991-06-04 replacement EMGs (new logo)
N 12790 GM4TABK
1991-02-27 guitar neck of double neck, bass neck is N13768
N 12793 XM2FPWH white 1991-04-03 unbound; pictured in '92 Zen-On catalog
N 12795 XQ2DPSB tobacco burst 1991-05-03 active PUs; passive EQ, also listed on 1991-03-14
N 12801 GM4TPWH white w/black binding 1991-02-22
N 12805 GR4RHBK black 1991-03-01
N 12807 GR4RHBK gold 1991-03-01 listed as originally black, most likely refinished (with waterslide decal/logo)
N 12809 GR4RHWH white 1991-02-22 some small dents and a chip at the output jack
N 12813 GR4RHBK black 1991-04-11 wear and buckle rash on the back
N 12838 GR4RHRD red 1991-04-10
N 12842 GM4TAWH white 1991-03-28 also listed as GM4TAWH2 on 1991-12-03
N 12844 GM7TABK black 1991-05-30 no binding, coil split toggle switch in unusual position between volume and tone pot, HazLabs v1 EQ (vol pot replaced, wired to board), large chip under bottom strap button, some dents
N 12850 GR4RHWH white 1991-04-04 body modified to GM, TransTrem, binding;
N 12851 GR4RHWH natural 1991-04-04 white finish removed, no logo
N 12852 GM7TAEB metallic blue 1991-03-11
N 12857 XQ25PEB metallic blue 1991-04-08 some scratches, many finish cracks
N 12870 XQ25PEB metallic blue 1991-04-08 additional toggle switches and LED (without function), corresponding electronics removed
N 12898 XM2FPEB metallic blue 1991-04-04 repaired body crack, scratches and dents
N 12914 GS7TABK black

N 12918 GS7TABK black 1991-04-29 pictured in '92 Zen-On catalog
N 12919 GS0T black 1991-08-22 no pickups, built from parts, neck originally belonged to a GS7ZAWH2
N 12920 XQ25ABK black 1991-04-30 parted out, neck and bridge sold separately on ebay
N 12924 XQ25AEB metallic blue 1991-05-20 v1 body, some finish cracks on the back (starting below neck plate)
N 12926 GM4TPRD red 1991-03-18
N 12942 GS7ZABK black 1991-05-03
N 12958 GR4RHRD natural 1991-03-28 original red finish removed
N 12975 GR4RHEB metallic blue 1991-10-01 (?) date of original purchase 1991-08-28
N 12978 GR4R white
yellowed, many finish cracks, dents
N 12983 GM7TAEB metallic blue 1991-01-25 also listed 1991-04-05, TT resurfaced by Jeff Babicz, pasive BareKnuckle PUs (orig. EMGs included in ebay offer)
N 12984 GR4RHEB metallic blue 1991-04-11 PUs replaced by active EMGs
N 13006 GM4TPBK black w/white binding 1991-04-05
N 13022 XM2ADB white
no binding
N 13024 XM2FPWH white 1991-04-29 no binding
N 13031 XM25ARDUF red 1991-03-27 no binding, now 4-string bridge and headpiece installed
N 13034 GR4R black

N 13057 GR4RHBK black 1991-04-26
N 13070 GR4RHBK black 1991-05-23 also listed as GR4RHRD on 1991-08-29
N 13080 GM7TAEB red 1991-04-25 owned by Reeves Gabrels, passive DiMarzio pickups and Fender style knobs all red
N 13085 GR4RHRD red 1991-04-16
N 13086 GR4RHRD red 1991-05-13
N 13096 GR4RHBK black 1991-04-26 some dents, knobs not original, additional toggle switch, Hohner R-Trem
N 13099 GR4RHRD red 1991-04-25 bridge pu replaced w/ EMG,
N 13101 GM7T black
coil split toggle switch in unusual position above pots
N 13105 GM4TPWH white w/black binding 1991-04-15 Roland GK installed, SD pickups (not original?), , TT2 resurfaced by babicz
N 13115 XM2FPBKUF black 1991-06-17 no binding, unlined fretless
N 13121 XM2DABK black 1991-05-01 DB tuner, no binding
N 13122 GS7ZABK2 black 1991-08-29 strap pins not original
N 13127 GS7ZHWH white 1991-05-03 restored to original white color and passive PUs (SD)
N 13129 GS7THBK black 1991-05-03 „High Impedance“ with Seymour Duncan PUs
N 13131 GS7TABK black 1991-05-02 converted to GS2T with addition of pickguard
N 13164 GM7TARD red 1991-05-24
N 13166 XQ2FPBK black 1991-08-29 v1 body, large chips and finish cracks
N 13172 GR4RHWH
1991-10-04 neck sold separately in 2011
N 13181 GS7TABK black 1991-05-31
N 13210 GR4RHEB metallic blue 1991-10-01
N 13236 GS7ZAEB metallic blue 1991-06-27 pickups replaced by passive SD PUs, now passive EQ
N 13237 XQ2DABK black 1991-05-22 additional hole on body at neck heel, damaged finish near output jack, DB tuner,
N 13239 GM4TAWH white 1991-05-24 some small dents
N 13250 GR4RHBK black 1991-06-07
N 13252 GM4T Koa top
Koa, original PUs replaced by Tom Holmes Hum(nickle covered), Dimarzio virtual vintage, duncan 59-neck; update 05.2016: EMGs installed again by Jeff Babicz
N 13253 GR4RHBK black 1991-08-29
N 13260 GM7TARD red 1991-05-24
N 13268 GS7ZAEB metallic blue 1991-06-28 active HazLabs v1 EQ, two finish chips at the bridge
N 13272 GS7TAEB metallic blue 1991-05-31
N 13283 XQ25ABK black 1991-08-30
N 13308 XQ2DABK black 1991-08-27 DB tuner, some scratches
N 13316 XM2 white
no binding, DB tuner
N 13318 XM2FPBK black 1991-06-28 crack near neck plate
N 13324 GK4TPBK black 1991-08-30 GK032, now GK2 (HH), tortoise pickguard
N 13328 GM4TABK black 1991-05-24 no binding
N 13332 GM4TABK black 1991-05-31 TT very corroded, transposing arm and socket missing
N 13339 GM4TPBK black 1991-05-24 no binding, knobs not original, some dents/chips on back and sides, electronics rewired
N 13344 GS7TABK black 1991-08-30
N 13345 GS7TABK
N 13353 GS7TABK black 1991-09-23 some scratches and dents
N 13361 GS7ZABK black 1991-06-28 refinished to metallic purple
N 13365 GS7ZAWH white 1991-08-28
N 13367 GS7TAEB metallic blue 1991-08-29 original owner claimed one of first 12 GS's made at Newburgh factory
N 13371 GS7THBK black 1991-10-04
N 13384 GR4RHBK black 1991-05-31 orig. purchase Feb. 22, 1992, trem defective, pickup selector switch has nonworking positions
N 13391 GR4RHBK
N 13393 GR4RHWH white 1991-10-04 some dents on back
N 13399 GM2S white 1991-06-27 no binding, (listed as GM4SWH), blade switch, passive SD pickups (not original)
N 13403 GR4R white
neck pickup routing roughly widened for Fender PU
N 13416 XQ2FPWH white 1991-08-30 described as XQ2Q4V1
N 13422 GR4RHWH
1991-09-26 refinished? no logo
N 13450 GR4RHRD metallic red 1991-09-13 pickups replaced by EMG89/SA/SA plus toggle switch and HazLabs v2 board, done in factory in January 1996
N 13454 GK4SPWH
1991-09-13 GK 017, neck replaced by wooden neck, EMGs replaced by passive PUs
N 13479 GR4RHEB metallic blue 1991-10-16
N 13488 GM4TAWH white 1991-06-19 no binding, passive SD + DiMarzio pickups (not original), knobs not original, some small dents and chips
N 13492 XQ3DPWH white 1991-06-27 DB tuner
N 13498 XQ4 white 1991-08-01 normal bridge, EMG, HazLabs, v1 maple body
N 13500 XQ2DPRD metallic red 1991-06-28 DB tuner
N 13510 GR4RHBK black 1991-06-28 bridge PU replaced (other SD type)
N 13515 GM4TABK black 1991-10-09
N 13518 GM7TAWH white 1991-07-19
N 13522 GM4TAWH white 1991-07-16 no binding, Babicz restoration: new pickups, backplate signed by Ned, now passive EQ (HazLabs EQ apparently removed)
N 13523 GM4TABK black 1991-09-23 some scratches
N 13530 GS7TAWH white 1991-08-30 parted out, neck now on a Telecaster type custom body
N 13531 GS7ZAEB metallic blue 1991-07-29
N 13539 GS7TABK black 1991-07-22 ”previously owned by Steve Miller” according to seller
N 13547 XQ5AEB metallic blue 1992-01-03 also listed on 1991-11-01, 1991-10-24, wide bridge, EMG, HazLabs, v1 maple body
N 13555

see N13810 (second neck on a GM3TA doubleneck)
N 13556 GM7TAWH white 1991-07-24
N 13566 GR4RHWH white 1991-09-27 chip on the back (upper horn)
N 13570 XQ25ABK black 1991-10-22
N 13579 GR4RHRD
N 13583 GM4S black 1991-07-25 originally listed as GM4SPBK, now has a Moses neck, XS trem, EMG 89 on the bridge and an aluminum back plate cover; update 10.2014: parted out, nec,k body adn S-Trem on ebay
N 13592 GM7TA white
modified, different PUs and electronics, sold in parts without trem; upd. 02.2024: complete with original parts (TT, HazLabs) again
N 13599 XM2FPEB electric blue 1991-07-23 no binding
N 13607 XQ2 black
finish cracks
N 13618 GM7TABK black 1991-08-02 some scratches and buckle rash, master tuning knob missing; upd. 08.2022: neck sold separately on ebay
N 13627 XM2 black 1991-xx-xx no binding
N 13629 GK4S black
Klein serial 081 on neckplate
N 13637 GM4TAEB black 1991-10-18 no binding; update 02.2024: neck now on a white Klein GK body (large body, 003)
N 13638 GR4RHSB sunburst 1991-11-21
N 13639 GM7TAWH white 1992-02-11 listed as active, but seems to have passive EQ on the photos
N 13644 GM7THWH
1991-09-26 original passive PUs, modifications: Roland GK pickup, built-in GK2 expansion and wireless transmission, several knobs and switches
N 13648 GK

Ned Steinberger's personal guitar
N 13651 GM7TA black 1991-10-18 original passive pickups, listed as GM7SHBK
N 13672 GS7TAWH
1991-12-19 some yellowish discoloration on body edges, two little chips and a finish crack
N 13690 GM4TARD red 1992-04-08 no binding
N 13694 GM4THRD red 1992-04-09 no binding, Nashville style body, listed as „H“ (passive pickups), but has active EMGs (modified?)
N 13698 GM4TABK
1991-10-14 custom marble finish (by East Coast Music Mall)
N 13699 GM4TAEB metallic blue 1992-02-17
N 13724 GR4RHBK black 1991-10-31 Bill Lawrence pu and GK2 retrofitted
N 13727 XP2 black
textured white/black/white split active engraved pick guard; orig DB tuner replaced with v2 bridge; neck much newer / probably replacement, passive PUs
N 13730 GM7TABK black 1991-10-30
N 13736 GS7ZABK black 1991-10-09 EMG 81 in bridge position (replaced EMG 89)
N 13739 GS7ZABK black 1991-10-11
N 13742 GS7TABK black 1992-02-28 two small dings/chips, gel coat crack on the headstock, bridge pickup has a gold logo (not a 89?), probably replaced
N 13745 GS7TABK
N 13751 XM2TABK black 1992-05-27 neck only sold on eBay 11/01
N 13765 GM7TARD red 1992-12-31
N 13768 GM4TP/XM2FPBK black 1991-09-06 bass neck of doubleneck, guitar neck is N12790
N 13773 GM7TAEB metallic blue 1992-10-02 body refinished incl. logo
N 13784 GK4TPBK black 1991-08-30
N 13785 GK4TPBK black 1991-08-30 GK 030, HSS config.,
N 13786 GK4TPBK black 1991-08-30 two filled holes (from GK pickup?), small crack in pickguard (upper neck heel area)
N 13796 XM2 black w/white binding

N 13799 GR4RHSB sunburst 1991-12-05 PUs replaced by SD CCJ and Hot Rails
N 13801 XM2A black w/white binding
ferrules, no neck plate, scratch on the top (below knobs), HazLabs v1 board
N 13806 GK4TPBK black 1991-08-30 Klein serial GK 275, neck now on a GM-2S
N 13810 GM3TARD/GM3TARLF red 1991-08-30 Custom built 6 + 6 (lined fretless) Serial on second neck: N13555
N 13818 GK4SPBK black 1991-09-24 GK 048, now a TransTrem, neck PU replaced by EMG SA in humbucker housing (HA)
N 13819 GM7TAWH white 1991-09-24 now passive EQ (HazLabs board removed, replaced by Alpha pots)
N 13829 GR4RHSB2 sunburst 1992-02-20
N 13833 XQ25AEB electric blue 1991-11-13 active EMGs; v1 body, also listed on 1992-03-13
N 13835 GS7T natural
cocobolo top, shortened trem arm, E.R. stock
N 13836 GS7ZAWH white 1991-12-27 EMGs replaced by passive pickups, routing widened for middle SC, non-original knobs, some dents, also listed on 1992-01-29, 1992-02-13
N 13839 GS7ZHWH petrol 1992-05-29 refinished (originally white), plastic pickguard, passive SD pickups
N 13842 GS7TAWH white 1991-11-11 TT; active EQ; EMG 89-SA-89
N 13845 GS7ZABK black 1991-10-09
N 13846 GS7TABK black 1991-11-21 some chips on top
N 13872 GS7TAWH2
1991-12-17 sold as „project“ w/o PUs, electronics and TT, battered finish in January 2011, also listed on 1992-10-16, 1991-10-21, 1992-05-28
N 13873 GS7ZABK black

N 13880 XM2__RD red

N 13885 GM2 black*
refinished unbound M body - now stained black (not painted); no logo (double S/N?)
N 13885 XM2A electric blue
no binding, active EQ (double S/N?)
N 13895 GS7TABK black 1992-05-13 also listed on 1992-02-07
N 13906 GS7TAWH white 1991-12-12 TT; active EQ; EMG 89-SA-89
N 13907 GS7TAEB2 metallic purple 1992-05-20 FRED NEWELL stamped on neck instead of serial #; white neck & headstock, only paperwork shows serial
N 13907 GS
1992-05-20 Neck (black) given to Alan Holdsworth by Ned Steinberger, actually has this serial number, refretted by Bill DeLap
N 13911 GM7THBK black 1991-11-27 orig. passive PUs
N 13915 GM4THWH white 1991-11-27 guitar disassembled, neck seen separately on FB
N 13916 GM7TAWH white 1992-04-29
N 13925 GM7TABK black 1992-10-08 v1 HazLabs board, some scratches and dents; upd. 04.2017: parted out, neck sold separately on Reverb
N 13932 GM4T black 1991-11-15 new EMG 85/SA/SA installed
N 13940 GK4TPBK black 1991-11-15 finish cracks on lower front edge
N 13944 GS7TARD red 1991-12-18
N 13959 GS7TABK black 1993-03-16 wired for phantom power
N 13963 GS7TABK black 1992-04-14
N 13968 GS7ZHBK
N 13973 GS7TAEB metallic blue 1992-04-09 finish removed, now natural finish
N 13977 GS7TANA natural 1992-04-09 Ed Roman!
N 13978 GS7TABK black 1992-04-29
N 13980 GS7ZH metallic purple 1992-xx-xx
N 13989 GS7TAEB blue metallic 1991-12-17 Ed Roman mods: Kahler trem + white pickguard, upd. 2013: now white with black pickguard
N 14000 GS7TARD red

N 14021 GM4TAWH white 1992-02-12 unbound body; EMG SA/SA/85 PUs, also listed as GM2TPBK on 1991-12-18, 1992-01-03
N 14027 GM4SPBK black 1992-05-28 unbound body; previously owned by James Murphy / Testament", also listed as GM4SPBK2 on 1992-11-02
N 14038 GM4TPBK black 1992-05-01 pickups replaced by SD Jeff Beck HB, 2 x Hot Rail
N 14043 GR4R black 1991-12-13 originally listed as GK4TPBK (neck swapped?); bridge pickup and knobs not original, two additional holes for strap buttons on the back
N 14050 GK4TPBK black 1991-12-13 GK 094
N 14059 GM7TPPR metallic purple 1992-05-22
N 14062 GS7ZAPR
1992-05-21 Neck seen on an GSX type „Frankenberger“, origin unknown, also listed on 1992-04-09
N 14067 GR4R
1992-04-24 originally listed as GM7TAPR, neck replaced?
N 14076 GM7TA purple
output jack replaced by one with jack plate
N 14078 GR4RHEB metallic blue 1992-01-16 refinished (metallic blue/green/chameleon), no logo, refretted (6150 Jescar frets), electronics and output jack replaced (jack with plate), additional strap button at center of neck plate
N 14083 GK4TPBK black 1991-12-20 GK 105, large chip at lower „horn“ (legrest area), some dents at upper body side
N 14087 GR4RHBK black 1992-01-06
N 14091 GM4TABK/GM42ABK black w/white binding 1991-12-27 double neck
N 14092

second neck on N 14091
N 14094 GM4S metallic blue
09.2020: for sale without trem
N 14095 GK4TPWH white 1991-12-20 GK 101
N 14114 GK4TPBK black 1992-01-10
N 14119 GM4TABK black 1992-05-01 old L2/GL style replacement knobs
N 14123 GR4RHWH
N 14133 GM5TABK black w/ white binding
Modified to GM-2, new neck (from a GR4RHRD, 1992-02-27?), body probably built in 88/89, original EMG-60 bridge pickup
N 14148 GR4RHRD
1992-02-12 parted out, neck sold separately on Mercatino Musicale (Italy)
N 14161 GR4RHBK natural 1992-02-27 originally black, professionally refinished (incl. logo)
N 14164 GR4RHWH natural 1992-03-05 neck now on a LH custom body with quilted top
N 14171 GM4THBK black 1992-02-27 no binding, original passive pickups, headpiece partially damaged (low E slot)
N 14180 GR4RHSB tobacco burst 1992-04-09 also listed on 1992-03-18
N 14209 XQ2FPWH white 1992-06-20
N 14213 GK4SPBK black 1992-01-10
N 14216 GK4TPBK black 1992-12-31 parted out, neck sold separately on Yahoo Japan
N 14225 GM4/GR
1992-11-13 project guitar, GM body with R-Trem, neck converted to lined fretless, serial originally listed as GK4THBK
N 14233 GR8RHSB sunburst 1992-04-09
N 14235 GM4TABK black 1993-05-20 large finish cracks and chips
N 14240 XM2DAWH white 1992-03-27 no binding, standard bridge
N 14245 GM4-12 black w/ white binding
shipped from factory as GM4T
N 14247 GK4T white
also on list as Klein # GK 153
N 14249 GR4RHEB metallic blue 1992-05-29 some finish cracks
N 14251 GR4RHSB sunburst 1992-04-09
N 14257

lined fretless neck only
N 14262 GR4RHBK black 1992-04-09 finish cracks, knobs and saddles not original
N 14263 GR4RHBK black 1992-04-09 2nd strap button on bottom side
N 14265 GR4RHRD red 1992-05-01 major damage on the finish (large chips, cracks), neck and middle PU routings widened (very rough, irregular edges), active EMGs installed
N 14269 GK2TPBK black 1993-02-23 GK 231, 2 x EMG89 with a single toggle switch
N 14273 GK4SPBK black 1992-04-10 GK 165
N 14279 GM4SHWH white 1992-05-29 orig. passive PUs
N 14303 GK4TPBK black 1992-12-31 EMG 89 in bridge position, screw holes for GK pickup
N 14314 GM1T light blue
previously a white Ed Roman GM 1 body with typically displaced logo, trem routing damaged to take up an R-Trem, holes for GK pickup; 09.2020: light blue finish with orange logo above strings, orange binding/stripe (by headless USA)
N 14323 GR4RHBK
1992-05-29 neck now on a white (bound) GM2T, some finish cracks
N 14329 GM4TA white w/black binding
former employee’s guitar, slightly yellowed finish in some places, early Nashville type knobs
N 14351 XM2 black w/white binding

N 14355 GM7TA white
restored by Jeff Babicz
N 14356 XM2A black w/ white binding

1992-06-25 neck sold separately on ebay: “from Steinberger M-series guitars owned by Lou Reed. He eventually had these graphite necks replaced with wooden ones.”
NT 14375 GK4T white
GK 145, black pickguard, unusual prefix (NT instead of TN), dome knobs not original
TN 14386 GR4RHBK black 1992-10-23 small chips around neck pocket
TN 14400 GR4RHBK black
checking/cracks on body finish
TN 14421 GM4T custom painting
originally white w/black binding; now Mercury Grey Metallic base coat with Lost Souls HydroGraphic dip, black burst with clear coat; rewired, new electronics, EMG 89 in bridge position
TN 14443 GR4RHWH white 1992-11-20 finish cracks, a chip (on back), knobs not original
TN 14446 GR4RHWH white 1992-11-20 some corrosion on R-Trem saddles, knobs not original
TN 14473 GR4RHSB sunburst 1992-12-11 pick holder glued on top, knobs not original
TN 14475 GR4RHSB sunburst 1992-12-30 modified to HSH configuration (neck humbucker), knobs not original
TN 14477 GR4RHBK black 1992-12-11 finish badly damaged, scratches, dings...
TN 14479 GR4RHSB sunburst 1992-12-30 active EMGs installed, knobs not original
TN 14486 GR4RHWH white 1992-12-30
TN 14494 GM2S

body with binding, EMG 81 PUs, PU cavities not painted
TN 14498 XQ25A black
v1 body, presumably made in 1991
TN 14502 KB
1992-xx-xx Klein bass prototype (KB 002 on neckplate) Zolatone Black/Copper finish
TN 14504 XQ2FPRD red 1993-02-05
TN 14505 GM2TAWH white 1993-01-15 active PUs replaced by Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio; upd. 09.2017: active EMGs (installed by HeadlessUSA)
TN 14515 GS7ZABK black 1993-01-29 finish partially worn off, back trem cover missing
TN 14530 GR4RHWH white 1993-01-29 yellowed finish, some dents and chips (around trem)
TN 14533 XQ2FPBK black 1993-01-29 v1 body
TN 14545 GR4RHWH white 1993-02-28 bridge PU replaced by splittable SD HB
TN 14558 GR4RHBK black w/white binding 1993-04-02 GM body modified for R-Trem
TN 14560 GM1S black w/white binding 1993-02-28 several chips, new EMG 89 PU; lost in UK during shipment 01.2021, reappeared in UK 04.2022, history unclear
TN 14565 GR4RHBK black 1993-02-28 finish cracks, active EMGs
TN 14570 GR4RHSB sunburst 1993-02-28
TN 14576 GR4RHSB sunburst 1993-02-28
TN 14579 GR4RHSB sunburst 1993-02-28 originally a GR4RHSB, neck now on a modified black GM-4 body w/white binding, R-Trem, battery box installed on back, active EMGs
TN 14587 GM7T white
modified GR4 (or maybe a GM4), finish with dark sprinkles, no “coil split” switch
TN 14588 GR4RHEB metallic blue 1993-07-20 also listed on 1993-08-26, 1993-08-27
TN 14592 Custom

neck installed on a custom made doubleneck w/TT and TracTuner (similar to a GM)
TN 14606 GS

GS neck on a Klein MKM guitar (MKM 004 on neckplate); 6-strings, Dakota Red, K-body shape, Steve Klein created that shape body 1992 for basses, NOT guitars – but he did for Steve Miller and called it MKM (which stands for Montrose/Klein/Miller) – Previously owned by Steve Miller
TN 14610 GR4RHWH white 1993-04-12 finish almost yellow
TN 14639 GM7S black 1993-04-12 (orig. listed as GM4SHBK) passive SD pickups, Roland GK pickup and controller installed
TN 14646 GM4SHBK black 1993-05-07 originally black, finish removed (now natural, no logo), orig. passive pickups replaced by white EMGs, S-Trem replaced by R-Trem
TN 14648 GM4THBK
1993-05-07 finish cracks
TN 14650 GM4TA/GM412A

see N11111
TN 14654 GM4THBK
TN 14655 GM7THBK black 1993-06-01 original passive pickups
TN 14657 GM2SPBK black 1993-04-23 refinished silver, original electronics replaced by DiMarzio passive PUs, two additional toggle switches (coil tap), silver knobs (not original)
TN 14658 GM7TABK black 1993-05-14 restored and refinished to grey by HeadlessUSA
TN 14659 GS

GS neck on a Klein MKM (SKH 012 on neckplate), Golden Harp 32-strings, Sitar/Harp-Guitar, K-body shape, Finished in 2006.
TN 14670 GM7TABK black 1993-05-11
TN 14676 GM2SP red 1993-05-14 PU toggle switch below volume pot, no binding, Newburgh type knobs
TN 14694 GK4TPBK black 1993-05-21 GK 206 on neckplate, orig. PUs replaced by Lace Sensor (neck) and Bartolini (middle, bridge), back cover replaced, small crack on pickguard between neck and neck PU
TN 14697 GM4CS fireburst 1993-05-21 6-string GM4TA part of double neck (other neck is a GM4-12A)
TN 14698 GK4TPBK black 1993-05-21
TN 14701 XQ25AWH white 1993-05-27 wide 5 w/ EMG's; 4 knob active tone (separate treble & bass)
TN 14702 GR4CS metallic red 1993-06-01 chip at lower neck/body connection
TN 14705 GM4SHRD red 1993-06-01 finish removed, pickups replaced additional HB split switch, S-Trem contains non-original parts (tuner housing)
1993-09-17 also listed on 1993-09-28
TN 14713 GS7TABK black 1993-06-01
TN 14720 GM4THBK black 1993-06-01 original passive PUs, TT replaced by S-Trem, some finish cracks and scratches, logo modified with gold paint (similar to Newburgh custom logos) within the letters, partially worn away
TN 14728 GM7CS sunburst 1993-07-03 finish removed (but kept logo area), middle PU routing modified, S-Trem
TN 14750 GM4T red w/white binding
Nashville neck on Newburgh body, new pickups
TN 14751 GR4RHBK black 1993-07-31
TN 14757 XM25A metallic blue
no binding, active EQ, output jack not original, additional strap button on bottom end
TN 14770 GM7TABK black 1993-07-03 major finish cracks and dents on the back, some on top, some damage on back of the neck
TN 14774 GM4SHBK black 1993-09-25 passive PUs, many finish cracks all around the body
TN 14775 GM2SPBK black 1993-07-10 unusual knob/switch placement (toggle switch below pots)
TN 14777 GM translucent red
maple/mahogany body, prototype for unbound body?
TN 14795 GM7TA fireburst

TN 14813 GM7TABK black 1993-07-31
TN 14824 GM7TABK black 1993-07-31 several screw holes from (now removed) Strat type pickguard and GK pickup, finish cracks
TN 14832 Ed Roman EB-1

ebay photo, originally listed as GM4TABK (1993-07-31), not 100% sure about serial, could be TN14932 or -532
TN 14836 GM4TPWH
1993-07-31 now Ed Roman body (bound GM-4, red), logo position wrong, R-Trem
TN 14840 GK4SPWH white 1993-09-25 GK 200; upd. 09.2022: now with TransTrem
TN 14854 GR4RGSB sunburst 1993-08-28 white Bill Lawrence pickups
TN 14876 GM2SPBK black 1993-08-28 now with TT, no binding, finish cracks, pickup selector toggle below volume knob
TN 14877 GM2SPBK
1993-09-25 neck sold separately on ebay, no info about the remaining guitar parts (09.2014)
TN 14879 GM2SPEB metallic blue 1993-08-28
TN 14886 GR4RHWH white 1993-09-25 Roland GK pickup and controller
TN 14887 GM2SP black 1993-09-25 chip at upper horn/strap button, some dents and scratches; PU selector switch below vol pot
TN 14893 GM4TABK
TN 14894 GR4R metallic grey
no logo, refinished (?)
TN 14899 XM2FPRDUF electric blue 1993-09-16 unlined fretless, 2 rubber feet screwed onto the bottom edge
TN 14902 GR4RHWH white 1993-10-12 PUs replaced by EMG 89/SA/SA, also listed on 1993-11-16
TN 14903 GR4RHEB blue 1993-09-25
TN 14906 GM4S amber 1993-09-25 quilted/burl top refinished, no logo, originally listed as GR4RGEB
TN 14909 KB

Klein bass (ZK 007 on neckplate), fretted, Blue Zolatone
TN 14917 GR4RHWH red 1993-09-25 refinished red, orig. logo not visible, sticker logo placed on top
TN 14922 XQ3DABK black 1993-09-25 some scratches and dents
TN 14924 GR4RGRD red 1993-10-29 PUs replaced by active EMGs, visible crack between neck pocket and neck PU (on high E side)
TN 14925 XQ2FPWH white 1993-09-17
TN 14929 XM2 black
unbound Nashville body w/ bad finish checking; replaced w/ NOS Newburgh white bound body
TN 14938 XQ2DPEB metallic blue 1993-10-05 dent near output jack, pots + wiring replaced, DB tuner
TN 14940 XQ2TABK black 1993-10-05 bass TT
TN 14959 GR4RHBK black 1993-10-29
TN 14969 GR4RHBK black 1993-10-29
TN 14973 GR4RGBK black 1993-10-29 bridge HB not original (DiMarzio);
TN 14977 GM7THBK black 1993-11-05 passive EQ; no binding
TN 14978 GM4SHEB metallic blue 1993-11-05 original passive PUs, silver knobs not original
TN 14983 GMSTDWH white 1993-12-03 original passive PUs
TN 14989 GM4S black 1993-12-03 middle PU routing widened, lots of tiny scratches on (refretted) neck
TN 14993 XQLTD5CB cherryburst 1993-12-17
TN 14998 GM7TA fireburst 1993-12-15 listed as GMPRO
TN 15004 GMSTDBK black 1993-12-03 passive Gibson pickups
TN 15009 GMPRO natural 1994-02-04 GM-7TA, mahogany body, natural finish, small holes/sticker behind bridge PU (GK pickup installation?)
TN 15010 GMPROWB wineburst 1993-12-03 GM7TA
TN 15015 GMSTDBK black 1993-12-03 passive Gibson pickups
TN 15016 GMSTDBK black 1993-12-03 passive Gibson pickups
TN 15018 GM4T white w/black binding
refinished top (orange?), TT worn, body carved out on back (2 large areas), closed with wood covers; finish cracks on the rest of the original finish; output jack replaced (non original type)
TN 15024 XQSTD5BK black 1994-01-10 Bartolini PUs, HazLabs EQ
TN 15037 GM7TA natural 1994-02-04 body modified (”horns” cut off), pickups replaced by SDs
1994-02-04 parted out, neck sold separately on ebay
TN 15054 XQ25 sunburst
Bartolini PUs
TN 15071 GK4TPBK black 1994-02-04 GK244
TN 15080 GSPRONA clear natural 1994-04-01 maple top on mahogany body (orig);
TN 15086 GMSTDBK black 1994-08-25 TT, EMG89 in bridge position
TN 15108 GMPROFB fireburst 1994-03-18 GM7TA
TN 15109 GR4R black
white PUs, some dents, large sticker on back
TN 15110 GMPROFB fireburst 1994-03-31 GM7TA
TN 15111 GM7TA sunburst 1994-03-31
TN 15115 GM7TA cherry burst 1994-05-19
TN 15117 GMSTDWH white 1994-04-01 pickups replaced by SD (modified + widened PU routings for SCs), knobs not original; upd. 10.2018: parted out, neck and trem separately on ebay
TN 15121 XK2 blue
neckplate engraved ZK015, also listed as GMSTDEB on 1994-03-28
TN 15123 GMPROHB cherry burst 1994-04-29 GM7TA
TN 15143 GMPROCP clear purple 1994-04-08
N 15161 XQSTD5CB cherry burst 1994-04-15 serial anomaly: photo shows “N15161” instead of „TN...“, upd. 01.2014: new Bartolini PUs
N 15163 XQ2ADB black
v2 body, D-tuner, Bartolini PUs, serial anomaly: photo shows “N15163” instead of „TN…“
TN 15182 GMSTDHB honey burst 1994-04-29 GM-4S, passive pickups
TN 15191 XQSTD4CB cherry burst 1994-05-18 also listed on 1994-07-01, 1994-05-06
TN 15211 XQPRO4CB cherry burst 1994-05-20 DB tuner
TN 15212 KB
1994-05-17 Klein bass, ZK 015 on neckplate, fretted, Blue Zolatone, (orig. listed as "950-TXN")
TN 15214 GMPROBK black 1994-05-13 GM-7TA
TN 15223 GS

NOS neck sold separately on ebay
N 15224 GP2S
1994-05-23 serial and date belonging to a GMPROBK, neck is now installed on a GP2S with replaced passive pickups (Seymour Duncan?)
TN 15238 GMPROFB fireburst 1994-07-20 2 small scratches on back of neck and body
TN 15244 GMPROFB fireburst 1994-09-16 GM7TA
TN 15250 GMPROCB cherry burst 1994-08-05 GM7TA, orig. PU configuration + EQ restored by Peekamoose
TN 15271 GM7TARD red 1994-08-05 a few small finish cracks and dents
TN 15280 GMSTDWH white 1994-09-16 GM-4S, passive pickups, (also listed as 950-GN on 1994-06-17)
TN 15295 XQSTD5NA natural 1994-09-16 Bartolini PUs
TN 15316 XQ4 black
Bartolini pickups
TN 15317 XQ2A black 1994-07-20
TN 15319 GK4T black 1994-07-12 Klein GK-4T (listed as 950-GN)
TN 15334 XQ25A clear yellow
Bartolini pickups
TN 15336 XQ25A tobacco burst 1994-09-02 Bartolini pickups, small chip near rear strap button
TN 15343 XQSTD4FB fireburst 1994-07-12 Bartolini pickups
TN 15355 GMSTDNA natural 1994-09-16 GMSTD = GM-4S, new replacement EMGs
TN 15357 XQ2A cherry burst
Bartolini PUs; dual band active EQ
TN 15363 XQ2A cherry burst
Bartolini PUs; dual band active EQ
TN 15376 GMSTDNA natural 1994-09-16 passive pickups, S-Trem
TN 15380 GM4S fireburst 1994-09-16 S-Trem, listed as GMSTDFB
TN 15381 GM4S fireburst 1994-09-16 Gibson passive PUs w/ coil tap; S-Trem, listed as GMSTDFB
TN 15385 GM4S red 1994-09-16 EMGs (new logo) installed, Dunlop strap locks, originally listed as GMSTDRD
TN 15392 GK7T black
GK 269; Newburgh pot knobs
TN 15395 GK4T black
GK 268
TN 15398 GK1T black 1994-09-07 originally neck on Klein GK2 (listed as 950-GN) with Klein serial GK 047, now a GK-1T (02.2013) with number GK 275. The GK-4 guitar with serial GK 047 now has a wooden neck; 12.2015: neck now on a „GK-5T“ (actually looking like a -6)
TN 15403 GK4T dark natural 1994-09-07 apparently a non original replacement body (HH), on neckplate: GK 278, SD pickups, just a volume pot (no tone) and a pickup selector (toggle), ZenOn label shows „GK4T“, orig listing as „950-GN“
TN 15405 GK4T black 1994-09-07 on neckplate: GK 277
TN 15409 GM4T metallic blue

TN 15410 GM4T black

TN 15420 XQ25A white
transitional bass Newburgh/Nashville, with v1 one peace neck, no truss rod and v2 maple body, EMG, HazLabs. Rare configuration pots in triangle position not in line.
TN 15425 XQ4 metallic blue
factory Bartolini PUs (Ed R.)
TN 15427 XQ4RD red
non original knobs, wear on the back, factory Bartolini pickups
TN 15434 GM7TA cherry burst
plain top, finish cracks
TN 15439 GM7TA honeyburst 1994-xx-xx '94 etched on neck heel; EMG pu's; active EQ
TN 15440 GM7T black 1994-xx-xx knobs and toggle switch not original
TN 15446 GS

neck only sold on ebay (04.2012)
TN 15449 XQ25A black
finish cracks and large chips on front and back
TN 15454 GM7T white

TN 15468 GS7TA cherry burst
built from parts (orig. configuration)
TN 15474 XQ25 white
rare configuration: pots in triangular position (not in line), passive EQ
TN 15475 XQ25 black
Bartolini PUs
TN 15482 XQ25A natural
factory Bartolini PUs
TN 15484 XQ25ACP clear purple 1997-10-15 Seymour Duncan Bassline active PUs, added master volume pot
TN 15492 XQ25 black
Wide neck
TN 15495 GM7TA cherry burst
flamed top, finish cracks and several dents
TN 15499 GS7TA metallic purple
EMGs replaced w/ Joe Barden's
TN 15500 GS7TA black
volume knob not original, some scratches (also on the neck)
TN 15504 XQ25ABK black 1997-05-29 Moses (replacement) neck, also listed on 1997-01-31
TN 15521 GS7ZA cherry burst
E.R. stock
TN 15522 GS7T white
refinished metallic black
TN 15530 GS7Z cherry burst
Gearless tuners replaced
TN 15535 GS7TA black 1994-xx-xx finsh cracks, body with logo, date is original purchase in Switzerland
TN 15537 GS7TAWH white 1998-03-11 (date of orig. invoice) „Steve Miller GS“, signed
TN 15541 GM4T clear natural
passive PUs, some chips and wear on the finish, output jack replaced by big Neutrik locking jack
TN 15544 GM7TA red
quilted top, built with separately bought NOS body
TN 15548 GM7TA black
some scratches and dents, wear on knobs
TN 15551 GS7SA white

TN 15555 GS7TA cherry burst 1993-xx-xx
TN 15558 GS7TAQM natural 1992-02-04 originally: black body; trans quilted maple cap w/ faux abalone purfling; signed by Ned on back. Now modified to GS-2TA (2 x EMG 89) and has a „Donnie Hunt“ painting by Rick Giarmo
TN 15560 GM4S clear natural
SD pickups and Fender style knobs (not original);
TN 15561 GM7TA amber
quilted maple top
TN 15563 GM4S yellow transp.
passive SD pickups
TN 15564 GM2S natural
finish removed and Padouk top applied, chambered, passive DiMarzio PUs
TN 15574 GM4S fireburst transp.
alder body
TN 15578

neck on a custom made strat shaped body (flamed maple top, sunburst finish, not a Steinberger shape) with S-Trem
TN 15583 GS7ZA cherry burst

TN 15588 XQ2 natural

TN 15592 GM4S cherry burst
passive SD pickups, toggle = kill switch (GM-7 position), sketch graphic (worm? sperm?) on top, logo crossed out;
TN 15595 GM7SA cherry burst
flamed top
TN 15606 GM2S white w/black binding
finish cracks (body serial N4985)
TN 15618 GM7TA natural
flamed top, description/paperwork says S-Trem, but pic shows T-Trem
TN 15632 XQ25 cherry burst
Bartolini PUs; passive EQ
TN 15637 XQ25A cherry burst 1996-08-23 Seymour Duncan Bassline pickups, and a 3-band active EQ Seymour Duncan
TN 15639 XQ25 tobacco burst
bartolini PUs, two knobs missing
TN 15645 GM7T red burst
deep red to black burst color
TN 15651 GM7TA fireburst
flamed maple top, chip/dent on the back near output jack
TN 15665 GM4TH clear blue
passive(SD) pickups, Roland GK-2A system installed
TN 15666 XQ2 black
some scratches and a chip covered with velcro, Bartolini PUs
TN 15668 XQ2 fireburst
Bartolini pickups, finish cracks and chips
TN 15671 XM25 black w/white binding
crooked logo (E.R. body?), neck is a replacement (taken from an XQ)
TN 15672 GM4S fireburst
passive Gibson PUs
TN 15675 GM4S white
passive PUs, additional coil split toggle switch
TN 15681 GM4S red burst 1995-xx-xx passive pickups
TN 15682 GM4T black w/white binding
no logo, body refinished black, SC pickup routings widened, passive PUs, non original knobs
TN 15683 GM7TA cherry burst
quilted maple top
TN 15715 GM7SA red burst
built from parts previously sold separately, body probably belonged to neck TN15645 before
TN 15729 GSX

TN 15730 GSX2FP

Logo on the body, Gibson PUs and fixed bridge (string through body)
TN 15735 GM4S sunburst
passive pickups (GM Standard)
TN 15737 GM7S tobacco burst
additional HazLabs EQ, quilted top
TN 15739 GM7TA custom
chameleon custom finish, metallic (violet, green), no logo
TN 15742 GM4S clear natural
luthier made mahogany body with figured top, not original
TN 15743 GSX2FPCB cherry burst 1996-xx-xx fixed bridge
TN 15761 GM4S cherry burst
additional coil splitting switch, passive PUs
TN 15776 XQ2 sunburst

TN 15794 GM?

neck sold separately on ebay
TN 15798 GM7TA fireburst
quilted top, buckle rash and wear on back
TN 15815 GSX4JPBK black
H-S-S configuration (SD), JamTrem
TN 15817 GSX2FPCB cherry burst 1996-xx-xx chip around tone pot
TN 15819 GSX2FPWH white 1996-xx-xx fixed bridge
TN 15828 GS7TA metallic blue
body restored from GS-6 configuration (Brett Garsed, H-S) to original GS-7 configuration, refinished
TN 15859 GM4SPBK black 1996-08-16
TN 15882 XQ2FACL natural oil 1998-03-27 natural oil on swamp ash v2 body; Duncan Basslines PUs & EQ
TN 15883 XQ2DABK black
body, Bartolini PUs
TN 15945 GM7TA cherry burst
quilted top
TN 15958 GM7TA cherry burst
upper tone pot knob missing/replaced, finish crack at output jack
TN 15962 XQ25 candy apple red

TN 15975 XQ25ACB cherry burst 1996-04-12 Bartolini PUs, finish cracks
TN 15981 XQ25 cherry burst
passive Bartolini PUs, several dings and chips
TN 15983 GS

neck sold separately
TN 15984 GS7TA natural 1996-09-24 built from parts, neck originally belonged to a GSX4JPBK
TN 15985 GM7TA cherry burst 1995-10-27 flamed top, finish partially worn (back)
TN 15987 GM

passive SD pickups, additional switch (on-off?)
TN 15988 GM7SATB tobacco burst

TN 15994 GM4SPCS cherry burst 1996-11-27 passive PUs
TN 16019 GS7Z white
EMG 89R / SA / 89; Z-Trem
TN 16022 GS-

neck sold separately on Yahoo Japan, missing KNut
TN 16023 GS2TA red
body provenience unconfirmed (custom built? prototype?), only GS-2 body without modifications on pickup routings
TN 16037 GM7TA blue burst
custom made body, horizontal (not radial) burst and painted binding by Nub Grafix, HazLabs v2 EQ
TN 16039 GM4SPBKZ white 1997-01-30 refinished white, no logo visible
TN 16042 GM7SA black
crack between neck pocket and neck pickup, some scratches on the back of the neck
TN 16043 GM7SA white

TN 16044 GM4TA rose (custom finish) w/white binding 1989-xx-xx custom shop figured top body, additional pot and switch below pickup selector switch ("Gilmour mod" EMG EXG (T&B), SPC (mid) and Pi2 (phase)), knobs not original, Nashville replacement neck
TN 16054 GM5T black w/white binding
neck mounted on a Newburgh GM5T (originally on a GM7TA)
TN 16058 GM7TAHB honeyburst 1996-04-25 quilted top, passive pickups (non original); upd. 12.2023: parted out, neck sold separately on ebay
TN 16060 GM4T red w/white binding
replacement neck on a bound Newburgh GM-4 body (red, with black logo), neck pickup routing widened (for non-EMG types)
TN 16061 GM7TA black w/white binding
replacement neck on a bound Newburgh GM-7 body
TN 16069 XQSTD5CB cherry burst 1996-06-02 Bartolini pickups, additional “mid cut” switch, knobs not original, additional battery compartment routed on back (cover held by tape)
TN 16076 XQ25CS purple burst 1997-05-21 swamp ash body, Seymour Duncan Basslines soapbar pickups, active 3-band EQ
TN 16082 XQ2DAFB fireburst 1997-01-18 v2 body; DB tuner; Bartolini pu's; active EQ w/ stacked tone knobs
TN 16085 XQ2A-DB natural oil
natural finish on v2 swamp ash body; DB tuner; Bartolini pu's; active EQ w/ stacked tone
TN 16087 GM7T black

TN 16102 GR4R white
neck probably a replacement, GR body has Newburgh pot knobs
TN 16108 GM7TABK black 1997-04-25 finish cracks at neck pocket and around lower strap button
TN 16113 GM7TACS cherry sunburst 1997-02-20
TN 16114 GM7TAFB fireburst 1997-02-28 flamed top
TN 16118 GM7SAHB honey burst 1997-01-31 flamed top
TN 16126 GM7SAHB honey burst 1997-02-28 quilted top
TN 16143 XQ2FAWH white 1997-01-28 Bartolini PUs
TN 16150 XQ2A natural clear 2002-05-xx NOS body and neck sold new by MusicYo; Seymour Duncan pu's & EQ
TN 16153 GM2T white 1996-04-12 passive EQ, signed by Dweezil Zappa, Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan, listed as 950-GN, neck now on a GM-5S partsberger w/passive PUs
TN 16154 XQ2A natural clear 1996-04-12 listed as 950-GN
TN 16158 GM5T white
not sure about number (bad photo), could be 16153 or 16133
TN 16160 GS7TA cherry burst
no KNut on the neck, TT function questionable
TN 16168 GS7TA natural clear
custom mahogany body with maple burl top
TN 16179 GM7TAWB wineburst (?) 1996-08-30 HazLabs vol knob missing, Newburgh „fluted“ knob instead
TN 16182 GM4SPBK black 1996-12-04 custom GK-2A internally installed, plus several other mods
TN 16188 GS
1995-06-09 neck sold separately, date on neck heel; upd. 02.2024: neck now on a Klein EQ MK longtail model guitar, copper metallic
TN 16198 GM7SAHB honey burst 1996-09-26 flame maple top; S-Trem, finish cracks around output jack: upd. 09.2016: now with TT
TN 16201 GM7T cherry burst
additional pot behind tone pot, knobs not original, toggle switch not original
TN 16208 GM7TA silver
“Happy 50th Anniversary” inlay on the neck, special edition for Meazzi Music (Italy, 1997)
TN 16222 XQ25AHR natural 1997-06-06 no logo (finish removed?)
TN 16226 XQ25AHB honey burst 1997-09-26 described as Q5 5-string, bassline PUs
TN 16242 GM7TABK black 1997-04-25
TN 16251 GM7TABK
1997-04-25 neck now on a custom guitar body (not Steinberger) with a TT
TN 16274 GM7TAHB honey burst 1997-05-30 quilted maple top
TN 16278 GM7TACG clear green 1997-05-14 quilted maple top
TN 16281 GK7T natural burst
GK 288, natural (bridge) to brown (neck) burst finish, SD pickups; orig. sales price 430.000 Yen
TN 16283 GK7T sunburst
GK 289
TN 16284 GK7TTW white
GK 291, transparent white finish, passive HSH configuration
TN 16290 GM7TABK black 1997-06-27 EMG BT instead of active HazLabs board, HazLabs plugs removed, manually wired, knobs not original, some scratches on body
TN 16294 GM4TABK black 1997-09-05
TN 16296 GM7TACL clear natural 1997-07-09 flamed maple top
TN 16309 GM4SP clear green 1997-08-22 flamed top, the EMG pickups and active pots were removed and replaced by Suhr DSV and V60LP pickups and passive pots, a Ghost hexpander MIDI interface kit was installed and connected to a 13-pin output jack, 6 piezo pickups seated in 6 saddles replaced the original saddles
TN 16319 GM7TACL clear natural 1997-09-19 flamed maple top
TN 16330 GM4SPBB
TN 16331 GM4SPCL clear natural 1997-08-29
TN 16332 GM4SPBB blue 1997-08-29 quilted top
TN 16333 GM4SPFB fire burst 1997-08-29 also listed on 1997-09-05, 1997-10-10
TN 16347 GM7SAHB honey burst 1997-10-10 quilted top
TN 16352 GM7SAFB
TN 16359 GM7SAHB honey burst 1997-10-10 flamed top (wrongly advertised as “GM-7TA”)
TN 16360 GM7SAHB honey burst 1997-10-10
TN 16367 GM7TABK black 1997-11-07
TN 16375 GM7CS clear red 1997-10-31 GM7TA, flamed top
TN 16376 GM7TA clear amber
quilted maple top, body signed by Ned, additional ”power on” LED; upd. 08.2022: neck sold separately on ebay, parted out
TN 16377 GM7TACL natural clear 1997-10-31 flamed maple top, body signed by Ned
TN 16380 GM7TACS cherry burst 1997-11-07
TN 16401 XQ25A natural oil
wide 5; rare natural oil finish; Basslines pu's; mid contour knob & switch
TN 16407 GM7TACG clear green 1997-12-05 flamed top, chip on the bottom side edge (ca. 1.5 inch)
TN 16416 XQ25AAM clear natural 1998-03-20 NOS body and neck sold new by MusicYo; Seymour Duncan pu's & EQ, also listed on 1998-04-29, 2002-05-xx?
TN 16422 GM4SPCL clear natural 1998-02-20 flamed top
TN 16428 GM7TAHB honey burst 1997-12-23 HazLabs EQ removed, knobs replaced, pick holder glued on top (behind knobs), some finish cracks and dents, output jack replaced
TN 16433 GM4CS purple 1997-12-19 GM-4TA, flamed top, HazLabs v2 pink/purple finish, EMG 89 in bridge position, toggle switch (where a GM-7 would have it)
TN 16440 GM4TA honey burst 1997-12-19 EMG 89 in bridge position, toggle switch (like GM-7)
TN 16441 GM4SPHB honey burst 1997-12-23 quilted top
TN 16443 GM2S black w/white binding 1997-12-23 transparent black over flamed top, non original body, modified (former R-Trem?) routing, non original knobs, 3-way blade switch, no pickup rings; date applies to neck originally on a GM7TAHB
TN 16444 GM4TA cherry burst 1997-12-19 active EQ, flamed top, listed as GM4CS
TN 16446 GM4TA translucent red
Ed Roman stock, EMG 89 in bridge pos., additional switch, single coils replaced by unknown PUs
TN 16448 GM4SPCS
TN 16473 GM7TAAM clear amber 1998-02-24 quilted top
TN 16475 GM7TABK black 1998-02-27
TN 16486 GM7TACP translucent red 1998-03-26 flamed maple top
TN 16502 XQ25AAM
1998-04-24 Duncan Basslines pu's & EQ
TN 16509 GM4S purple burst
flame top
TN 16517 GM4T translucent red 1998-11-27 flamed top, listed as GM4SPHB, also on 1999-02-02
TN 16522 XQ25ACG translucent green 1998-04-24 wide 5 neck; Basslines PUs w/ mid contour controls
TN 16526 XQ25AHB fireburst 1998-04-15 Duncan Basslines PUs; BMT EQ & push/pull slap switch"
TN 16539 GM7TAFB fireburst 1998-03-13
TN 16544 GM7TACG clear green 1998-05-29 quilted top
TN 16556 GM7TAWH white 1998-02-27 minor dings and finish cracks (neck pocket)
TN 16558 GM4T natural

TN 16564 GM7TABK black 1998-02-27
TN 16568 GM7TABK
TN 16591 GM2TA black
modified to GM7TA, 3 push button pickup switch (from GL3), TT tuner screws from R-Trem
TN 16594 GM7TABK black 1998-03-13 PUs replaced by passive Joe Barden PUs
TN 16598 GM7TA clear red
flamed top
TN 16599 GM4SPCS cherry sunburst 1998-07-24 flamed top, now with TransTrem instead of orig. S-Trem
TN 16610 GM7SAHR natural flamed 1998-05-13 w/o logo, oil finish
N 16620 GR4RHBK black 1998-05-22 chip/worn finish below middle pickup
TN 16631 GM7TABK black 1998-05-22
TN 16635 GR4RHBK black 1998-08-28
TN 16641 GR4RHCL clear natural 1998-06-12
TN 16648 GR4RHCG clear green 1998-05-29 very dark green finish
TN 16655 GR4RHBK black 1998-05-29
TN 16661 GR4RHBK black 1998-06-12
TN 16673 GM4S black w/white binding
replacement neck
TN 16676 GR4R white 1998-06-12 active EMGs, additional toggle switch
TN 16686 GR4RHCR red 1998-06-12 Tremolo blocked
TN 16709 GM7TAHB honeyburst 1998-06-24 flamed top
TN 16710 GR4RH
TN 16713 GM7TAHB honeyburst 1998-06-24
TN 16730 GR4RHCB black 1998-06-26 original PUs replaced by active EMGs
TN 16731 GM7TAHB honeyburst 1998-07-08 flamed maple top
TN 16732 GM7TAHB honeyburst 1998-07-08 quilted maple top
TN 16734 GM7TAHB honey burst 1998-07-08 bridge PU replaced by EMG 81
TN 16740 GM7TAHB honey burst 1998-07-15 flamed top
TN 16741 GR4RHCR translucent red 1998-07-15
TN 16742 GR4RHCR red 1998-07-10 knobs not original, finsh cracks at neck pocket;
TN 16745 GM1S tiger stripe 1998-xx-xx has factory custom painted bengal oragne/black tiger stripes with tiger graphic on back
TN 16751 GR4RHCR translucent red 1998-07-17
TN 16755 GR4RHCR translucent red 1998-07-17 mahogany body w/ red translucent stain; SD PUs
TN 16762 GR4RHCR translucent red 1998-08-28 push-pull pot for coil split, knobs replaced (like HazLabs volume knobs)
TN 16765 GR4RHCR translucent red 1998-08-28 knobs not original (look like HazLabs knobs?)
TN 16768 XQ2A-DB clear natural 2002-05-xx NOS body and neck sold new by MusicYo; DB tuner; Seymour Duncan PUs & EQ
TN 16783 GR4RHCP black 1998-08-28 refinished black (no logo), knobs not original;
TN 16785 GM4SPCL yellow 1998-08-28 refinished, originally clear natural over quilted top
TN 16796 GR4RHBK black 1998-08-28
TN 16797 GM1T clear natural 1998-08-14 flame top (no binding), two stacked pots (not original, one for EMG VMC), spring tension adjuster broken
TN 16803 XQ25 sunburst
narrow-5 bridge; on 2007-08-23, Ned Steinberger personally signed this XQ bass
TN 16810 XQF2FABK black 1998-08-28 finish cracks on bottom end, SD Bass Lines PUs
TN 16816 XQF2FABK black 1998-08-28
TN 16819 GM7T (CS) black 1998-08-28 Sustainiac Pickup and Roland Guitar Synth Driver GK-KI-GT3 installed, several additional knobs, buttons and switches, 13-pin connector for GK output next to regular output jack, additional jack for power supply
TN 16821 GR4RHCG clear green 1998-08-28
TN 18144 GM7SA black

TN 18469 GM4T honey burst
quilted top, wrongly described as GR-4R
TN 19140 GM7SACS cherry burst 1996-12-12 flamed maple top

20001 GM4S clear amber 2002-05-xx NOS '98 Nashville factory body with new M/S blend neck

20004 GM4T honey burst 2002-05-xx NOS '98 Nashville factory body with new M/S blend neck, serial on control cover

20005 GM4T honey burst 2002-05-xx NOS '98 Nashville factory body with new M/S blend neck, serial (020005) on control cover

20006 GR4R natural clear 2002-05-xx NOS '98 Nashville factory body with new M/S blend neck

20007 GM7SA black 2002-05-xx NOS '98 Nashville factory body with new M/S blend neck

20008 GR4R natural clear 2002-05-xx NOS '98 Nashville factory body with new M/S blend neck

20009 GM7TA translucent blue 2002-05-xx NOS '98 Nashville factory body with new M/S blend neck

20010 GM4T honey burst 2002-05-xx NOS '98 Nashville factory body with new M/S blend neck

20011 GM4S cherry burst 2002-05-xx NOS '98 Nashville factory body with new M/S blend neck

20012 GM7SA translucent blue 2002-05-xx NOS '98 Nashville factory body with new M/S blend neck, serial stamped on control cover, previously (wrongly?) listed as GM4S

20013 GM4S translucent red 2002-05-xx NOS '98 Nashville factory body with new M/S blend neck

20015 GM4T clear red 2002-07-xx NOS '98 Nashville factory body with new M/S blend neck

20017 GR4 black 2002-06-xx NOS '98 Nashville factory body with new M/S blend neck

20044 GM4T clear red 2002-10-23 also listed as XT2WH on 1993-06-23

20057 GR4R black
serial (020057) stamped/engraved on control cover, MusicYo body with Moses neck

20059 GR4R clear green 1992-10-30 serial (020059) stamped/engraved on control cover, MusicYo body with Moses neck

20087 XT2BK
T 30237 GT7BK black 1993-07-20 phenolic fretboard, serial on electronics cover

30479 GT7BK